Thursday, November 16, 2017

Friday night pizza

When our kids were small, every time we went to visit Cindy's parents in California, on Friday nights Cindy's parents took us out for pizza, and not just any pizza it was always pizza from the New York Pizzeria in Calimesa, California. As a matter of fact when Cindy and I were first married, on Friday night of our first visit to California we met the whole family for pizza at the New York Pizzeria.

Imagine this, the first time I met Cindy's brothers was over a New York Pizzeria pizza and a pitcher of beer. The new husband of their baby sister, and now I'm sitting across the table from, and being looked over by her three brothers, all at once. I find myself staring at three men much bigger than me, I'm out of my element, I'm in California for the first time ever for God's sake, an outsider, the new guy, staring down three guys that I don't know. It could have been pandemonium! We are at The New York Pizzeria with the whole family and I was afraid that no one would notice a little pandemonium, but in my favor Ray (Cindy's Dad) had already given me his blessing.

Two  of her brothers were more interested in the pizza than me, and one wanted to flex his muscles and let me know how his little sister would be treated. He was the smaller of the three and flexing muscles don't impress nor intimidate me anyway. The pizza was good and after a couple of slices and a mug of beer, he stopped strutting around like a bantam rooster and I guess that I passed the test because I'm still here after twenty plus years.

Needless to say Friday night is pizza night, and every visit to California after that included Friday night pizza, with the Family special, of an extra large sausage, pepperoni, and cashew pizza with all the side fixings, a pitcher of beer, and coke for the children and non drinkers.

When the kids were younger, we all sat around visiting and watching while the kids scarfed down the pizza, we always had to order extra because between all the running back and forth between the game machines and the parents for more quarters, the kids were never full of that good ole cashew pizza.

Our kids are all adults, Cindy and I now live in California and take care of her dad Ray. And when our kids come to visit they still want to go out for Friday night pizza. And not just any pizza, it has to be at The New York Pizzeria.

When Tim, Elisa, and Benjamin came out the last time, Tim really wanted to go out for pizza, Tim loves that sausage, pepperoni, and cashew pizza but I think he loves the memories of going out with Cindy's parents for the Friday night pizza routine more than the pizza itself.

Although I have seen Tim order two large pizzas to hide out in an ice chest so he could carry them back home to New Mexico, I have a feeling those pizzas never made it all the way to New Mexico, heck the empty pizza boxes probably landed in a road side rest area trash can somewhere in Arizona.

Now that Cindy's Mom is gone, and her Dad doesn't get around very good, we don't go to Friday night pizza that often anymore. Tim asked his Papa Ray if we could all go out for Friday night pizza and Ray simply told him no, said that we could order pizza and bring it home.

Tim told him that it wouldn't be the same, that he remembered always going to pizza with Nanu and Papa on Friday night's, and now that Benjamin was here that he wanted his son to have the same memories of Big Papa that Tim did.

We pushed Ray to the car in a wheelchair, pushed him into New York Pizzeria in that same chair, ordered the Family special, of an extra large sausage, pepperoni, and cashew pizza with all the side fixings and a pitcher of beer. And of course Cindy and Benjamin got their pitcher of Coke.

Benjamin ran back and forth between the game machines and his parents (and Mimi) asking for more quarters and ate his fill of pizza, Benjamin had a ball and believe it or not Ray had just as much fun as Benjamin did, Ray sat and laughed, he had pizza and a few mugs, but the best time he had was talking with Tim, going over memories and oohing and aahing over the "prized possessions" Benjamin was gaining from the quarter eating machines. Ray didn't really want to leave when it was time to go.

I'm not sure how many more Friday night pizzas we are going to have with Ray, but I do know that this was a great one. Four generations sitting around together eating the same pizza at the same restaurant they have been coming to since Cindy was a little girl.

I have a feeling that one day Benjamin just may walk into the New York Pizzeria with his children, and order a Family special of an extra large sausage, pepperoni, and cashew pizza with all the side fixings and a pitcher of beer. And of course a pitcher of Coke for Mimi.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

WFW - My Favorite Author

Elephants Child is providing our prompts this month in the Words for Wednesday writing challenge, this is a fun challenge so please join in and enjoy where the words take you, all you have to do is write a story, poem, or whatever comes to mind. Use some of the words or all of the words, and even the image EC provided, just let your imagination flow.

If you join in leave a comment on Elephant Child's blog so everyone else can enjoy your addition.

This weeks prompts are:
agonizing, murder, sleet, stimulating, flowers, offer
dramatic, distinct, zany, typical, sip, discovery

My Favorite Author

"It was a dark and stormy night", this was the TYPICAL beginning of ever story he ever wrote. He was known as the World Famous Author and was always AGONIZING over the plots and subject matter of his stories. His stories were STIMULATING and ZANY, and mostly rejected by his publishers, but I still love him and he is my Hero.

I don't recall any dark stories that he ever wrote, nothing about MURDER and Mayhem or anything not really G rated, he did OFFER stories of action and adventure, DRAMATIC tales of his tangling with The Red Baron as the World War I Flying Ace, actually flying through rain, SLEET, and snow to eventually save the day.

