Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Little Grace

I remember when my baby Sister was pregnant with her youngest child she told me this baby would be named after “Uncle Jimmy” I was impressed and proud that she would name one of her kids after me, well to make a long story short this child came into this world a little girl and Kimberley was officially here, Kimmy as she was called at times although I call her a lot of things just to keep her going.

Kim was never very graceful and was a handful as a child, I get reminded of a story when she came from South Carolina with the rest of the family to see me, she was just a little thing and Uncle Jimmy was proud to take little Kimmy for a ride on his shoulders down the sidewalk, I was strutting right along and she was laughing so I walked a little faster and she laughed a little louder, I never saw that tree limb that knocked her in the head and began a screaming fit that I thought would never end, man I felt bad about that but needless to say I have been blamed for her lack of grace ever since, she reminds me of this at least once every time I talk to her.

Kim has had quite a few experiences that attest to her lack of grace, her Dad stated once while on the way to the emergency room that he was going to invest in a roll of bubble wrap and roll her up in it hoping that it just may help, I could go on and on but this girl even woke up one morning with her foot fractured, now how in Gods name do you break your foot in your sleep? Did I mention she has no grace?

Kim is growing into a young woman we can all be proud of, I remember her Mom being in diapers and I did un intentionally knock Kim in the head with a tree limb when she was a toddler, I have pointed out that she has no grace and I have had a lot of fun at her expense here today, but it is only because I love her.

Today Kim brought into this world a daughter she named Aubrie Grace, and she says that I will not be giving her a ride on my shoulders. I’m proud of Kim and I am also proud to see that she now has a Little Grace, I’m still looking at helping her dad stock up on some bubble wrap just in case.


  1. This is so sweet and funny. Glad Kimmy got a little "Grace" in her life. I've rammed my kids into door james but not a tree limb. Hoever, my oldet accidentally slammed his little brother's head in the van door once...ah he was fine. Maybe, I should have thought of bubble wrap! Enjoyed this post! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Funny what we have accidently bumped our kids into, I actually saw one of our sons slam the van door on the neighbor kids head, he was OK and was careful getting out of the van after that, some do learn from mistakes.

    Enjoyed your blog and will return, and Thank You for stopping by.

  3. Congratulations on your new little niece. Love the name, especially the middle name Grace. It will evoke many memories of her mother as she grows and becomes "graceful" I think we can all relate to accidents happening.. it is all part of growing up.

  4. Yes Mam this is true we have all been on the wrong end of these little accidents, my problem is I have been on both ends lol, Glad to see you Nan--we miss ya

  5. First, may I say a BIG congratulations on your new niece!


    What a touching post this is. And I died laughing about the "bubble wrap." That was hysterical!

    OMG...I love newborns. They're so precious. I'm a HUGE kid lover. And that's probably because as a 54 year old man, I still act like 6 year old kid. Years ago I taught a creative dramatics class at a summer camp for kids. The 4 and 5 year olds were my favorite because they had absolutely no fear and were so free with their imaginations.

    It was a wonderful experience because I can honestly say that THEY taught ME!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  6. Thank You so much Ron,

    Yes you just have to Love little kids, funny thing here is I remember both her Mom and Grandmom(my little sister) being in diapers, you have to love life also, I just can't wait to get to SC to see her----also have a Grandbaby myself that'll be born in August, so I know there will be a bunch of posts with this one the subject.

    Great weekend Ron Thank You


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