Monday, November 12, 2018

Things that dogs do

Mmmmm that sure smells good she said as she walked up to the smorgasbord of goodies they found laid out in front of them, he agreed with her but before he could say anything he found himself diving in for a taste just as she raised her head with a large steaming bite in her mouth.

Our Grand Dog Zyla eating horse poop
Our Granddog Zyla sampling a fresh pile.
My question is, Why do dogs love eating horse poop? I know there are a lot of arguments on the safety of eating horse poop, and of course the smell, and most important is why does your dog run straight to you and give you a kiss right in the face after you call them off of a steaming pile of fresh manure?

You have to admit that horse poop is only as good as the horses diet. With our horse Flash, the dogs are simply eating recycled alfalfa with a little bit of weed thrown in, not the illegal in most states weed, but the grows everywhere you don't want them to grow weeds. Dogs look at it like this, just who can resist a freshly and naturally baked pile of number one alfalfa and weed all squished together in a pile of #2.

Some people say that dogs eat horse poop to cover the human taste in their mouth, if this is true then why do dogs jump into your lap with that old horse manure aroma on their breath and invariably “slip you the tongue“, nothing like a dog tongue sliding into your mouth after they have been munching on road apples!

our daschund Dixie licking my wife Cindy in the face
Dixie giving Cindy a kiss
And speaking of taste I am not sure which is better, eating poop to cover my scent, or slipping me the tongue to rid the taste of horse poop in the dogs mouth?...

A lot of dogs are natural turd hounds anyways, they eat any old turd including their own, but other dogs with more refined taste limit themselves to only indulging in a good pile of horse manure, you know eat a while then roll in it.

And speaking of rolling! What is up with rolling on the most disgusting thing you can find?

To mask their own scent I have been  told. An instinct that comes from way back when dogs were wild and had to sneak up on dinner, you know roll in the antelope poop to mask your scent from the herd before you attack. I don't understand how rolling on a dead bird is going to help a dog sneak up on a bowl of Mighty Dog today, but whatever it takes I suppose. The only thing I have seen gained by rolling on a dead bird is that the dog gains himself a bath! Then after the bath he immediately goes outside and rolls in the dirt, go figure...

A small dog peeing on a tree while a larger black dog watches.
Photo Source
And what about their bladder voiding practices? Just how in the world can a dog pee that much? Take a male dog for a walk and he will hike his leg and pee on everything in his path, and add another dog into the mix and you have Dueling Pee-Pee’s being played out to the tune of Dueling Banjos. One dog pees and the other comes by and takes a squirt right on top of it, then moves on to the next trail of yellow liquid rolling down the back of your favorite garden gnome.

This game of covering one another’s pee continues it seems until everything in the area has been properly marked and marked again, it is then that the dog with the fullest bladder has been declared the leader of the pack.

We once had this little game of Dueling Pee Pee's going on in our yard and the ending spray of pee came when our female poodle walked up to the tree a male dog had just marked, hiked her leg and accurately covered his latest pee marking attempt with one of her own, she was immediately declared the winner.

Has your dog ever farted and then jumped around to bark at the squeak that just came from behind? Our let one slip out and then moved away from you like you did it? And one more question, Just how many times have you falsely blamed one on the dog?

Cindy, Dixie, and Jimmy sitting together
We love our little dog Dixie, yeah I love Cindy too...
You just have to love a good dog though, set aside their farting, peeing, pooping, and culinary habits and what is left is a pretty loveable character. Kind of sounds like someone you know, doesn't it?

What kind of things does your dog do?

Friday, November 9, 2018

WFW- The gift of caring

Words for Wednesday is a fun challenge for everyone, it's  been awhile since I have participated so I thought I'd  jump in this week. All you have to do is take the prompts provided and use them any way you want, be it a story, poem, or whatever, the purpose of the challenge is for us to write something and have fun doing it.

 Elephants Child is providing the prompts this week, if you join in please drop by and let her know so we can all enjoy your offerings too.

This weeks word prompts are:
enclosing, purpose, care, patch, jamming, shame

bent, organic, mangle, textbook, gravity, excuse

The gift of caring
There is nothing Textbook about taking Care of an aging parent, when you accept this task you simply do the best that you can. Your Purpose is to make sure they are happy and that their daily needs are attended to.

