Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Dixie and the Chicks
Dixie Chickens


  1. Hey, this would have been a FABULOUS photo for the Dixie Chicks latest album cover.


    Great Wordless Wednesday, buddy!

  2. Oh my I love the picture of your own personal "Dixie Chicks!"

  3. Is one of these named Betty? I am thinking it should be....

  4. Hey Lynne, We are working on that one; right now all I can get them to do is whistle for Dixie, which is what happened in the picture Ha Ha

    Thank You Ron, Recon they may want for our little Dixie and the Chicks to pose for them?

    Hey Susie, Six chicks and Dixie as the manager, gotta love this.

    Good to see you Betty, I bet one of them probably is named Betty, we will just have to see which one it is :^)

  5. Yay! Salem's middle name is Dixie! They are so cute. I take it they are still doing well. They look great!

  6. I love her expression and those ears!

  7. Thank you Kristy :^)

    Hey Angelia, They are doing good, about to outgrow the little pen I have for them right now, the new coop should be ready in the next few days hopefully, Dixie likes to help out she was actually inside the fence when one escaped and had it in her mouth before I knew it, she just held it and never bit down, I think the chick lucked out on that one Ha Ha

  8. Hey Ms. A, You can sure tell where her attention is at can't you :^)


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