Monday, May 9, 2011

Mini Van Momma

Wow it’s been like a month and I lost only one follower, that’s pretty good in my opinion, not that losing a follower is good, I’m just impressed that I didn’t lose more.

They say life goes on with or without you, and life is going along pretty good for us, a lot has changed over the last month and a lot has stayed the same, Cindy’s Mom is in the hospital right now and hopefully she will be back home in a few days Lord willing, I appreciate all of the prayers and kind words you all have given us.

Cindy is not a Mini Van Momma any more but Elisa now is, we actually went out and bought us a new Ford Fusion or should I say, I went out and bought Cindy a new Ford Fusion.
My favorite Daughter in law Elisa once told me that she would never be caught driving a mini van, but you know how it goes you should never say never and since she said never, Tim bought our mini van from us and now Elisa is a Mini Van Momma.

And speaking of Tim he has dipped into the blogging world and started himself a blog, titled using his own name Tim Bagwell, I just had to throw a little shout out for him, he asked for my input and I did give him a few of my opinions, I also told him I would ask my followers to drop by and give him your opinions and suggestions too, so stop by Tim’s Blog and lets get him off the ground, ask him to tell a little about Benjamin in some of his upcoming posts.

I do appreciate all of you who have stuck by me and I look forward to getting back in the saddle myself.


  1. Oh, Jimmy, it's so wonderful to see you!!! I've missed you, terribly. Welcome home!

  2. Thank You Ms A, I have missed you too my Dear Friend.

  3. Good to hear from you again! How true is that Never say will get you every time.

  4. It's good to see you back again. I know I'm still a new girl but I really did miss your posts. They were always so full of wisdom.

  5. As Valerie said, I'm also new here and I've missed you. Great to see you back and I will look at Tim's post.

  6. Yahooooooooooo! When I saw your post on my reader I was clapping and jumping up and down, "Jimmy's back!!!!"

    It's so great to see ya, buddy. And you have no idea how missed you were!

    Congrats on your new car. It's awesome-looking!

    Sending much prayer and good thoughts to Cindy's mom.

    ((((( Cindy's mom )))))

    Yes, I will stop by Tim's blog and say hi!

    Have a great day, Jimmy. Say hi to Cindy for me!

  7. Great to see you back Jimmy! I have missed your posts so much! I am hopping over to Tim's blog. Congrats on the new car!

  8. Good to hear from you Jimmy. Glad you're doing well. Hope the MIL is home and better soon. I will drop by Tim's blog.

  9. I'm so glad you and Cindy are well! It's great to see you on here again. And many positive thoughts for your MIL.

    I will stop by Tim's blog.


  10. A new CAR! (I always say that like Bob Barker)

    Very nice! And so nice of you to get Elisa fixed up as well.

    I hope Tim posts LOTS of baby pics! I will swing by and say hello.

    Welcome back Jimmy!

  11. Thank you my dear friends I do appreciate you all, I am hoping too that Tim will share some pics of Benjamin, I'll have Cindy put in a request ;^)


    Glad to have you back in our lives. We are much richer for it!


  13. Welcome back Jimmy. I've been kind of in and out of the scene myself. And I never say that I'm never going to do something anymore because I have done so many things I always said I was never going to do. Lol :-)

  14. Thank You John, Right back at you Bro :^)


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