Saturday, February 27, 2010

Getting The Hang Of It

I haven’t gotten much writing done last couple days due to this, that, and the other, Our Horse Hunting Mission is still going full steam and I will hopefully have a good post on this after Monday (hint hint Cindy has a horse soon as I get her picked up),

I looked at my blog a couple days ago and decided I can clean this up a little and after what seemed like days which was only one I got the code figured out, Cindy accuses me of being a perfectionist so needless to say I was not happy with any of the templates unless I changed some stuff in the code, I added the header which is a picture I took of the mountains behind us, and after I made this change and that change the banner didn’t work anymore so here I go changing that too, now the favicon matched the old banner so today after creating about a dozen I am happy now, just wanted to let you know where I was and why my blog was jumping around a bit. If you see anything I have missed I am always open for suggestions.

I have had websites, forums and such in the past and just recently started my Just My Opinion blog, I want to thank a few folks who have befriended me so to say and have made me feel welcome in our little Blog-o-sphere, Nan is a friend from way back who has read my stuff in the past and still honors me with a visit now and then, I look forward to sitting down for dinner with her and Mr. Bill soon, Dr.Susie over at Life According to Dr. Susie Q is a dear friend who I met while dealing with diabetes, she was the inspiration to get me going here, Ron at Vent..A Series Of Takes was the first to take a look at my blog and has stuck by me so far, his comments and humor keep me smiling, SuziCate at The Water Witches Daughter is like Ron she keeps an eye on me and shares her wisdom if for nothing else to let me know she was there, and Karal at The Orange Chair gave me a Best Blog Award and a very moving write up on her blog, now I have to get this best blog stuff figured out. You folks have made me feel like what I am doing is worthwhile and I appreciate you all, you all deserve a best blog award in my opinion and I hope you accept this appreciation award from Just My Opinion.

Thank You


  1. See...isn't that great that we can inspire each other! First you have inspired me (as I have told you repeatedly) in coping with my first year as a Type 1 diabetic through the many wise and comforting comments posted on DD. You have a sensible and optimistic approach to life which comes through totally in your blog. It seems you never forgotten the most important thing... to enjoy life...whatever the hand you are dealt!

  2. Thank You Susie and you are right, "Isn't it great that we can inspire each other" yes you have mentioned this before and I am humbled by your comments and blessed by the friendship we are gaining, Type 1 Diabetes throws a monkey wrench into the works but as you know we are dealing with it just fine and life is still good.

  3. Thank you so much for the award and your very kind words. I am truly honored. And yeah, Ron and I both will keep an eye on you and make sure you're blogging!!! I really like the new layout and how you designed that award. Awesome.

  4. Thank You SC,

    I look forward to you and Ron keeping me in line, Folks like you are a pleasure to work with.

  5. This is the coolest! Thank you so much ~ I am constantly inspired by the writers and the writing that I am lucky enough to discover every day. I love my blogging world and am glad you are a part of it. The new look is great and the photo, magnificent.


    What wonderful surprise!

    Listen, it's been an absolute pleasure getting to know you. Sometimes bloggers will just pop into your life and you just KNOW you wanna blog with them. And that is YOU, my friend!

    As I shared before, I really love your new blog layout. And it's so great to hear that you too play around with the code and are a perfectionist because so am I, so I understand.


    Thanks again, bud! Looking forward to blogging with ya!

    Enjoy the rest of you weekend.

  7. Thank You Karal,

    I am honored to be included in this little group that has accepted me so far, inspiration comes in many places and writers who become friends easily inspire one another.

    Thank You

  8. Ron my Friend,

    As I said to Karal I am honored, I also look forward to sticking around for a long while because you all have made it a comfortable place to be, I appreciate the input on the layout but as you know I am still looking at that code ;^}

    You are very welcome, and I do appreciate your support.


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