The Gravity of this undertaking can be enormous, and it is a Shame that the responsibility sometimes falls into the lap of only one sibling, as it has with my wife Cindy. There is no Excuse for the fact that only one sibling has time to make sure their parent’s daily activities are taken care of, while the rest barely have time to ever even pick up the phone to check in on them.

As most of you know Cindy and I moved to California about ten years ago to help out with her Mom who was struggling with Alzheimer's at the time, we lost her Mom seven years back and now our days are filled with the adventures of keeping her Father out of trouble, which is a blessing I am glad that we are a part of.

Our little Patch of earth here in SoCal revolves entirely around making sure Ray’s remaining days on this earth are never lonely or where he finds himself doing without. Our days however are spent Jamming everything into place without forgetting what is on the schedule next. You know things like feeding him his favorite breakfast every day at exactly the same time only to find out a year later that he all of a sudden never really liked the taste of eggs…

His Mangle of gray hair had to be combed and kept in place exactly right, and then he wanted to grow it long for some unknown reason, so long that the balding top actually blended into a gray strand of hair falling down the back of his neck and Enclosing around the tops of his shoulders, this all looked good until Cindy Bent his favorite comb trying to remove a tangle, this is when Ray decided that he wanted a “Kojak” and now I shave his head about once a week.

There is nothing Organic nor exactly proper about being a caregiver for anyone, Being a caregiver is an underrated job and not one for anyone who doesn’t want to give 100 percent to the person that you are caring for. Caregiving is not for the weak and caring for your parents is something we all should do, but caring for anyone who has nobody is the greatest gift anyone can share. Parent or not there are a lot of people out there who could greatly benefit from the gift of caring.

Have you ever been a caregiver?

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A doctor’s guess

Hello everyone, first off I want to thank you all for your well wishes, words of encouragement, condolences, advice, and most of all your thoughts on my last post. Your input means the world to me and I want to thank each of you for that.

Life goes on, and so on we go!

An important lesson that we learned concerning medication in the last couple of months I want to share with you. Cindy's Dad Ray has been referred to a pain management doctor to help control his chronic pain, this doctor has run Ray through the mill on his medications. And in an attempt to lower the dosages (because the State says so…) adjustments have to be made.

Ray’s medications have been flip flopped so much that we have lost track, and Ray’s pain level has increased to the point where it was unbearable for him. Cindy suggested to the doctor that he should return Ray’s medications back to the original dosages, because at those dosages the pain was at least tolerable. The doctor had a better idea instead “We will just add this many milligrams of drug XYZ to his regimen, this will help with the pain” he said. This should have been our first clue of potential problems arising because Ray was already on drug XYZ!
The doctor's solution to this was prescribing another medication that he felt would help, he checked Ray’s medication list and called the new prescription into our pharmacy. Cindy picked up the prescription and began giving it to Ray as prescribed three times a day, and at the end of day one Ray said he was feeling a bit better, the morning of day two we found that he had slept all night long, Cindy woke Ray up after lunch and gave him the mid day dose.

After supper Ray fell asleep in his chair and at bedtime we attempted to wake him for his nightly pill regimen and to get him into bed, it took literally an hour just to get him out of his chair and into bed. (Ray is a big man so needless to say this was not easy!) We decided that either his condition was declining so rapidly that we were losing him, or the medication change was affecting him negatively.

We withheld the new medication and monitored him throughout the night. Ray began improving and upon investigating the new drug we found that Ray had been prescribed a very high dose of a muscle relaxer, needless to say we stopped giving this medication and the first words out of Ray’s mouth when we got into see the pain management doctor was “You know Doc, if I was able to get out of this wheelchair I'd be kicking your Ass right now!”

The moral to this story is that you should always have your Doctor explain what each new medication is, and to read the description of each one before beginning to take it. Funny thing now is the doctor has adjusted all of Ray’s medications back to where they were at the beginning.

The not so funny thing is that Ray is not so trustworthy of medication time now, we almost have Ray convinced that this was really not an evil plot that we came up with to kill him…

Cindy tells him “I promise we weren’t trying to kill you Dad”, as he begins to question each one of his pills at each and every one of the times she gives out his medications.

Can't say I blame him though, and I have found myself counting my own pills when I dump them into my hand from the pillbox. It doesn't hurt to keep an eye on her because we have been married for a long time now…

Have you had any medication mishaps like this?