Friday, February 18, 2011

Singing In The Rain

Shopping for footwear should be an easy thing..Right? Simple as going into the store and picking up your size from the shelf, paying for your purchase and walking out the door in a new pair of shoes, well sometimes it just doesn’t seem to work out that way for some people.

Cindy and I have been shopping for footwear since Christmas, and the result is always the same, every shoe and boot in the store is tried on and after what seems like an entire day, we walk out of the store with absolutely no purchase made. Off to another store with the same results, how can anyone be this picky, you know your size just grab a pair, the next pair is grabbed and something is just not right with this pair either, so off we go with nothing bought, she just gives me the look while I explain what should happen when you go to buy footwear, it really shouldn’t be that hard I say.

Today we gave it another try, and the smile I saw on Cindy’s face when a pair of boots were chosen that weren’t too big, and weren’t too small but actually fit just right, heck even after trying on both boots and walking all over the store they still fit just right, she grabbed up the box and stuffed the new boots inside and sprinted to the checkout before I changed my mind, I am wondering if she will ever go boot shopping with me again.

Yes it is me that has the problem with footwear, heck I will even go as far to admit that I believe in the old left sock/right sock theory, yes I know that socks are supposed to be foot neutral, but that is only when they are brand new and have never been worn, after the first wearing they mold themselves to your foot and thus become right and left socks.

Boots or any footwear for that matter has to fit just right for me, I can’t go into a store and just pick up my size, they have to fit just right or else they go back on the shelf, I can try on ten pairs of the same size boot and find only one that fits, so if a store has only one pair of my size most likely it will not suit me, and I will just go away without spending my money. I may not have as many shoes as Imelda Marcos had, but the ones I do have fit me just right.

In my opinion, if I am going to spend the money for a product then I am going to be satisfied with the quality rather than just accepting what I can get, my boots will fit properly and they will be waterproof because I don’t like my feet getting wet either, if what I am looking for is there but doesn’t feel right then I just do without, I’d rather do without than to spend good money on something I am dissatisfied with.
Today here I sit wearing a brand new pair of boots, and a pair of socks that are on the correct feet, it is raining outside and my feet are dry, I have not been stomping around singing in the rain or anything but if I choose to my feet will still be dry, it may have taken me a couple of months to pick out a pair of boots I like but I am now happy, and Cindy is even happier than I, simply because she doesn’t have to take me shopping for quite a while.


  1. I just need shoes to come close to fitting, after a while my feet and the shoes seem to adapt to each other.
    I must admit, I've never heard of a right and a left sock! that's a new one for me Jimmy!

  2. "These boots are made for walking, and that's just what I'll do. One of these days,..."
    Love the boots. I am still looking for a pair of Harness Boots by Justin but I want the 8" high for women. Will probably call the company.

  3. just bought new work shoes today and I have to agree. I wear them everyday, most of the day and they have to be just right. I was devasted when I discovered I couldnt get the brand I thought I would buy. nearly packed up and went home

  4. And we thought women were fussy!! haha. Glad your feet are happy because when your feet are happy you're happy! I believe that.

  5. Sometimes it takes me forever, and then sometimes, I'm not even looking for shoes/boots and something catches my eye and actually fits on first try!

    But this post reminds me of how hard it is for most women to find a proper fitting bra! Seen plenty of bloggers write about those trials!

  6. "Boots or any footwear for that matter has to fit just right for me, I can’t go into a store and just pick up my size, they have to fit just right or else they go back on the shelf..."

    Holy cow, you and I are the EXACT same way!

    If my shoes don't fit properly, it makes my whole body feel weird. I have a small foot, but they're wide, so I have the hardest time finding shoes. And if I do find a ones that fit, I will usually but two pair.

    Funny, I don't like my feet getting wet in shoes either. It feels soooo gross, doesn't it?

    Hey, love your boots. Very nice!

    Happy Saturday, buddy!

  7. and i thought shopping with my son was rough

  8. This was hysterical to me because I was sure it was Cindy looking for the perfect boot. My husband is terrible to shop with. He is a total clothes horse and will try on 15 pairs of jeans to find the "perfect" ones. Excuse me??? They are jeans, Baby.

    Nice boots, Jimmy!

