Monday, June 26, 2017

My Quirky Obsession

I have to admit that I am very picky when it comes to my shoes or boots, they have to fit just right for me to wear them comfortably. When buying a pair I can't go in and just grab a pair of shoes in my size off of the shelf, sometimes I end up trying on every shoe in that size, and sometimes all the shoes in the half sizes close to my size before I find one that fits my foot.

Needless to say I can spend a lot of time shoe shopping, also I have noticed the older I get the looser I want my shoes to fit, I have actually gone up a size and a wide shoe is a must.

Cindy's Dad won't even go shoe shopping with me anymore. He is actually one of those people who can just grab a pair in his size and be comfortable with the first pair he sees, so with this said he has no patience for my quirky obsession with correctly fitting shoes, I have even tried on a pair where the left one fits but the right one doesn't.

When I was a kid growing up in South Carolina we hardly ever wore shoes. I remember walking everywhere barefoot, we played outside, rode our bikes, climbed trees, anything that could be done in shoes as a kid we did barefoot, there were exceptions though, going to school, church, or Grannys house we wore shoes, but anything else the shoes were missing.

I guess my feet were tough back then, but now I don't dare go outside without shoes on my feet. One of the side effects of being a long time diabetic is neuropathy which causes you to lose sensation in your feet and hands, I can't exactly explain how this works on most people but it is really strange to me.

My Doctor can take his little tack and poke around on my feet and legs with me feeling nothing, he does the tuning fork test.......nothing, I once had a brown recluse spider bite on a toe and the Doctor at Urgent Care poked around on it....nothing, gave me a shot in that toe....nothing, dug what he called a core out of the middle...nothing, you get the idea.

But let me have a sock twisted or get a sock on the wrong foot and my whole world comes apart, yes I actually said "sock on the wrong foot" I can't feel anything else but this gives me a sensation that I cannot handle.
Quirky obsession with socks, socked feet propped up
I love new socks and I could wear new socks every day, and they have to be the right socks also, I don't wear any socks that are sewn where the seam runs around the end of your toes, I buy all the same sock and when the new ones come out, the old ones go away, because after a few wearings socks take on a personality all their own.

A new sock can be grabbed out of the package and worn comfortably, they give you such a good feeling, a feeling of happiness, joy, euphoria, nirvana, I could even say complete ecstasy......pretty bad for a guy who can't feel his feet.

A worn sock takes on the characteristics of the last foot it was on, have you ever grabbed a pair of socks from your handy dandy sock drawer and noticed that the sock is a bit tight on your big toe but has excess material sticking above your pinkie toe? This sock is on the wrong foot, take it off and move it to the other foot, it will fit that foot just fine.

Now if you already have a sock fitting just fine on the other foot, you have a mismatched pair of socks, two lefties leaves me going back into the sock drawer because in there somewhere is a pair of righties folded together.

When they get to where they are all mismatched, it takes me a while to get my shoes on because I want to straighten out the mess, now when I find an non-ambidextrous sock, one that doesn't fit either foot to my satisfaction then it's time for new socks.

All socks should be ambidextrous you are thinking, but don't fall for that marketing ploy by the worldwide sock industry, they will market their wares as ambidextrous, making you think their socks will fit either foot, but there is a fine line between truth and fiction, we have proven that fact right here.

A sock may be ambidextrous right out of the pack, but like I said earlier it will take on a personality that suits only one foot, you will start seeing this now that I have pointed it out for you.

Remember the tube socks we wore back in the seventies, a tube sock was supposed to fit anybody or any foot, anytime. Just how quickly did they form a spot where your heel was? Now get that puppy twisted and you had what looked like a lump on either the side or top of your foot.

Excess sock material sticking out of your shoe where your heel was last time you wore them. With this said it's beginning to make sense to have a right and left sock isn't it?

Now think of the tube sock with a heel formed sideways to the toes because you wore them with the heel material on the side, now think of the stripes, you have to match the correct heels and toes with the matching color stripes, this is another reason why I hated tube socks.

It's a good day when I have correctly fitting socks on my feet to slip into my correctly fitting shoes, I reach for my correctly fitting hat......but that's a whole other post.

Is there something you are particular about that others call quirky?

Friday, June 23, 2017

Meet me in Montana

On Saturday we are officially welcoming a new member into our family, even though she has been around long enough for me to have already declared to her face "you know that you are one of us now"
Our son Randy and his fiancee Dawn in their engagement picture
Dawn and Randy's Engagement Picture
Our son Randy and his fiancee Dawn are walking down the aisle, tying the knot, getting hitched, jumping the broom you know getting married, and we are going to be there, this is where it gets fun.

