Thursday, May 6, 2010

Easy Five, Five Times

Kristy over at This Train of Thought has been Derailed has tagged me to answer the following five questions five times each, she says this is an easy task so we will see and at the end I will be obliged to tag a couple of you to play along.

Question 1. Where were you five years ago?

1. Living in New Mexico.

2. Watching Little Emily graduate kindergarten.

3. Taking our vacation trip to California, saying I’ll never move here.

4. Two Years into my retirement—still thinking I could go back to work.

5. Playing on the computer thinking this dial up is pretty cool.

Question 2. Where would you like to be in five years?

1. Playing with my Grandson who will be born this August and any other Grandbabies that come along.

2. Celebrating another Anniversary with Cindy.

3. In touch with my Boys.

4. I would be happy right where I am living now.

5. On a “Road Trip” just for fun to almost anywhere.

Question 3. What is on your to-do list today?

1. Going to town with Cindy to Birthday shop for her Dad.

2. Catch the gopher digging in the new round pen.

3. Water the front yard and garden.

4. Keep my blood sugars in line.

5. Write something readable for my blog and comment on my friends posts.

Question 4. What snacks do you enjoy?

1. Ice Cream-Coffee Flavors, Breyers Natural Vanilla, Peach, or just any flavor if these are not available.

2. Corn Nuts

3. Nutter Butters.

4. Apple Sauce and Graham Crackers.

5. I actually like Yogurt, my diabetes calls for the low fat stuff and it works for me.

Question 5. What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?

1. Find a Cure for Diabetes so more children will be diagnosed.

2. Make sure all the kids are debt free and set for life.

3. Make sure Cindy and I remain debt free and set for life since I am now a billionaire.

4. I’m going to repeat one from above: Go on a “Road Trip” just for fun to almost anywhere.

5. Donate to charities that focus on finding cures for diseases that are taking the lives of our people.

OK now for the tagged ones to be named: Here we go----Drums are rolling----still rolling----OK they stopped-----rolling again--OK Ron and Heather you have been tagged to play along and if anyone else wants to play just grab the questions and join the fun.


  1. I like the debt-free part for the kids, but make sure they know they are on their own once they are debt free, or they will expect you to support them all the time...

  2. Good Morning Joe,

    I actually was thinking that when I typed it out but obviously didn't get that part on the post.

    Smart man you are so right on that point.

  3. Ah the debt-free-dream... how elusive it is...

  4. You have wonderful goals for your five year plan. You need more road trips to keep the great stories rolling. I think there is a book in there somewhere. You kind of inspired me with your favorite foods...I am so rigid...cornuts are yummo but I never indulge...hmmmm I must is too short. Anything in the advancement or improvement for the life of diabetics would be a dream come true. As you and I both know this disease is not easy. As far as being debt free that is awesome but you are rich with the love of your wife, friends and in that way you will always be debt-free.

  5. How shallow am I?
    I'm now craving corn nuts...

  6. Hey Kristy,

    Debt Free you just have to love the idea of it :)

  7. Susie,

    As you have figured out I do Love Road Trips, I love going where I have been as much as finding new places because no matter where you go it is a new adventure.

    Foods I too am more ridgid on than I like to be but the Bid D has forced us into that, when I get what I want even if I over indulge I do enjoy them.

    You are right Susie as long as I keep the love of my wife and friends then debt is a non issue :)

  8. Hey Pat,

    Corn Nuts are sounding good right now.

  9. I'm giggling at your #5 answer in question #1! Can believe I only got DSL five months ago?!?! I've been blogging for the past 4 years using DIAL UP and thinking it was very cool too - HA!

    Isn't it ironic how we sometimes say we would never do something, but then end up doing it? I always said I would NEVER move back to the northeast, yet here I am. And LOVING it!

    Hey, I enjoy both graham crackers and apply sauce, yet have never tried them together, but I will now. Me too, love yogurt, and will often mix sliced almonds and granola with it - yummy!

    "Find a Cure for Diabetes so more children will be diagnosed."


    Great post, Jimmy! Enjoyed read these.

    Listen, I don't participate in meme's, but I want to thank you SO MUCH for tagging me. Hope you understand.

    Hope you had wonderful day, buddy!

  10. Hey Ron,

    I am starting to learn what I have been told over and over---Never say never because as soon as you do then You Do!!

    Apple Sauce and Grahams as a snace actually came from my Great Grandmother who was a diabetic also, it was her bedtime snack so I guess she passed it down to me, give it a try Buddy you will like it.

    Well you got tagged and that is good enough my friend, it's all about fun and I'm not into making anyone feel obligated to anything so in other words I understand not sure if I can make it since you wont participate but I understand Ha Ha that wasn't pressure was it---:^)

    Had a good day Ron hope yours was great too

  11. I like answer five to question 1. Ohhhh Dial up my connection to everything, but my pain in the rear too! LOL! I wouldn't be here with out it, but I would love to be able to do more.

    Coffee Flavored Ice Cream!! WOOHOO!!

    Debt free! Such lovely words....


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