Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tomorrow will come

The commercial begins with soft singing "The sun'll come out tomorrow" and then a statement something like this "When you have heart failure tomorrow is not a given"

I'm not sure why this really ticks me off, it just does,  I don't want to endorse their product nor do I want to talk bad about it either, I'm just going to discuss the subject of tomorrow from a heart patients point of view.

The very first time that I realized tomorrow is not a given, was when I was rushed into the "Cath Lab" of the hospital in Palm Springs, California and had a cardiac catheterization done, I literally thought I was going to die when that tube was inserted into my groin with no anesthesia, I had a 100% blockage as most of you remember, for those who want to look back here is the link On The Ninth

During this experience I felt myself blacking out, and I remember feeling helpless thinking I am dying, I just wanted to see Cindy, tomorrow is not a given, but tomorrow came.

I have cherished all of my tomorrows since and the next time I felt that tomorrow is not a given was a year later, I had another angiogram done which was a piece of cake because I didn't feel a thing this time, it is amazing how well anesthesia works in situations like this.

The results were not good and I was admitted into the hospital at Loma Linda for open heart surgery, I was prepared for everything, saw the videos on what to expect, and had all of my questions answered, but I am here to tell you that all of this preparation did not prepare me for reality.

I was laying on the gurney joking with the anesthesiologist when all of a sudden I wasn't, I was looking at Cindy leaning over me and Melissa our daughter was looking over Cindy's shoulder at me, it literally went that fast.

I felt like I couldn't breathe, I certainly couldn't talk and I was pulling at the tubes laying on my chest, Cindy turned her head and said He thinks he is not breathing, he is trying to pull the tubes, she looked at me and told me to relax, a nurse stepped in front of her and told me to relax, the machine is breathing for you she said, I couldn't feel anything working, they were all holding me down, this scared the hell out of me and I really thought I was dying.

After a brief struggle they decided to remove the breathing tube, because the more I woke up, the more I fought that tube, it is scary to be joking with a person one minute and wake up the next with tubes sticking out of parts of your body that you never realized they could stick a tube.

Tomorrow is not a given but this experience gave me the assurance of more tomorrows.

The next scare was my need for the defibrillator implanted into my chest, I never felt that I was dying but during the discussion explaining it, my cardiologist reminded me that a portion of my heart is gone, "dead meat don't beat" I love this guy he has a way of explaining things that make sense to me, he said, "if you get into trouble, wait let me rephrase that" "it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when you have another cardiac issue, you will die without this"

Hopefully all of my cardiac issues are behind me for now, tomorrow is not a given but with my surgeries and defibrillator implanted I have more tomorrows promised.

Tomorrow is not a given for anyone, all of us have different issues that may limit our tomorrows and this is not just for people with heart failure, whatever our issues are we have to do our best to take care of them, and to give ourselves more tomorrows.

You can't dwell on the negatives, health problems come with living I see them as a stumbling block not as a wall that will stop me, yes I have been scared but never did I want to give up, fight for your tomorrows, even though they are not a given, always look forward to tomorrow because with faith tomorrow will come.

Have you had a scare that made you question tomorrow?

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Super Duper Day

Deep in thought I stood at the waters edge staring into the rolling waves, I was contemplating my approach because the magnificent creature had eluded capture for so long, I could feel it in my bones this would be the day I would outsmart the monster dwelling below the surface.

I cast my line into the tides and immediately felt a tremendous tug as my rod tip bent forward, the line began to spin violently off of the reel and the drag screamed as I cranked the handle, the confrontation had started.

The line finally stopped and began to come in as I gained traction; I continued my struggle to crank the handle just as the beast broke the surface and gracefully sprang high above the surface........

Ok back to reality, if you haven't guessed already I did get to go fishing last Wednesday.

Cindy's Uncle Larry picked me up about 7:30am and we headed up the mountain towards Idyllwild, there is a small lake there that I really enjoy fishing, it has been a while since I have caught anything at Lake Fulmore and I felt this may be a good day.

As Larry was rigging his line I attached a gold Super Duper lure I had just picked up and made my first cast, as I reeled in I got a strong hit, The rod tip bent and the drag ran slightly as I reeled in a long awaited catch, and on my first cast of the day, this was a fisherman’s dream.

Two casts later I had landed another trout, and Larry still had no line in the water, this looks like a good day he shouted as he cast his line with a ball of Powerbait attached into the lake, what's the limit? He asked me to which I answered five, he smiled and said looks like we are going to limit out before nine.

Just as I was reeling in a third rainbow trout, Larry was reeling his line in and wanting to know what I was using, I told him as he was throwing his tackle box open and digging through it.

It was now 8:30am and I had three fish on the stringer, Larry was wanting to see my lure as he continued to dig through his tackle box, Larry never uses lures and generally laughs at me when I do, but now he was borrowing one of mine.

I wasn’t going to change my lure at this point and Larry settled on a gold Kastmaster from my tackle box, then he tried a gold and red Panther Martin spinner, then several others, at about 1pm he had all the fun that he could stand and was ready to go home.

I was getting ready also because after that third fish there was no more action, not just for me but for everyone at the lake, it was like someone flipped the switch off and it went off as Larry was searching for a lure in my tackle box, needless to say he never got a bite.

We gathered up our gear and headed for the exit, fishermen always visit and show off their catch so every few steps I had to stop and show my fish to someone, there were several people fishing by the time we left and I think that I must have caught the only three fish in the lake so far that day.

I got to tell my dramatic story of catching the fish, what lure I used, I even gave suggestions on what bait to use and where the best spot to fish would be, I bet I was stopped by fifteen different people who wanted to see the fish and get my suggestions, it was kind of fun and poor old Larry didn’t have much to say.

Every time we go fishing and he doesn’t catch anything he calls his wife to tell her the sad news, “Sorry Hun, I guess we won't have trout tonight, set out some tilapia OK” and before he made the sad call I gave him my catch for the day, he was really appreciative for just a minute… then he looked at me and said “I guess this means I have to clean them”
This was a Super Duper day for me, I got to go fishing and actually catch a few, I gave food to a relative who didn’t catch anything, and I didn’t have to clean any fish.

Which activity do you like for fun and relaxation?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Girls, The Answer

It appears that this weeks tale was a little more difficult, I believe that some of the confusion was my fault due to changing from our original format.

I love the way you have been going through the scenarios and explaining your answers, I am honored with your comments and have found myself almost spilling the beans when replying to you.

Melissa was an excellent band member and did in fact play the clarinet, there were a lot of competitions, performances, awards, and pranks but Shannon was never in the band.

The girls have been roommates for years, they do the things young women do such as enjoy entertainment, drinking, and dining, Melissa is really known to pick up the check before anyone else, and would die of embarrassment if a bill was left on the table, if one was run out on she (like her mother) would drive 100 miles to make it right, so to my knowledge this has never happened.

The Evil Ice Cream Man is in fact the truth, he lives and still roams in the minds of Melissa and Shannon, Tim was used for bait a short time but only until Cindy caught on, so with this said wasn't too costly for the girls, but to this day they still talk about stalking The Evil Ice Cream Man.

Lisa was the first to call this one saying that she could see two curious girls doing this, Abby was next remembering being a teenager and seeing the possibility of using a brother as bait as truthful, Bijoux said that she and her friends concocting evil stories made this one believable.

With that said I have added these three ladies blogs to the True Winners section, Thank you to everyone who commented, your participation is amazing and I appreciate you all.