Friday, August 13, 2010

Hanging Around A Bit Longer

Looking at hanging out here in New Mexico for a few more days, Benjamin went for his first checkup and the Doctor was not pleased with his heartrate, sent him for an EKG and next thing we know he is going back for another, the results are in and Tim and Elisa are taking Benjamin to see a Cardiologist in Albuquerque, NM on Monday. Benjamins color is good and he is already holding his head up a bit and rolling over once in a while.

I have a good feeling strictly due to looking at him, Elisa and Cindy actually let me babysit for a while today and I have to say that Benjamin and Papa really had a good time, we sat and talked and the diapers I had to change were only the wet kind, he waited for the girls to come home before he got serious about messing a diaper.
Cindy and Benjamin
We picked up a laptop so hopefully I will be able to check in a bit more but will for sure once we get home, I am looking at a good answer from the Cardiologist on Monday and for us to head home Tuesday.

Till then throw a few prayers toward New Mexico for Benjamin, Tim and Elisa and I will fill you in as soon as we know something.


  1. Prayers for great results! Been missing you. Benjamin is ADORABLE and doesn't look the least bit unhealthy. Hello, Cindy!

  2. OMG, my heart skipped a beat when I first started reading your post, but I'm SO glad to hear Benjamin is going well. OMG...that picture of him is soooooooo precious! He's adorable, Papa Jimmy and Mama Cindy!

    You guys have been so missed. Blogland is empty without you.

    Please know that I'm sending lots of prayers and love your way.

    (((( X ))))

    Ooooo...and you got a new laptop. How exciting!

    Have a great weekend you two!!

  3. Wow, he looks so alert already!
    Prayer for all of you going out.
    Yowza on the new laptop!

  4. OMGoodness, you had me soo worried there for a moment. It's probably a little Heart murmur...

    "Most people with a heart murmur do not have any other signs and symptoms of a heart problem. The murmur is usually innocent (harmless)."

    I know lots of folks that have them and never have any issues. If it has to be anything, I hope that is what it is.

    Well wishes and I really do hope that all turns out to be well for him.

  5. You know that I will be thinking of you all and sending you all the prayers and love you can handle. Keep us posted. Love the photo. :)

  6. I am praying for benjamin and I know in my heart he is just fine. I love the picture of him and Cindy...he is so adorable. It is just like those little buggers to get you started off worrying right from the get go! I guess it never ends...that is the beauty and curse of having kids. Please have a safe trip home and let us know what the doctor says.

  7. Thoughts are with you all, Jimmy. I'm sure that this little problem will be innocent and will soon clear up. He looks a healthy little chap, good colour, alert, and already taking notice of what is going on around him.
    Keep us updated.
    Big hugs to all!

  8. Prayers have been said and are enroute.. What a beautiful boy..
    Enjoy the remainder of your visit and yes, WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!

  9. Prayers for Benjamin going through now. What an absolute sweetie pie!! Good job on the babysitting, Grandpa!

  10. Thank you Ms. A, He does look good you can't see any probs by looking at him, I'll take that as a good sign, Cindy says to tell you Hello :)

    Hey Ron, Yes Sir it took us back a bit too but I have faith it will be a good result once the Doc gives him a look over, a Great week end to you too Buddy.

    Yes Sir Joe, He is paying attention so good and lifting his head towards our voices already, Thank You for the prayers my Friend.

    Hey Heather, I'm thinking Heart Murmur also, Elisa had one when she was a baby too so maybe he comes by this one honest :^)

    Thank You Luisa, I will be keeping you all posted as I find out the Good News, the prayers are appreciated and do work as I have experienced before :)

  11. Hey Susie, You are so right, they do keep us on our toes and it never ends, that's the beauty of kiddo's, hoping to be home by Wednesday if all goes well.

    Thank You Alice, Yes he is doing well in my opinion for there to be a serious problem, but precautions are to be taken for all to be positive I suppose, Hugs right back my Friend.

    Hey Lynne, I appreciate you Lady and hoping to be back on track before you know it, I too miss our little routine :)

    Thank You Betty, This Grandpa routine is coming to me pretty good I am does feel good :^) The prayers are going to work I know it.

  12. Wow is he precious! All of you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  13. Will continue prayer for the good result.. baby Benjamin was so adorable, he looks so healthy!!
    Hope everything will be fine.
    God bless you and keep praying grandpa Jimmy!!

  14. Thank You Melissa we think so too and do appreciate the prayers my good friend :)

    Hello Nensa, he does look healthy and that just makes me think the results will be good.


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