Sunday, May 23, 2010

Who Is The Woman Now

Going back probably till the time Melissa started talking there has been a sort of competition between she and Cindy, they are both a whole lot alike which probably is the reason for this; you may call some of them practical jokes I call them all a story book of memories and laughter.

“Who is the Woman now” is a term I got used to hearing while Melissa was growing up, whether she or Cindy said it depended on who came out on top of the last little tussle they had just gone through, Once sitting in a crowded waiting room at the Doctor Office Cindy is sitting there with the kids trying to keep them settled down like all Moms do when Melissa gets up and looks out the door, she turns and throws herself on the floor, covers her head, and yells at the top of her lungs “Tornado”, I can just see the panic this caused and the embarrassment in my wife’s face as she sank down into her chair, I am sure there were plenty of empty seats about that time, the challenge was started when Cindy told her I will get you back for this and Melissa said “No you won’t because I’m the Woman now”.

Melissa was one of those popular kids at school and real particular on how she looked, you know the one that didn’t want Mom showing up at school or dropping her off with curlers in her hair, with this in mind Cindy goes down and buys a box of candy and a bunch of balloons, dresses herself up as a clown face paint and all, she goes up to the school and walks the halls yelling, “Has anyone seen Melissa” calling out her complete full name, sticks her head into every classroom and asks the question if anyone had seen Melissa, Cindy knew which class Melissa was in but made that one her last stop, she finally gets to the right classroom walks in and yells “Does anyone in here know Melissa” and presents her with the balloons and candy, Melissa is just about in tears when Cindy asks her “Who is the Woman now”

Wrestling matches in our house between the two of them ended with the declaration of who the Woman was at that particular moment, we had one night where Melissa actually tried to twist Cindy’s arm behind her back resulting in a muscle cramp that looked like a broken arm, we made a trip to the Emergency Room where I was immediately separated from my wife and questioned because they didn’t believe that she had broken her arm playing with our daughter, the X-Rays showed it wasn’t a break and the fact that the Doctor knew us helped us to get cleared and on our way home, the first words we heard after we told Melissa it was a muscle cramp was, “Who is the Woman now”

The last one before Melissa moved to California was when Cindy and some of Melissa’s friends teamed up to steal and hide the car Melissa was driving while Melissa was at a friends house, this friends Mom was in on it made a fake call like she was calling the police when it was noticed the car was gone, this helped to make it look even more real. We got a call from Melissa and even though we were already in the neighborhood (cell phones are great sometimes) we rushed over to give our Daughter some moral support, Melissa was not driving her own car this night but the car of a friend so the theft of this car was really hard on Melissa, she was so concerned about her friends car I could see her heart breaking as through the tears she exclaimed “Mom someone stole Joanne’s car, and ALL MY S#*% IS IN IT” ok this is about the time Melissa noticed the video camera and saw she had been had once again, “Who is the Woman now” Melissa still doesn’t think this is funny, but we do.

In the time that Melissa has lived in California she has worked in a few Psych Hospitals and also for the Sheriffs Department, she had advanced herself in her career field a whole lot more than we had realized when Cindy went into wake her up one morning after we moved here, she is poking and playing with her when all of a sudden Cindy is laying flat on her back on the floor next to the bed with Melissa’s knee in her chest, Cindy’s Dad walks in and said “Oh yea I forgot to tell you Melissa is teaching a Self Defense Class now” Melissa’s response was then, yes you guessed it “Who is the Woman Now?”

I have a feeling this is not over yet.


  1. That's such a great story!
    We have a lot of joking around like that in our family also. But "who is the woman now" is a new one for me. A classic new one!

  2. Yes Sir Pat,

    I have spent hours sitting back waiting to see who would be "The Woman" between these two, it has always been lots of fun, outside of the ER trips Ha Ha

  3. Oh my gosh, Jimmy, if my wife ever pulled the clown thing on The Daughter, she would NEVER forgive her!
    Who is the woman now...that is great, I can just hear them screaming it at each other!

  4. I almost laugh out loud everytime I think about it Joe, Cindy smiles but Melissa doesn't when it comes to this one Ha Ha

  5. "Cindy goes down and buys a box of candy and a bunch of balloons, dresses herself up as a clown face paint and all, she goes up to the school and walks the halls yelling, “Has anyone seen Melissa”


    That's HYSTERICAL! Way to GO, girl!!!

    You were DEFINATELY the woman now.


    Thanks for sharing this great story, Jimmmy!

    Hope you guys had a super weekend!

  6. Cindy's got nerves of steel, Baby! My children would never forgive me of an incident like that at school!

    Jimmy--You sound like you sort of enjoy the show. Is that true?

  7. Thank You Ron,

    She is definatly the Woman in my opinion, just waiting on the next page in this little series Ha Ha

  8. Hey Betty,

    Yes Mam I do enjoy the show, it is a blast sitting back watching when you are not directly involved at the time :)

  9. Melissa may get me once in a while but like i tell her i will always come back with somthing so who is the woman now

  10. Wow, they must have a really good relationship! Mine still haven't forgiven me for the unintentional stuff I've done.

  11. Yes Mam Ms A,

    They have a good relationship although it may not look like it at times ;')

  12. I have to admit in my house there is only one woman..and there will only ever be one woman...ever...and that is me! It is the queen...princess thing...mama is always the queen. I love the story of Cindy and Melissa and their relationship. Every mom and daughter has their own unique kind of relationship and it looks like theirs is full of fun and games.

  13. Love this mother/daughter rivalry play...don't you love being an "innocent" bystander?

  14. Yes Susie,

    Momma is always the Queen but it sure is fun watching the little Princess push her luck so to say :)

  15. Hey Suzicate,

    "Love this mother/daughter rivalry play...don't you love being an "innocent" bystander?"

    Innocent bystander works well for me, Tim actually has a shirt with that on it I may have to get me one Ha Ha

  16. I love this post!! Sean and I were laughing so hard! You have to love practical jokes and that car theft was a doozy!!

    What awesome memories you have all made.


  17. Just think if she had Sean helping her out on the car theft LOL

    Gotta love the memories Spot.

  18. I absolutely LOVE that Jimmy! That is hilarious!

  19. Thank You Peg,

    True stories come off better than fiction don't they say :)

  20. Loved it, laughed all the way through it!
    It is so great that they have that type of relationship.

  21. Hey Heather,

    Have gotten quite a few laughs myself over the years, I just love the relationship they have.


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