Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Damn Gremlins

The weekend after Thanksgiving is usually filled with decorating the house for Christmas, we normally bring out the lights from the year prior and string them along the front of the house, lighting up our evenings until almost New Years day. The Christmas tree is set up and all the bulbs on the strand of lights that aren’t working are checked and double checked until the problem is found and they are all shining once again, now for the life of me I know they were all working last year when I turned them off for the last time.

Today I opened up the large box marked “Christmas Lights” in anticipation of taking out the neatly rolled strands of lights I packed myself last season, like the tree lights they were all working when I took them down so this should be easy---right? I mean that I did pack them all away almost like they came from the store, in neatly packed rows and each light firmly secured and separated from all the rest.
Well to tell you the truth I did roll them carefully and neatly, then place them into the box so as to not tangle them with the other lights, now my question here is, How in the world did they get themselves tied into knots, and how did random bulbs get themselves unscrewed just enough to not come on, and where did that one particular Christmas decoration thingy that I promised Cindy would be safe in my box of lights disappear to? Gremlins I am thinking, there must be Christmas light gremlins that sneak themselves into my boxes of decorations to tie and tangle my perfectly rolled strands of lights into knots that take me longer to untangle than it does for us to get them all hung onto the eves.
I did good today, this little project went off without too much cussing and it took a bit of assistance from Cindy to help me figure out which way the strand had to be pulled to get the knot removed, A ball of yarn I keep thinking, yes I would have about as much success if I rolled all the lights into a huge ball and just stuffed them into the box, heck I could go as far as stomping them down and making room for a few more strands, do you think if I did this that the Gremlins would sneak into this box and straighten them all out for me as a surprise for next year? Nope I don’t think so either so I will neatly roll them up again knowing well and good that there is no way to roll a strand of Christmas lights without getting them somewhat tangled.

Driving home from town this evening I admired our house all lit up with the lights we worked so hard on together today, I smiled as we turned into the driveway but felt that smile go away when I noticed the couple of lights that were not burning—Damn Gremlins!!

Heres hoping you enjoy your Christmas Decorating and that the Gremlins were nice to you this year.


  1. Jimmy, those are my favorite kind of lights. Driving around and seeing Christmas lights/displays is one of my favorite parts of the holiday.

    I have neighbors who avoid the Gremlins by never taking down their lights - ha!

  2. Oh, have no idea how many memories came flooding back to me while reading this post!

    "yes I would have about as much success if I rolled all the lights into a huge ball and just stuffed them into the box..."

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! My father would say something very similar to that every year while decorating our house with lights. No matter how much care he took in putting them neatly away each year, they ALWAYS ended up in a HUGE knot the following year!

    Yup...I bet it WAS the gremlins!!!

    "I smiled as we turned into the driveway but felt that smile go away when I noticed the couple of lights that were not burning—Damn Gremlins!!

    Bwhahahaahahahaha! Hilarious!

    Have a great day, buddy!

  3. Oh them, Gremlins! Yes, I DO think you should put them away in a tangled mess this year and give the Gremlins something to work on throughout the year!

  4. Gremlins! We get them every year. They don't stop with lights either, they smash favorite ornaments, eat the entire top level of See's candy, and drink the last of the brandy.

  5. LMBO!!!!!!!!!!

    I am ready to watch Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase of course! That reminded me to pull it out and get it ready!

    Classic Bro-- Good stuff!


  6. Jimmy, this happens to us every year. No matter how carefully and neatly we pack everything away, when we get the boxes out......everything is a cluttered mess. HOW does that happen? LOL

  7. loved the post and thank you for stopping by my blog and helping me out it was great advice. thank you

  8. Cocotte, I have seen people avoid the Gremlins by leaving their lights hanging Ha Ha I suppose I will risk them by packing mine away again rather than having Christmas lights at Easter :^)

    I love looking at the lights and displays this time of year too, it’s pretty impressive to see them all in my opinion.

    Hey Ron, I am happy to see that it’s not just me Ha Ha and I am sure your Dad most likely used some of the exact same phrases as I do now. I fought the Gremlins off and as of the time I came into the house all the lights are burning tonight, the two in question only needed about a quarter of a turn and they are back in business :^)

    Betty, I just may have to do that and pack them up in a ball, you never know I will either open up a box of perfectly rolled lights or some that can never be untangled Ha Ha

  9. Hey Linda, I know exactly what you are saying, tangling lights is one thing but I do hate it when they resort to eating the Sees candy and getting into the beverages, some things just are not right, especially when they leave you nothing to drink.

    John, That sounds like a good one to watch my Friend, you can’t go wrong with Chevy Chase :^)

    Glad you enjoyed it Buddy

    Hey Matty, It’s the Gremlins I tell you that is the only explanation I can come up with, I just know it can’t be my fault Ha Ha

    Becca, It was an honor to visit over at your place and I want to welcome you to ours, I am proud you enjoyed the post and hope to see you again.

  10. hahahhhhhhhhaaaaa...Jeesh Jimmy! How did you know I needed 2 good laughs in a row tonight!

    Ok....they must live worldwide, because I had a tangle of tree lights and tinsel just yesterday.
    Sometimes it seems to happen even when you're holding the darn lights;)

    Great job for defying the Gremlins;)

  11. When the hubby took the lights off, he put them neatly in the box as if they just came off the shelf. Who can do that?! When I took them off they were a tangled mess and he cussed and fussed the next year. Now, we have a prelit tree, problem solved!

  12. Hey Dawn, I think you are right that they live worldwide, I can just see all the little Gremlins calling their family and friends to laugh about what they have done to us, I thought we were clear until Cindy looked for the tinsel, I think the Gremlins must have eaten it Ha Ha

  13. Yes SuziCate, I do the same thing each year and end up working to get the mess straightened out, Cindy's Parents have a pre lit tree and I have found they are not gremlin proof, the one light in the exact middle that can't be seen is the one that was out and causing half of the lights to not work, Gremlins keep up with technology I suppose :^)

  14. LOve the post, Jimmy!
    sounds like so much fun doing decorating home for celebrating Christmas...

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebration with your family!
    all the best,

  15. First off, how long have you had those antiques?
    didn't they quite selling those big bulbs years ago?
    I've digging ours out of the overhead storage in the garage tomorrow. I hope I don't break my neck hanging them! I have some disk issues right now, so we'll see... I may make one of the SIL's hang them for me...

    great post Jimmy! The gremlins strick again...

  16. Hey Nensa, We do enjoy decorating for and celebrating Christmas, it is a wonderful time of year.

    Thank You my Friend

  17. Pat, Maybe I have had those lights longer than I realized Ha Ha, wonder if that's why the Gremlins keep attacking them :^)

    Yes Sir just sit back and let the SIL's do it for you, that's why you keep them around isn't it Ha Ha


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