Thursday, November 26, 2015

Just thinking

I was just thinking how much traditions and such have changed since I was a kid, when I was younger we loaded up and went over to my Grannies house on Thanksgiving, had a huge meal with our families and ran around with the cousins while the adults sat around and discussed major subjects like how much food they had consumed, half of them actually dozed off during the discussions and the other half just began talking to someone else.

The next day was the beginning of left over Turkey week, this I always looked forward to, as I do love turkey, leftovers are something I was never ashamed of as most meals are better the next day.

Now days things may be pretty much the same, if you take away the size of the gatherings and add in running out to the nearest store in hopes of finding a good bargain, rather than sleeping off that belly full of turkey.

Black Friday almost plays a bigger role at Thanksgiving time, even more than turkey and football, I’m not going to go into a big post bashing Black Friday this year, all I want to say is Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you.

Whether you choose to sleep off your turkey hangover, watch a good football game, or run out right after dinner to find a good deal, I ask you to think back on people no longer with us like my Granny, and to be thankful for the traditions they shared with you, and also look at or think of that youngster in your family, because this is who the traditions you are creating today will carry them on in the future.

What are your plans right after the big meal?

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Jesus or the Easter Bunny

For a quick update, approximately six weeks after my bypass surgery everything is going well, the incisions are healing and I am getting along just fine, still under the no lifting over five pounds restriction but that is to be expected.

Easter Sunday is an important day for Christians. This is the day of the ressurection of Christ. We all were taught this growing up and it is an important part of our lives, it brings us the promise of new hope and joy.

The celebration of Easter is a blessed event shared with friends and family, we share meals, fellowship, and for some one of the few days when you actually go to church to hear the lessons that teach us that Jesus Christ has risen.

Now for the flip side we bring in the Easter Bunny, he brings colored eggs, chocolate, and smiles to the faces of children everywhere, how many of us prepare for and look forward to the annual Easter egg hunt with the kids? and how many stuff those baskets to overflowing just for the smile on the face of someone you love.

A lot of homes do not allow the fantasy of the Easter Bunny for fear it will overshadow the teachings of Christ, and others forget the ressurection because they may deem the lessons too deep and or boring for the kids, I say why can't we have both?

Remember the story of Jesus by celebrating Easter in the manner you choose, but at the same time make it fun for the kids with a little fantasy thrown into the mix, I just bet that the little ones will retain more than you think about the story of Jesus when they are having fun.

It should never be a choice between Jesus and the Easter Bunny, this is not a difficult choice for any of us really, I just think there is room for a little bit of fun to go along with the teachings that we all need to hear.

I know my eyes lit up when I saw my Easter basket this morning, Happy Easter to you all.

Did you color eggs this year?