But first a little observation, I smile when I think of the day Cindy and I married, Randy was nine years old at the time and actually walked his Mom down the aisle, he was the one who gave the bride away that day, I wrote Bend your knees which describes our ceremony if you would like to get a smile also.

Back to Randy, he was really scared that day, but he stepped up to be the man who gave Cindy away, I just hope that I don't have to step up and walk him down the aisle so he can be the man at his own wedding, I have no fears because Randy loves Dawn and they are going to do well together, and I am proud that we get to be there for them.

Now Cindy and I have to get through airport security without any hiccups and get to Montana hopefully without our baggage being pillaged, for those of you who are wondering, yes Cindy has cleaned out her purse so that shouldn't be an issue.

This will be the first time for me to fly since my defibrillator/pacemaker was installed and hopefully I can get through with just a pat down, I have a card that basically says I shouldn't be run through the scanner, given the wand treatment, or exposed to any magnetic fields for any length of time to prevent the settings of my device from being compromised.

I have a feeling everything will be just fine, but if I end up running into a situation where getting my settings changed comes into play.....

Our Daughter Melissa and her fiance Mike will stay with Cindy's Dad while we are gone, so we are not abandoning him, we are leaving Friday morning and will be back Monday, this weekend I am completely unplugging (maybe not completely) and won't be answering any comments or visiting any of your blogs, I will start catching up after we return on Monday.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend and if you get too bored you could always meet us in Montana.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

You were saying?

It takes me a while to catch onto things, or to try something new, like ice cream, I really like vanilla bean ice cream, Breyers makes the best natural vanilla ice cream in my opinion, so I just stick with it and rarely get anything different, unless this flavor is not available then I have to think....

Simple things can sidetrack me and take my conversations elsewhere. A random word pops up catching my attention, and the whole conversation turns down a different road.

With me I can be talking about one subject, but thinking about something entirely different, then a word on the subject I'm thinking of comes into my first conversation, and everything shifts.

The thoughts in my head are always shifting, if you could hear the things I think about, that would be a confusing conversation.

But the thoughts that run through my head most people can't hear, and if you can hear them please let me know so I can look at you while I'm thinking.

Genealogy is a good example, I can start out researching one branch of my family tree and a couple hours later I am on a complete different branch or even in another tree, I can't even remember where I started or how I got here.

I can begin searching a several times Great grandfather down my Dad's line and next I know I am on my Moms line reading about a Great Aunt and her love of ice cream.
Ice cream cone
Ben and Jerrys came out with an ice cream flavor I wanted to try, I do love ice cream, ice cream is one of my most favorite things in the world, besides new socks and I do have a passion for new socks, but I am getting ahead of myself, because I have written a post about socks but haven't posted it yet, I hope you stay tuned because it will be coming soon.

And coming soon is the wedding date of our son Randy, we will be flying out to attend the wedding, in Montana of all places, but I do like going places that I have never been, and I've never been to Montana.

I'm thinking we should go through Cindy's pocketbook before we leave the house this time, I don't really want to go through the big security scandal again, you remember our little experiences with flying in the past.

Past experience tells me to pack lightly, and make sure you have all of your ducks in a row before you leave the house, and speaking of ducks there was a time when Cindy was babysitting a little girl named Emily, we took her to the zoo and she actually had a duck spit on her, oh man that was quite the experience, Monkeys and Duck Feathers tells the whole story.

The only way to get rid of duck spit (other than wipe it off your shirt) was for us to run by either Micky-Dees or DQ, I don’t get too excited about Mickey-Dees but Emily and I always did like a three-foot tall Ice cream cone….

Oh yeah, Ice cream, Ben and Jerrys came out with a flavor a long time ago that I have wanted to try but just have never gotten around to,  last night my blood sugar was on the low end and for a treat Cindy handed me a small container of Ben and Jerrys "Cherry Garcia" ice cream.

Jerry Garcia, do you remember him? Kind of like Elvis, but with the Grateful Dead and not by himself, this ice cream had to be named for him, I wonder if they named an ice cream for Elvis?

Everybody remembers where they were when they heard that Elvis was dead, I remember where I was when I heard Jerry Garcia had died also.

I was actually driving down Interstate 85 going to the lake, I had just taken the exit I needed when on the radio came the news that he had died, Elvis not Jerry Garcia, I was at my brothers house when I heard about Jerry Garcia.

Cherry Garcia, I want to tell you,  that Cherry Garcia ice cream is amazing, it has cherries, it has chocolate fudge flakes and for the most important ingredient, it has ice cream, did I tell you that I love ice cream?

What is your favorite dessert?