Monday, August 23, 2010

Thick and Thin Friends

Friends come and go but family is forever, you get to choose your friends but a family is something you are born with no matter how you feel about them.

Looking at family we all have members who have achieved everything they ever set out to do and others who struggle with everything they try, some of the ones who are doing so well just make you proud and hope their high continues because it’s a long fall from the top, the ones already at the bottom make you proud also because of their determination and pride, you just can’t help but to be proud of their small accomplishments because those small accomplishments are large hurdles for them, then you always have a few that you really don’t like to be associated with or talk about, and no matter how many times you talk with them they will never listen to your advise nor will they ever change their ways, some folks you can’t help due to the fact that to be helped you need to help yourself.

Friends can be forever, most of the friends you come into contact with make a mark on your life that you will always carry in your heart, some are there through thick and thin and others bail out at the first sign of problems, others can make a problem where there actually was not one and call your friendship into question when the situation is put into perspective. Losing friends sucks but losing someone who was never a friend can actually be good for you in the long run due to losing the stress they can cause you. Your true friends will always be there and those only there for just the good times will pass by and even though they leave a mark on you it leaves time for those who really care.

Thick and Thin Friends are a blessing, sometimes it takes a thick and thin friend to get you through a rough spot or a good weekend, thick and thin friends may call you down on something but they will listen without passing judgment when you expose your feelings, thick and thin friends will never involve you in a situation that does not concern you nor do they ask you to fix something that you have no control over, and if they accidently get themselves into a situation like this they will never expect you to take the blame for their mistake even though a thick and thin friend would probably take the blame.

I like the old saying, A Friend will bail you out of jail, a Thick and Thin Friend will go to jail with you.

Here’s to Thick and Thin Friends, and also Family who are Thick and Thin Friends—Yes You know who you are.


  1. I do believe we have become thick and thin friends...however i am not sure about the going to jail part LOL. Seriously, I feel honored to call you my good friend and would be there for you if you ever needed anything. I find the best kind of friend is the one who will listen to you and ultimately support you in whatever decision or life path you finally choose.

  2. I'll just bet you have many "thick and thin friends!" Somehow you strike me as that kind of man. (and a teddy bear, sweetheart, to boot)

  3. And sometimes those thick and thin friends actually become just like family...those are the best kind.

  4. I think that it is amazing the strength of friendships that are made through Blogging! I know that I have "real" friends that I have met here who have always stuck with me, and I will stick with them too.

    Big hugs to you all!

  5. I sure do like your story of friendship and love. I also believe in the powewr of friendship. I take it very seriously. Once I make a decision to be your friend, look out! lol I do hope all is well with you and your family. I have enjoyed reading your recent posts. Stay friend. :cool:

  6. Faaaaaaabulous post, Jimmy!

    Susie actually took the words out of my mouth in saying...

    "I find the best kind of friend is the one who will listen to you and ultimately support you in whatever decision or life path you finally choose."

    My closest friends are those who simply listen and support whatever decisions I make. Sometimes we may not have the right words to say in a situation, and yet being there and just listening, is so supportive. I'm very much into loyality. So, if I love someone, I will be loyal to the end. And those who our my loyal friends, I believe would do the same for me.

    I must agree with Alice in saying that some of the most amazing friendships I've made have been through blogging.

    And thank YOU, for being one of them!

    You're a good man, Jimmy!

  7. Hey Susie, Thank You so much for being that type of friend, I think if it ever came right down to it you would be right there beside me on the bench Ha Ha, good thing you know a lawyer :^)

    Thank You Ms. A, It’s not that I have many friends but the ones I have I am really close to, Gotta love that :^)

    Amen Joe, Those are the best because you do consider them as family.

  8. Good Morning Alice, You are so right about finding good friends through blogging, it is amazing how many like minded people that come together and help one another right here, Blogging Buddies do become family too, I am proud of our little family here :^)

    Hugs right back to you my Dear Friend.

    Thank You Luisa, The power of friendship is an amazing thing and once someone is my friend I expect them to be close and that is something I do not take lightly, I sure enjoy having you around my friend and am honored that you joined our little family here.

    Hey Ron, “My closest friends are those who simply listen and support whatever decisions I make.”

    That is the sign of a true friend; we don’t always have to agree to be good friends because as friends we will not always agree on everything, a true friend will support you even if there is a difference of opinion without throwing that friendship away due to not agreeing.

    Thank You Ron as you know we are honored to call you a friend also.

  9. You are so right, Jimmy. The older I get, the more I appreciate real friends with whom I can just be myself.

  10. I can relate so well to this..'losing someone who was never a friend can actually be good for you in the long run due to losing the stress they can cause you.'...

    I held on to many a toxic friendships for far to long.

    I really do cherish the thick and thin friends. There is nothing like them to get you through some tough posts. I am blessed to know this kind of love.

    Great post Jimmy and great reminders.

  11. Hey Betty, Thats what it's all about, if you can sit back and be yourself without fear of embarassment then you are among friends :)

    Thank You Angelia, Yes it's hard to let some friends go but if they make it work to keep them happy then it's not hardly worth it, you can't beat thick and thin friends because they will be there no matter what.

  12. Jimmy, I love your outlook on life. Those thick and thin friends are usually those that are not easily shooed away and are the ones like you said, sitting right beside you in the jail cell saying "OK, how do we get out of this one?" They love you no matter what. If they are scared off too easily we probably didn't need them to begin with!

  13. Amen Peg, If they are shooed off that easy then they were never there to begin with, Thank You my Friend.


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