Sunday, July 18, 2010

Robbing Parts For Mine

A busy day ahead but that’s OK with me because this bit of work for today will be inside, the temperatures here have been so hot this last week that it is unreal so I’ll opt for some work time under the air conditioning.

Cindy’s Birthday was yesterday and we had a lot of fun, along with her Mom and Dad we met up with her Brother for a Birthday lunch at the New York Pizzeria and ate absolutely more than we could hold, it was early so it was almost like having the place to ourselves, and in lieu of a Birthday Cake we got to bring a complete whole large pizza home with us as the eyes were bigger than the stomach when placing the order, but that’s OK a couple slices of Sausage, Pepperoni, and Cashew Pizza for lunch today will be pretty good. We had supper with Bob and Martha which was a load of fun, and in lieu of a song and slice of cake Cindy got a cupcake and a candle with a “here ya go enjoy, we don’t sing—happy birthday” from the restaurant, but Martha ordered a seven layer slab of chocolate cake that I could feel the richness of when they passed by me with it that Cindy fully enjoyed.

I had planned on getting Cindy a new computer for her birthday and needless to say I have done a lot of looking and figuring to come up with the best bang for the buck so to say to get her the best that we can afford, we each have our own computer and the way this started was that she got me one for my birthday a few years back and my old one was cleaned up and she took it as her own, so now every time I get mine upgraded then Cindy gets my old one, I decided to break this cycle and get her a “Brand New” one of her very own without all of my stuff already on it, we set a price range and she picked the one she wanted but her Dad overheard us discussing the plan and chipped in so needless to say she is getting a much bigger and better system.

We went down after lunch and skipped over all the sales pitch by showing them exactly which system we needed, we discussed all the options and added the virus protection that we wanted rather than the trial version because you can’t be too careful these days as you all know, it was set up to be optimized and remove all the trial version crap that comes with a new system you never use and in two hours time her system was ready for pickup, I had visions of a black and white VW bug sliding into our driveway and men in shirt and ties falling all out running around like the Keystone Cops until we pointed them into the right direction, then like a NASCAR Pit crew they were to jump onto Cindy’s desk and with precision performance the new system would be up and running with all of her stuff from the old one saved and added in a record time of 12.2 seconds, but like I said that was a vision and I will begin the task of saving what she wants from the old system and getting her new one going right after I post this.

So by this afternoon Cindy will be up and running on a shiny new computer with all the bells and whistles, and I will be looking into her old one to see if I can rob any parts to make mine a bit faster, am I jealous that she has a new one and I am robbing parts for mine, heck no it actually feels pretty good.


  1. Congrats on the new computer for Cindy! #3 and I both got laptops last summer and Hubby got a new BIG monitor and now he's decided HE wants a laptop. LOL guess within the next year we will be shopping for one for him!

    Loved the visual of the geek squad rolling up like a pit crew. Got a good chuckle out of that one.

  2. We have about four lap-tops and a huge Desk computer that I don't know why we bother keeping, but this one is only a couple of months old....and it is so fast compared to the old dinosaur that I had been using for my personal use.
    But, buy a brand new one today, and it is already virtually obsolete tomorrow!
    Hope you all had a great day and Cindy had a very happy Birthday!

  3. Oh, CONGRATULATIONS on getting a new computer!!!

    *jumping up and down*

    Isn't that the BEST feeling?

    I just got one myself about 4 months ago and I LOVE it! I too went through LOTS of searching; wanting to get the most for my buck. I great deal, so I'm a happy camper!

    Glad you to hear you guys had a wonderful Happy Birthday celebration.


    Enjoy your day, my friend!

  4. What a wonderful present for Cindy! HOB and I each have a laptop and the unspoken rule is "Don't touch mine." Not that I have hidden mine from him or anything.....

    You and Cindy are probably a bit more mature and evolved....

  5. So is Cindy going to start her own blog with the new, fancy system? I'm ready and waiting. Congrats on the computer!

    My geek squad took his own sweet time, but I'm loving the new laptop and especially not having to share.

  6. Don't let the computer companies talk you into anything, Alice...Computers are NOT obsolete that fast. I usually get more than 5 years out of a computer, and in fact the one I am using now is almost 6 years old, and works fine.
    But, I still want to get me a laptop so I have my OWN computer.
    Congrats, Jimmy! It is a sad fact of life that we even NEED antivirus these days...

  7. Hey Peg, Sounds like all of you are getting fixed up with laptops, I was impressed when I got a flat screen monitor for myself, Now Cindy has a wide screen one and a fast computer, I’m happy with the square mediocre one for now :^)

    High there Alice, Seems most people are going with laptops now, as for me the desktop is still my preference, Cindy chose a desktop over a laptop for her new one also, technology does move quickly and it’s been a while since we updated so it all looks good right now. The day was great and Cindy Thanks you for the Birthday wishes.

    Hey Ron, I finally got it all together and she is playing on it right now, after a couple days I am sure she will have it all figured out and will be able to teach me some stuff.
    Thank you my Friend she had a really good birthday.

    Hello Betty, Our computer desks sit side by side but we are rarely on one another’s computers, she was on mine today while I was sitting hers up but it appears I am done now so no excuse to play on her computer now Ha Ha

    Howdy Ms A, I’ve been trying to get her to either start one or post a few on mine, never know she just may surprise us one day, the Geeks may not have been very fast but they got the job done, I suppose that counts huh :^)

    Hey Joe, They have a hard time getting me talked into things, the anti virus was one of my choosing rather than the one they pulled out to install and this computer will last her for a good long while, heck mine is about five years old now but I have kept up with it and really don’t need to replace it as of yet, I keep looking at the laptops but haven’t really wanted one so far.

  8. Hi jimmy,
    It sound a wonderful happy b'day celebration.
    congrats to Cindy for the new computer..
    haha... now you're trying to start robbing parts from the old one to make yours more better...

    enjoy your wonderful day to both of you

  9. I am so glad Cindy got her own new computer. Of course everyone here loves their would we all connect to one another without one? I know it was hot yesterday we went to Riverside for Tim's mom's birthday. She and Cindy share the same birthday!!

  10. Aw Jimmy, what a sweet gift! And sometimes the giving truly is better than the getting, isn't it?!

    Happy Belated Birthday to Cindy!!


  11. Hi Nensa, Thank You so much it was a wonderful day, I did look for better parts in her old one but as you probably figured they are different and wont fit mine Ha Ha

    Hey Susie, She has needed an upgrade for a while now and the new one is much better than an upgrade :^) That’s pretty neat that Tim’s Mom and Cindy share the same birthday, we need to touch base and figure out when we can all meet in Riverside maybe :)

    Good Morning Spot, Yes giving is a whole lot better than getting for me, Thank you for the Birthday wishes for Cindy.

  12. Oh wow! What a great birthday! Cindy you are one very lucky lady and I'm sure you already know that, I'm just confirming it for ya! LOL!

    Jimmy, that was a lovely present!

  13. Thank You Heather, It's up and running really well, she really likes this one :)


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