Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Spoiling Baby Benjamin

Having a great time so far and I hope to have a bunch of pictures and tales to share with you once we get back home. Our first day here Elisa and Benjamin were still in the hospital, they were released later that evening and are both doing really good, he is a good looking boy if I do say so myself and I don't suppose you expected me to say any less.

The trip wasn't bad we drove all the way into New Mexico the first day and spent the night with only about three hours to go in the trip, easier to get a motel than wake everyone up at midnight, we passed through a number of storm cells that slowed our travels, saw such things as a tennis shoe tree and a gas station attendant that just knew that I should buy a set of shocks from him even though the shocks on our van were just replaced..go figure.

Anyway I will get it all typed out for you when I get home and catch up on reading your blogs then, I look forward to getting all caught up with you all but for now I wanted you to know that everything is going well and that we are in the process of spoiling Baby Benjamin.


  1. "he is a good looking boy if I do say so myself and I don't suppose you expected me to say any less."

    HA!...but I'm sure he IS!

    Love the photo of Benjamin you added to the backdrop of your blog. It's so beautiful, Jimmy!

    Glad to hear you had a good trip and that everything is going well!

    You and Cindy are missed! Can't wait until you get back!

  2. I am so happy for you and your family!!

  3. So happy you are there, enjoying this absolute miracle! Spoil away, grandpa!!!

  4. Thank You Ron, We are going to be kind of partial to this little guy I can see it now :^) I just had to add that background picture before we left, no telling what pics I will bring home Ha Ha

    Thanks again Buddy we will be home way before Granny is ready :)

    Hey Susie, Thank You my Dear Friend :)

    Good Morning Betty, The spoiling is going full blast now, don't recon we will ever be sorry for that :)

  5. Hi Jimmy, baby Ben is looking really great! I am just waiting for my new nephew to be born any day now!
    Love your backdrops too!
    Big hugs to all!

  6. Ah, you lucky blessed dude! I am looking forward to the day that I become a Grand pappy!

  7. Enjoy your trip, jimmy!!
    I'm glad to hear everything fine on your trip.

  8. Congrats again Jimmy! Beautiful baby boy from what I've seen. I know you are spoiling him rotten! Be careful and safe on your return trip.

  9. Hey Alice, Thank You and congrats on your nephew, I look forward to hearing the news when he arrives

    Joe, Thank You my friend this feels pretty good

    Nensa, we are having a great time

    Yes Peg he is being spoiled but that is how it should be huh

    Thank You Suzicate

  10. I just know yall are having a great time! Glad to hear all is well with baby and momma.

    I will soon be heading for Austin for the birth of my namesake. Should be sometime this week, I'm so excited.

  11. That we will Angelia, Thank You my Friend.

    Hey Heather, Everything is going so good, Have a good trip down to Austin, maybe we can swap pictures later on ;^)

  12. Glad you made it safely. Baby Benjamin is sure to be spoiled. After all what is our job as a family member of any sort?

  13. Amen Melissa, Spoiling is what we do :)

  14. Yes Sir Pat it is way too much fun---I can get used to this :)


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