Snoopy reusable calendar sitting between keybord and monitor on desk, calendar date November 14
My World Famous Author Calendar that sits on my desk
Snoopy is bound to be listed as one of your favorite authors...Right?

Sitting at my desk I look at my World Famous Author calendar that my daughter got me for Christmas, last year, a few years, several years...OK she got this for me a Long time ago.

My mornings begin with a SIP of coffee, a walk out to my little office in the bunkhouse, surrounded by birds, bees, unicorns, and FLOWERS along the way...OK I go out and feed the horse and release the chickens for the day, then I adjust the date on my Snoopy calendar and check my email and blog.

Just like my blog there is nothing DISTINCT about this post other than my love for Snoopy, as I said before he is my hero, and I just wanted for you to smile today...OK I do love my wife more, just don't tell Snoopy, because the DISCOVERY of this just may cause him to reject my next story.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

High profile rapist

It seems like ever day there are more and more high profile sexual misconduct and rape allegations being levied against someone or another. The morning news is covered with breaking news of a different actor, producer, politician, or some other big name who has either touched, fondled, made lewd remarks to, or even brutally raped a young man or woman once, or even a large group of victims over a number of years. Come on now, what is up with this?

Woman with tape crossed over her lips with her finger being held in a keep quiet symbol.
It is a sad situation that someone can be abused by anyone and their secret is kept, this is nothing new but why in the world would you want to force anyone into performing sexual acts against their will in the first place? Why in Gods name would you want to slap your spouse around and go so far as to beat the snot out of them? Why is it OK for a high profile rapist to continue adding victims to his list right in front of everyone who knows him? And why in the Hell can't these victims come forward immediately when it first happens?

Fear is one reason; the victim is convinced that if they say anything then their abuser will retaliate, or that no one will believe them.

Sometimes you feel that you have nowhere else to go, and this leaves you feeling trapped.

Other times you think that it is all your fault, or that your actions caused you to be beaten or raped, and that you deserved it.

It sucks that we have so many people in these situations, yes there is a long list of celebrities who are dealing with a lot of different abuses and sexual assaults, but what about everyday common folks like us? Why don't you recognize that your neighbor, close friend, sister, brother, Mother, or even yourself is the victim of an abuser?

My Mom married really young and I was born a little over a year later, my Dad was a very jealous man and he worked nights. I actually remember him sneaking in the back door one night, and while he was coming in the back door, Mom was looking out the front door because she had heard his car pulling up into the driveway. My brother and I were sitting on the floor and my sister asleep in her crib. My Dad walked in and saw Mom at the front door and accused her of letting someone leave (a lover in his mind).

He slapped her and we were all put to bed, from behind their closed bedroom door I still remember laying in bed listening to the sounds of her crying and being beaten, she probably thinks I was too young to remember this, but folks let me tell you, the sounds of this horrible scene still comes to me in the middle of the night sometimes.

My Dad was not a nice man then, and I am proud to say that Mom got away from him while we were all still young. I remember standing in the driveway with Mom and my brother, while a police officer tried to talk my Dad out of the house; Dad was holding my little sister. While Dad was arguing with the officers out front, another police officer snuck in the same back door that my Dad had used, this police officer ended up walking out of the house carrying my baby sister on one hip and holding my handcuffed father with the other hand.

I don't usually talk about things like this, but abuse happens to a lot of us and it is kept under wraps, my Mom suffered at the hand of my own father but she finally got enough of it to walk away, and it took law enforcement to get her away from him.

I have seen a lot of things in my life, the abuse my Mom went through, the abuse others have shared with me, and some other situations that I am not comfortable discussing right now. I alluded earlier that I didn't understand how victims could wait so long to come forward, or how they could simply allow their abusers to continue abusing them.

I do in fact understand how you can hide the facts and keep some things to yourself, but what I don't understand is WHY do we do this?...I've asked myself this a million times.

Fear is one reason you don't leave, I agree this is very scary but staying with an abuser is a whole lot worse than getting away, you think there is nowhere to go, but in this day and age there are always places where you can escape, your first step is to call law enforcement to help get you out of the situation, and if you have no family that you can turn to, the police can point you in the right direction of places where you can go. Abuse is never your fault, no matter what you have said or done, you Do Not Deserve to be beaten for it.

Nobody asks to be beaten, and no one ever asks to be sexually abused or raped!

With all of the High Profile Rapists coming to light, and with all of the victims finally coming forward, there are going to be a lot of the abusers saying, "It's all a lie, I didn't do anything, this is all made up." I hope none of these allegations are false, because coming forward for an actual event of rape or abuse is hard enough to begin with, and should never be clouded by someone else's lies.

If you are being abused please think of a way to get yourself out of the situation, there is no shame in reaching out for help, being constantly abused is not worth it, you do not deserve it, and it is not your fault. If you have been sexually abused or raped, call the authorities and get yourself some help, you are not alone and hiding the fact that you were sexually abused only tells your rapist that it is ok, in my opinion it is not OK.

There is no better time than now to take the steps that will get you to a better place in life, and to stop the abusers, whether physical or sexual from ever hurting you again.