Saturday, May 8, 2010

To All You Moms

Happy Mothers Day to all the ladies in my life, my wife Cindy who has single handedly gotten our kids up and out of the house for all the various functions including but not limited to school and jobs and helped me to enjoy the fun of getting these kids raised while watching her pride in being a Mom on her face, I Love You Cindy.

Cindy’s Mom who brought my lovely wife into this world and still to this day is in her mind raising that teenage girl that she actually got raised a long time ago, as you know we are here working to help Cindy’s Mom and Dad and I am happy for and feel blessed that Cindy has a chance to spend some quality time with her Mom now.

My Mom who gave birth to me her oldest son at a very young age, she was no more than a child when she was all of a sudden a Mom and had to grow up real fast, over the years she has made sure I got what I needed whether it be a meal she was missing herself at the time to the dose of hickory tea that I so deserved, she got me to Church, School, Scouts and more places than I could possibly mention right now, she said she didn’t wait up on me but would ask “What time did you get home last night” I always knew that she already had the answer on the tip of her tongue so I had better be truthful, and truth is something she also taught me, always be honest and say Yes Mam, No Mam, Yes Sir, and No Sir because truth and manners will take you far. I did end up far away in miles and I think these lessons have helped me through a lot of tough times, I don’t think me moving away was part of the plan but Mom has always been there with words of wisdom and moral support to guide me through when I needed it. Thank You Mom I Love You

Happy Mothers Day to all of you Moms out there, Moms who get their kids up every morning with a hug and kiss, Moms who take on others children to give them a chance at life, Moms who lost their babies young and still remember them each and every day, all of you Moms deserve a Thank You and I Love You and from deep in my heart I hope your Mothers Day is the Greatest and your day is blessed with more happiness than you can hold inside.


  1. Your mom raised you well. Tell Cindy Happy Mother's Day, for me.

  2. You and I are blessed that we had great moms.
    Some have not been as lucky.
    Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

  3. Thanks for posting such a lovely tribute to your wife and your mom. :-)

    And then being so thoughtful as to wish the rest of us a Happy Day as well! Thank you!

  4. That was awesome Jimmy! Thank you!

  5. Thank You Ms A,

    I sure appreciate you and I will pass your Mothers Day wishes along to Cindy.

    I hope yours is the best.

  6. You are so right Joe,

    A lot of people have not been blessed with Mothers who care, God Bless the ones who do.

  7. Hey Nancy,

    I am honored to have good friends like yourself and am blessed to have the opportunity to wish you all a Wonderful day

  8. You are very welcome Sarah,

    I hope your day is great and you have a blast with your little guy.

  9. BEAUTIFUL post, Jimmy!

    It's been an absolute pleasure getting to know you and your family through your blog these past months. And I can tell there is a tremendous amount of love, respect, and FUN shared amongst you all.

    Wishing Cindy and both your moms a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

    Have a grrrrrrrreat Sunday, my friend!

  10. Very sweet tribute. You have some lovely women in your life. They are as equally fortunate to have such a caring man in their lives. Have a blessed and wonderful Mother's Day with the womean you love.

  11. Thank You Ron,

    And likewise my Friend it also has been a pleasure getting to know you.

    Will pass the wishes along and you too have a Great Sunday

  12. Hey Suzicate,

    Thank You so much and a Great Mothers Day to you.

  13. Jimmy I am so glad you have had such wonderful women in your life to love and care for you. Being part of this other sex I do have to say we add a certain something to a man's life. But it is only the truly good men who recognize this. Of course I am talking about you. Please wish Cindy a beautiful Mother's day.

  14. Thank you Jimmy. What a sweet tribute to Moms. Have a great Sunday!


  15. Thank You Susie,

    I am humbled by your kind words and friendship.

    A Happy Mothers Day to you also.

  16. Hey Spot,

    A Wonderful Mothers Day to you

  17. Oh Jimmy! This was so beautifully written!!! So moving. Thanks for posting this.

  18. Thank You Betty,

    I am so happy you enjoyed it and appreciate your uplifting comment and support.

    Happy Mothers Day.


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