Friday, July 21, 2017

Soup at 110?

Most of you know that Cindy and I live in the same house with her Dad, we left New Mexico and moved to California to take care of her parents back in 2009, Sleeping In A U Haul goes into it a little more detail about our move.

We lost Cindy's Mom back in 2011 and still take care of her Dad. Some days are not so easy but most of the time things can be pretty comical, here is a sample of a few of our experiences that I find amusing, mostly exchanges between Cindy and her Dad. He loves giving her a hard time, but believe it or not, I know he still sees her as Daddy's little girl.
My wife Cindy sitting with her chin on her Father's shoulder, he wearing a cowboy hat.
Cindy's Dad and Cindy (one of my favorites)
Cindy asked her Dad, "Hey Dad, what would you like for supper?"

You know, you really should make some homemade soup.

Homemade Soup?

Yeah homemade soup, it's good for you, and it's good for old people too.

Not when it's 110 degrees outside!

Well the way I see it is, I'm not going to be outside eating it!


And you won't be outside making soup either!

OK then, I'll make soup.

That's good because I like soup.

Cindy goes to the pantry and takes inventory, she is making a list of items she needs from the store, and in the process accidentally drops a can on the floor.

From the living room her Dad yells, "Crash, what did you break now?" Cindy steps from the area back where the pantry is located and walks into the kitchen before she replies.

Because if she doesn't he won't hear her, he is really hard of hearing and tells us "I don't want to waste money on hearing aids." We have had this conversation with him more than once about hearing aids, according to him "hearing aids are a waste of money"

Dad hearing aids will help you hear what is going on around you, you can hear what people are saying to you, and you won't have to turn the TV up so loud. He replies, "Maybe I don't want to hear what people are saying, did you ever think of that?"

OK what about the TV, you have to turn it up so loud to hear it. Wouldn't it be nice not to need to turn the volume up so high? He ponders this briefly and comes back with "I can turn the volume up a damn sight cheaper than I can pay for hearing aids".

It's OK Dad, Jimmy and I will pay for your hearing aids, "I can pay for my own hearing aids if I wanted them, besides what are you going to do if you pay for hearing aids for me and then I croak" you are not going to croak Dad "I just might croak if you buy me hearing aids when I don't want them, that'll show you".

We didn't buy any hearing aids, but did invest in a set of "as seen on TV" "TV Ears" these things are great, Dad can wear them and hear the TV just fine, the volume of the TV can be turned down to where Cindy and I can actually hear one another and hear the TV too.

Dad likes to mess with us, he will continue turning the volume down, "Can you hear that?" Yes Dad, "can you hear it now?" "can you hear it now?" "can you hear it now?" kind of like the old Verizon commercial where Paul is asking can you hear me now and the monkey is nodding his head in response.

Cindy's Dad does this until we can no longer hear the TV, then he smiles and while pointing to his TV ears unit says, "I can hear it just fine", this is usually when Cindy takes the remote from him, he looks at her like she really hurt his feelings, then when she looks away, he sits there and laughs so hard he is shaking in his chair.

The TV ears worked out so well he wanted another set for his bedroom, he told us "so I won't disturb you at night when I want to watch TV" so we invested in another set, I got them hooked up and now he can hear at least two TVs just fine, the only problem now is he leaves the units on the charger "I don't want to run the batteries down, in case something comes on I really want to hear"

Now the TV is back to full volume, and just last night there were enough decibels coming out of his room to match the last NASCAR race we saw live and in person, but that's OK our room is on the opposite side of the house, Cindy just turns her volume up, and because her volume is up I simply stick my fingers into my ears so I can concentrate on my book.
My wife Cindy's Father sitting in a recliner with Cindy leaning across the back facing the camera
Dad and Cindy on Sunday
OK back to the soup, Cindy had just walked into the kitchen before replying, I didn't break anything Dad, I just dropped a can,

"How in the world did you smash your hand?"

I didn't smash my hand Dad I just dropped a can,


No Dad I dropped a can,

"Well come here and let me see"

The can?

"No your hand I want to see what you did"

I dropped a can, Dad

"Well you should be more careful, it could have landed on your foot"

Cindy gathers up her pocketbook and keys, then grabs her grocery list, and says OK guys I'll be right back.

Her Dad asks, "OK honey, where are you going?"

I'm going to the store.

"Why are you going to the store, it's 110 degrees outside"

I need a few things for your soup.

"You really don't have to make soup today you know."

Dad you told me that you wanted soup so I'm making soup.

"It makes no difference to me what you make"

Well I'm making soup.

Cindy turns and walks toward the door, just as he says "that's good, because I like soup".

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Words for Wednesday- Back to the barn

I am linking up once again with Delores over at Mumblings for this weeks Words for Wednesday challenge.

Here are this weeks prompts:

beacon, evening, jealous, slander, dormant, peripheral
mystic, plentiful, splendid, destruction, gratitude, and bacon
or you could use this phrase

Back to the barn

Jake and Ed returned to the barn a couple weeks after the hornet incident. Jake was determined that those old barbershop chairs were going to be his, they were in perfect condition and had to be antiques.

The first thing they had to do was remove that hornets nest, and getting to it without further destruction to themselves was the plan. Jake still had red marks on the back of his neck that shined like a beacon and knots on his head from the numerous stings, but this was the extent of his injuries.

Ed had faired much worse after suffering a head on attack from the hornets, the number of stings he received were more plentiful than Jakes, they left red blotches and swelling on his face, neck and arms. He was really sick for a few days.