  9. Lol I pretty much pick a shoe based on how cute it looks, no matter if it fits my foot properly :-) I'm such a girl.

  10. We tend to take our feet for granted. With all the weight they carry each day,the shoes / boots definitely need to be, as Goldilocks puts it, just right.

  11. Hey Pat, A lot of people can do this, Cindy’s Dad for one can have us pick up a pair of boots for him and they work out just fine, I however have never been able to do this.

    Hey MC, Justin makes a good boot, I have a couple pair that I wear mostly when we go out, they are definitely a good choice.

    Mynx, When I was working I found a pair of Converse steel toed hikers that worked out well for my job, they were so comfortable and after going through about three pairs the company no longer makes that shoe, I’m still not over that one Ha Ha

    Amen Barb, when your feet are happy you're happy, I so agree with you on this, yes women are fussy but I will have to admit that I can be a pain when it comes to my feet :^)

    Bijoux, It is such a blessing to find something that fits on the first try for me, this almost never happens in my case, good thing I don’t wear a bra, I’d most likely still be at the store ;^)

  12. Hey Ron, Thank You Sir, I think these are going to work out well, I have never worn this brand but you never know they just may be my new favorites :^)

    Wet feet make me so miserable, working for the water company I learned that there is no shame in wearing rubber boots, I may have gotten some funny looks when I wore them for a slight dusting of snow but I didn’t have to worry about wet feet later in the day.

    Becca, I have heard my Mom tell horror stories about shoe shopping with me, funny thing is she is the same as I when it comes to her fees so I suppose I come by it honest.

    Hey Linda, I tried to make it sound like Cindy was the problem to begin with Ha Ha, but I just had to tell the truth.

    I can relate to trying on all of the jeans, I have learned over the years if I am buying fifteen pairs of jeans then at least fifteen pairs will be tried on, just saying :^)

    CB, We can be opposite on this one, I really don’t care what they look like as long as they fit well, cute don’t work if my feet hurt Ha Ha

    Welcome Twilightgazing, Words of wisdom there my Friend, I agree with Goldilocks it is not hardly worth it if they don’t fit just right.

  13. Hahaha....oh funny. You actually sound like one of my kids;);)
    Like the boots. They look a good fit.
    Just have to ask though- HOW in the world do you tell a left from right sock?

  14. Thank You Dawn, It all comes down to the big toe, if it slips into place then it's on the correct foot, if it's tight and you have extra material at the pinkie toe then it's on the wrong foot ;^)

  15. I hate shopping for shoes. I'm one of those guys that will try something on in a store -- walk around in them -- and they fit perfect. I buy them. The next day I try to put them on and they hurt and pinch and I wonder how I could have ever bought them.

    Good for you -- finding exactly what works.

  16. Ah, while I wear shoes as little as possible, it shore is nice when you have a good pair for those times!
    Hope you are doing well, Jimmy! I have not stopped reading your adventures, but have just been very lazy on the commenting part!

  17. I have to be one of the only females that HATES shoe shopping. I am still a slow walking country girl and heels kill my bunion, flats make me look shorter than I am, so flip-flops fit the bill. Not good for work so I suffer, then come 6pm..ahh, relief!!!

    Fun-ee story Jimmy!!!!

  18. I am so with you Sis! I mean BRO!!! (How bout dem Bears!) But I do agree. With a triple E--it's tough!!

    And I do agree about the socks--that's why only one disappears in the Washer or Dryer!!

    Great stuff my friend. Glad you and Cindy can now walk outside and step in ANYTHING!!!!


  19. Hey Jerry, I am always afraid that will happen if I get in a hurry so to say, I would be making a trip back to the store next day if it did though.

    Thank You Sir.

    Joe, So good to see you my Friend, I grew up wearing shoes very little but a good fitting pair is a must for me now.

  20. Hey Lynne, I suppose flip-flops are not proper work wear in most places, not sure why folks would be so hard to get along with :^)

    John, “I am so with you Sis!” Ha Ha man you are too funny, isn’t it amazing how the washer always eats just one sock, always the right one too :^)

  21. Congrats on the new boots, Jimmy!!! A happy Jimmy is a good thing.

  22. Thank You Betty, I like it when Jimmy is happy too :^)

  23. Now are there actually foot correct socks?! Glad you got a good fit. I have a difficult time getting shoes that fit correctly. Glad you found some!


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