Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hell Without Him

With the upcoming elections here in the US it is time for another politics and religion rant from me, most of you have heard it from me before and my opinions have not changed so bear with me while I rant, and give me your opinion because this topic is really worth discussing.

What do you think about the mudslinging? If these guys spent more time trying to fix all the problems they are accusing the other one of causing, their time and energy would be well spent and make them more worthy of my vote, I know it’s a cutthroat business trying to get yourself elected to any office but in all reality its the voters throats that are actually being cut.

What about money and the poverty condition a lot of people are in, and which candidate will be the one to fix all our problems? We have heard promises that amount to “If you elect me there will be magical beings running up and down the street stuffing money into your mailboxes” ok now that sounds like someone we need in office, I have always wanted magical money to appear and solve all my problems.

In reality the money spent on campaigns is a real shame, if that money was thrown into the economy think of the problems that would actually be solved, throw some of that money into the homeless shelters to feed our people who have lost everything due to past political promises, and throw some of that money into helping people get their feet back under them by getting businesses to build right here on our own soil.

I have no problem with importing goods but we have to be exporting just as much to make it fair, we are an economy that gets the majority of their goods from elsewhere and wonder at the same time why we are not working. I’d rather pay fifteen dollars for a shirt made in a plant right here knowing I had a job, than to see that same shirt sold for five dollars knowing I didn’t have five to spend because I am out of work.

Common sense is the answer for many problems we encounter, but as I have mentioned before Common Sense Isn’t, and when it comes to selecting a candidate you trust, simply use your common sense and go with your gut, if you are happy with the situation you are in then vote again for the person who got you there, if you are not happy then vote for someone who will get you out of the mess you are in.

Never vote for someone just because they are the most popular, and have bought up all the advertising space, the political situation in America is a two party system when it comes to getting elected, the third party candidates have a lot of good people who could most likely do a better job but the outlook for them to get elected is slim to none, and whose fault is that?

We have to start voting for who we think will do a good job regardless of the political party, vote for the person whose platform goes along with your beliefs rather than the one who looks like they have a chance of winning, as soon as we start voting for the person who will stand up and actually make a change is when that person will be elected, until then we will continue voting for a different arm on the same monster that is putting us into the poorhouse.

Now for the religion part, I believe in God and you should also, practice your religion the way you were brought up to do, and remember that God does guide and bless those of us who believe, say your prayers daily, Thank God for the blessings in your life and ask him to help those who need it, believe in God because it’s going to be Hell without Him.


  1. Ms. A took the words right out of my mouth...


    Couldn't agree with you more, Jimmy, and on every single point you brought up!

    I watched quite a bit of the mudslinging while I was visiting my family in Florida back in July, but I finally had to walk away from the television set because listening to BOTH of these men talk (or rather LIE) was really get to me. This is gonna be a tough election for me because I don't like or trust either one of them.

    Great rant, buddy!

    1. Hey Ron, I have no patience for the mudslinging, it sure takes away from the credibility of the candidate and when this happens I stop listening to them.

      "This is gonna be a tough election for me because I don't like or trust either one of them"

      This is exactly why neither will be getting my vote, I am looking at another candidate who I know is a better person than this, my vote may not get him elected but I will know I voted for the right person in my opinion.

  2. I can't deal with all the mudslinging, it disturbs me to the point of tuning out what maybe something worth listening to. And what about Afghanistan..did the candidates forget we are dying over there?? I'm with you on the God front and I will pray for the best man for the job to be elected but it won't be because he has promised me anything about my God and how to worship him. Good post!

    1. Joanne, you are right we are losing people everyday in this war and it is time to bring our people home, very few seem to have an actual plan for this.

      The best man sad to say is one without the funds to put himself in front of our faces like the others are doing.

  3. It's exactly the same here Jimmy, especially the mudslinging. Promises, promises, quickly forgotten. It's lies and deceit all along the line and they wonder why voters don't want to know.

    1. That is the problem Valerie, it seems there are a ton of promises and fixes for every problem known to man, then once elected the promises are forgotten and the problems are the fault of everyone but the person who was elected.

  4. Being a Canadian living in England, I choose not to vote because I don't trust Harper or "Who-ever-is-running this country". I really don't know who is running England, everyone has their own opinions, but does nothing about them, and, as you say, everyone blames everyone else.

    1. Hi Megan, A lot of people feel exactly the same way, they choose to not vote rather than choose the lesser of two evils so to say.

      we really need to vote in my opinion, we may not like the top two who are running but there is nothing stopping us from voting for a third party candidate who we trust and feel could do the job, they may not get the win but I feel good voting my heart and not being responsible for voting in the wrong person.

  5. When it comes right down to it, politicians are all pretty much alike. They promise the moon and rarely deliver anything....
    I hate the mudslinging also.

  6. Hey Pat, It seems they will say whatever it takes to get elected and then doing the actual job is something we don't see.

    I feel like the present administration was like this, they got elected and haven't stopped campaigning yet, after four years I am about fed up with that campaign for sure.


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