At first the swelling stretched his skin to the point he thought it would burst, the red blotches left where the poison was injected each time he was stung burned like bacon sizzling in a pan. His ice trays were still empty after he had used all of the ice trying to soothe the burning.

Jake had a friend who knew a guy whose brother was a beekeeper, so Jake and Ed borrowed a couple of the beekeepers hats with veils that surrounds your face and protects your neck. They also went to the hardware store and bought themselves a pair of leather gloves and heavy coveralls, and also duct tape to cover the ends of their gloves and attach them to the sleeves of the coveralls, Jake said "There ain't no sense in taking chances"

Jake and Ed drove to the big house and pulled Jake's car across the yard, around the back and down the hill parking as close to the old building as possible. In just two weeks kudzu had almost completely covered the building, giving it a mystic and mysteriously inviting look.

Kudzu is a vine that grows wild in the South. Kudzu can grow up to two feet per day so Jake wasn't surprised to see it taking over the old building. Just two weeks earlier the front of the building was sticking out through the vine, and now only one open door was visible, the opening was covered with the Kudzu vine cascading down like a sheet with large green leaves and it's splendid purple flowers hiding the inside of the building.

Leaning on Old Man Johnson's car they hatched their plan, they would come back in the late evening after the hornets have settled in for the night, quietly tiptoe into the building, and ease the barber chair outside without disturbing the hornets, once outside Jake could light a torch and burn the hornets nest while the beasts were dormant inside. If something went wrong at least they would be protected with the coveralls and beekeepers hats.

As Jake opened his car door, in his peripheral vision he saw a movement at the big house, he stopped to take a closer look and just as the curtains closed he saw a face looking right at him. "Hey Ed we are going to have to come back a little later tonight, we need to wait until more than just these hornets are asleep."

He leaned back away from the window and closed the curtains, hoping Jake hadn't recognized him, the idiot probably never saw me, he thought to himself, Jake has always been jealous of me anyways, I will just sit here and watch them entertain me like they did two weeks ago, he smiled and turned to go and sit for a little bit.

At midnight Jake and Ed drove around the big house with the headlights off, they had already donned their coveralls and taped the gloves to their sleeves and also taped the tops of their boots to the tucked in pant legs.

After parking the car Jake took a moment to look up at the full moon thankful for the light it was giving them tonight. Ed handed Jake his beekeepers hat and began to walk quietly towards the building. "You know it's going to be dark in there, we have to get in and out really fast without making any racket" Jake whispered over Ed's shoulder.

Ed grabbed the Kudzu and pulled it back for Jake to walk through. Jake turned on his flashlight and shined it over the contents that sat rotting in the building, there were rats scurrying for cover and everything was just as they had left it. All but one thing, the most important thing, the barber chairs, the chairs were Gone!!

Jake exploded through the Kudzu cursing at the top of his lungs, Ed removed his hat and started jerking the duct tape from his sleeves to remove his gloves. Jake stomped and screamed and shook his fists up into the night sky.

He peered through the glass at the spectacle Jake was making of himself. He closed the curtains and smiled with gratitude at the satisfaction he was getting from watching another one of Jake's plans fail.

He turned away from the window and went to sit once again, he was slowly humming an unknown Misty Mountain Melody to himself as he sat in one of his two newly acquired chairs, his eyes appeared to glaze over as he began to dream up what his next slanderous deed would be.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Happy Birthday Cindy

Today is Cindy's birthday and our Daughter Melissa the Doctor, and her fiance spent the weekend with us, Mike the fiance is a self proclaimed BBQ grillmaster and this was their birthday gift for Cindy, to have a pool party and cookout on Sunday (the day before the actual birthday because they have to work on Monday).

I have a grill with a spare bottle of propane, so a cookout is dooable, but we have no pool aka poolio as Val one of  our fine friends refers to hers, don't even have a wading pool, but this didn't stop Melissa and Mike from planning it anyways.

Melissa broke the news that she was having a pool installed for her Mom, we have never had a pool before so this was kind of exciting, Cindy got out her bathing suit just in case Melissa wasn't kidding, and low and behold Cindy got to use her suit yesterday.
Daughters fiance adding air to a small pool with Daughter Melissa floating inside the water on a pool noodle
Mike doing maintenance with Melissa "helping"
The pool was installed in a flash, it's pretty impressive how fast a pool can go up, especially a mini poolio but what did you expect from a new Doctor with student loans and all that other stuff, main thing is now when it's hot Mama can lounge in the pool, they even threw in the noodler to keep us out of trouble.

Mike cooked up ribs, chicken, and salmon, artichokes, potatoes, and corn, they even stopped by Coldstone and picked up an ice cream cake with Happy Birthday Mom on it, this made Cindy happy and what made her even happier was that they cleaned up the mess afterwards.

A few of Cindy's cousins got the word there was a Party going on for Cindy, and there was going to be water, water to swim in that is, the Doctor also provided wine and beer for medicinal purposes that is, I guess she can do that now since she is all grown up and has a degree and everything,
and of course we had water and tea to drink for those of us who didn't need much medicine.

WTB is what Mike called it, White Trash Birthday but that's OK it was a lot of fun anyway.
Daughter Melissa and my wife Cindy relaxing in a swimming pool
Daughter Melissa and Cindy enjoying the pool
The day was great, the party was good and Cindy got to spend some quality time with our daughter

Happy Birthday Cindy, I Love You.