Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Horse Is A Horse

Cindy got out today and broke in the new round pen, after getting Mustang Sally caught and harnessed the work began, Sally did OK she just is not used to being worked with as of yet, let me back up a bit and introduce you to our horses.

Cindy’s horse is Mustang Sally aka Sally she is the horse we rescued from the shelter in Norco, Ca, she is actually a sweetheart but as I said has not been worked with in a while, she is a Mustang hence the name and according to her brand is about eight to nine years old, she is brown in color with a white face where the white comes down to one of her eyes, one of which is brown and one is blue. Sally was found dumped in a riverbed malnourished and had pneumonia she was at the rescue shelter for about six months before we got her and was nursed back to health receiving all of her shots and vet care in the process, so now by looking at her you would never know this part of her history.

Mustang Sally

When we began our search for a horse Cindy put in a call to her Brother John who owns quite a few to ask if he had any or knew of any for sale, to make a long story short we got Sally the same day Cindy and John finally stopped playing phone tag, she told him about Sally and you already know what he said---“Why didn’t you call me first, I have one that would have been perfect for you” Cindy’s Dad popped off and said “Well then bring him on down”, so the night before we went to NM for Tim and Elisa’s wedding Whiskey arrived at our house—not the drink the horse we now own. Whiskey is a Paint Gelding and is about thirteen years old, a camera hog and one who will come up and almost ask you to harness him, he does love attention and has become a welcome addition to our family, I am claiming him as mine but we will see who belongs with who when the riding begins.


Flash is a Grey freckled Tennessee Walker about the same age as Whiskey, and was here long before the other two, he first belonged to Bruce another brother of Cindy, he is Cindy’s Dad’s horse and you can see this when her Dad is around, when we first moved here Cindy went to ride Flash and had a hard time as Flash didn’t want to get out of Dads sight, I rode him just fine but you can still tell who he belongs with, this is defiantly a mans horse which began our search for Cindy a horse.


Cindy actually worked with both Whiskey and Sally today, Whiskey nosed his way into getting harnessed first and looked mighty fine in the Pink Halter and lead rope that was supposed to go on Sally, we will try to get the order right tomorrow but if he don’t mind Pink then I suppose I shouldn’t either.

The stampede of horses coming our way and then peacefully lining up to take their turns selecting their favorite harness and working in the new round pen is something dreams are made of, and once you are awake you see that working with these amazing animals is a blessing and just like kids they know what they should be doing but don’t always realize who is in charge and will test both your patience and knowledge, but watching my wife work with her new friend I see the testing going on and I know just like our kids she will have a strong relationship with Sally before long.

Cindy and her Dad working with Sally


  1. Whenever you post on your horses, it's such a wonderful education for me because I don't know a lot about these amazing animals.

    OMG, Jimmy...they're BEAUTIFUL!

    One of my longtime blogging friends also owns horses. She will sometimes post stories about the various competitions she enters.

    It broke my heart to read about Sally being dumped in a riverbed and had pneumonia. And no, you would never know it by looking at her now! She's exquiste and has the most gorgeous blue eyes.

    Again, thank you for sharing about your horses. I really enjoyed it.

    Love the title of this post too. I feel like singing....

    "I...am Mr. Ed."


  2. Hey Ron,

    Looking at the picture of Flash made me think of the title Ha Ha and ever since the song is still in my head.

    I am proud you enjoyed the post my friend, these animals are an education in the making everyday you are around them, I have so enjoyed them.

  3. I love the pictures of your horses. Their personalities come through the photos. I have always loved horses and I know how much work is involved in their care. My husband Tim's partner Art has a few horses on his property and he gets up every morning at 6 to feed and clean them. he rides in Malibu every weekend with a group of other riders. They are his pride and joy...just like yours are for you and Cindy.

  4. Of course, of course... You lucky dog!

  5. Beautiful horses...sad story about Sally. Love the expression on Whiskey, looks like he doesn't want to miss anything. And Flash looks like a Sweetie. Karal and I wanted horses so bad when we were in elem. school...neither of us got them!

  6. The photos and narrative together make for a great post. Nice job on rescuing "Sally" from the shelter. I like you for that!

  7. Hey Susie,

    Yes there is a lot of work involved in caring for the horses as you mentioned and you have to be around them everyday to enjoy their unique personalities.

  8. Ms A,

    And no one can talk to a horse of course, well I suppose we do huh

    Thank You Mam I agree we are lucky here.

  9. Thank You Suzicate,

    They are really good horses if I say so myself, Whiskey is not shy and he doesn't miss much, I laugh at him when I bring my camera out he is right there in my face almost posing Ha Ha

    Flash is a good boy too he is such a character we get a lot of laughs just being around him.

    Maybe you and Karal can get together and go in on some horses now, I know easier said than done due to the distance but maybe a thought.

  10. Thank You Pat,

    I am honored by your kind words my friend.

    I feel good rescuing Sally due to the fact she needed a good home and we had one to provide, I hate that someone can treat another living being in this manner, we were blessed to be able to give her a chance to live like she should have been in the first place.

  11. The background story of Sally just broke my heart to think someone could do such a thing. She was very lucky to have been rescued and adopted by yall.

    I have always been an admirer of horse, but from a distance. When I was a kid, I had one (Patches) that didn't like kids and backed up right onto my foot and wouldn't get off. It has forever made me nervous and they can sense it.

    I was thinking that you would probably enjoy reading South Dakota Cowgirl's blog. She is all about horses and farmlife.

  12. Good Morning Heather,

    You are so right about them being able to sense your feelings and they will respond to those feelings or take advantage of them also.

    Sallys story is what drew us to her, we were looking for Cindy a horse and heard the story, we drove down and spotted her from the parking area, she went right up to Cindy and I think the decision to take her home was made then.

    I will make a point to look for her blog, Thank You.

  13. Oh! They are gorgeous! All of them--though I have taken a fancy to Flash!

  14. Hey Betty,

    Thanks for stopping by, Flash is an easy one to take a fancy to :^)


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