Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Just My Opinion

A lot of people look at the Confederate Flag flying and a sense of pride overcomes them, Memories of being raised in a safe place with the knowledge that our forefathers fought and died under this flag to give us this safe place to live and sense of Pride we carry inside us. Others look at the Confederate Flag and anger overtakes them, they see images of hate groups burning crosses and unjust treatment of people based solely on their skin color, so the assumption comes up that everyone from the South is this way and the North had to step in to right this wrong.

OK now we have my side and your side, let's now meet in the middle for the Truth. The men that fought and died in the War for Southern Independence (aka Civil War-weren't nothing civil about it) were not fighting for or against slavery. Most Southerners never owned a slave, although some did and contrary to popular belief Slavery did exist in the North and Lincoln did not free them.

General Grant owned slaves up until the 13th amendment was passed in 1865, General Robert E. Lee was not a slave owner, his wife did inherit slaves which the Lees immediately freed. Look back at the KKK marches and make note of the Flag they are flying, You will see the Stars and Stripes in most cases and rarely the Southern Cross. So why is our Confederate Flag the only one being condemned?

You have the right to believe in what you were taught, and I also have that same right. I believe in my Southern Heritage, I am proud of the stand my ancestors made for the Confederacy and the Family Pride they passed down to me. I see the Confederate Flag as a reminder of where I came from and appreciate the meaning behind it as I have been taught. Don't label the whole South on the actions of Hate Groups that chose to fly our flag in their cause. Their cause is not Southern, it's hate wherever they are. Don't label these groups as Southern, label them as they are Just another Hate Group. Condemning our Confederate Flag will not make them go away it will only lead them to condemning our Heritage from another direction.

If condemning a flag will make these groups go away, let's throw some of that blame on the Stars and Stripes too. I am proud of our flags and will continue to stand for what is right, I will continue with my opinion on Southern Heritage and the Confederate Flag. Because it is not about hate, it's all about Pride in who you are and where you come from.

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