Monday, February 15, 2010

Depression Vent

Ok I addressed a couple of subjects that are close to my heart, my diabetes and a really rough part of my life that I will deal with from now on, Depression is the first thing a lot of people think when I start talking about stuff like this but is getting myself diagnosed and on some good drugs the thing to do or is talking about it the safe and natural way to deal?

This brings me to a commercial that really bothers me, I know you have seen it “Depression is a serious condition that takes so much out of you” then we wind up a little doll and continue with “I have to wind myself up just to get out of bed” then we list the symptoms “I have to keep winding myself up to deal with the sadness, loss of interest, lack of energy--------and so on, and we just keep winding that doll up after it so sadly leans forward. Ok I wont repeat the whole commercial but I am really tired of the drug companies making us feel like they have come up with the answer to all of our problems, how many people actually get themselves depressed watching that poor little doll wind its self down while the teary eyed actress goes over how depressed she actually is. The real depression will set in when you ask your Doctor for some of these meds and see how expensive they are or that you don’t actually need them.

Just remember to tell your doctor if your depression worsens ------ here we go with the list of side effects, now why would I want to take something that just may make me want to kill myself, suicide is a serious answer to a problem and if this is a possible side effect then why are they prescribing it?

In my opinion if you are actually depressed you will not be listing your symptoms like that, most will be keeping to themselves and if a drug is so good that I will sit back and smile while watching a creepy little wind up doll walk across a picnic table then I think the dose just may be too high.


  1. I believe the best way for most people to deal with depression is to find others to talk to about how they feel. Nothing is as medicating as sharing your feelings about what sadden you with someone else who might understand. That is why I always find your posts on DD so encouraging and uplifting and inspiring. It seems you don't wallow in depression, but manage it well when it creeps up on you. In turn, what you have said has helped me on days when I feel "low" in more way than one!

  2. Thank You Susie,

    I appreciate your kindness, you are right we can't afford to wallow in depression finding ways to manage it is not easy at times but we all have to stay on top even when it sneaks up on us, we can't allow it to get us down that would just be sad. :^)

  3. Ok, been there and done that in a major way with the meds. One day I decided depression was something that had become a habit for me ~ since I first became aware of it when I was ten, I assumed it was who I was. Then I decided it was time to break the habit. Period. I allow myself days to feel less than happy and unstoppable, and I allow myself days to feel overwhelmed with awe at how great it all is and can be. I allow myself to just be without trying to figure it out every step of the way. I've been blessed maybe because since then the "cloud" has lifted and things are better and when they don't feel so great, thats ok, because its life. A few words of encouragment for you maybe, or maybe I am just blabbering on? I love the last paragraph of this ~ yeah, that doll is absolutely crrep!

  4. Karal, I applaud you for taking charge and breaking the habit so to say, depression is serious and you have to stay on top to keep yourself in line, I have a problem with those who use it to get attention, the most who do that do not know what depression is and they are the ones who fall prey to the creepy little doll selling depression meds.

    "A few words of encouragment for you maybe, or maybe I am just blabbering on?"

    Your blabbering on is encouragment to me.

    Thank You


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