Monday, March 1, 2010

Cindy's Horse

Looking for Cindy a horse has been quite an adventure, a lot of animals need a home but finding the right one for you is a big decision, when it comes to a horse you have to decide what you want, do you want to ride, rope, work, or just pet the horse and feed him or her apples, Cindy wants one to ride and feed apples.

We began looking in local papers and on the internet to find horses for sale, that was kind of like the commercial about search engine overload, we found horses but the more you clicked the further you got away from where you started, we had everything from stick horses to horsehair brushes, heck we even ended up looking at potbelly pigs and goats like we were even looking for this type of pet. We drove several miles and looked at horses that were not even close to the description given us on the phone, the mild horses that “Even your Grandchildren can ride” either could not be caught or were on deaths door in my opinion.

We decided to switch gears and start over; we started looking at rescue and animal shelters with the intention of adopting one that actually needed a home and not just a buyer, we ran across an ad that just tugged at our hearts, the exact words are as follows:

“This beautiful lady came to us a stray. Someone dumped her in the River bottom badly malnourished, and suffering from a serious bout of pneumonia. Now she is all better and ready for adoption. According to her brand she is 8 years old. At one time someone took the time to work with her. She trailers leads, picks up feet and no problem with being trimmed. We do not know how much ground training she has had but seems to know the basics. She has a very sweet disposition. Please come down and take a peak at her she will steal your heart!! Mustang Sally is up-to-date with routine shots.”

We drove to the Norco, California Animal Shelter in hopes this would be the one, we got there and found a large group of horses up for adoption mostly older ones that need to be fed apples only, right in the middle was this brown Mustang with a white face featuring one brown eye and one blue eye, such a beautiful horse, an animal control officer rounded her up which involved walking up to her placing a hand on her mane and walking over to us, she was observing us as much as we were she when she turned to Cindy and gently laid her head on Cindy’s shoulder, Cindy and she walked around, talked and got to know each other somewhat and I think that was when the decision was made that the Mustang called Sally would be coming home with us. It was a long wait from Thursday until Monday when arrangements could be made to pick her up, but the wait was well worth it.

We made the trip back down to Norco, filled out the necessary paperwork, paid the adoption fee and received her few records they had, Sally loaded and made the trip home just fine, she and Flash seem to be getting along well as he did strut around quite a bit at first trying to get her attention but now they have settled in and act like they have been together all along, Cindy is happy because we adopted a horse who really needed a home, I believe this horse will fit in just fine and I look forward to seeing the look of pride on both Cindy and Sally faces when they take that first ride together.
Mustang Sally and Cindy

Mustang Sally

Flash and Sally


  1. This is a fantastic name for your wife's new horse. Please congratulate her for me. How exciting! Your pictures are beautiful. I love the snow capped mountains in the background. A new family member is always thrilling.
    Both of my dogs (German Shepards) , Heidi and Bruno, are adopted...Heidi from the pound and Bruno from the German Shepard rescue in Burbank. It always feels good to save a life. Good going!!!!

  2. Thanks Susie,

    Yes it is a good feeling knowing a life has been saved, the Good Lord sends us blessings through our animals and also by the background pictures he gives us everyday.

  3. Love the name (it's a great song!). Mustang Sally is a beaut, and the smile on your wife's face...priceless! I never knew you could adopt horses from animal control...of course, I'd never considered that someone would actually abandon one. This is a great story.

  4. This is great Jimmy, I know Cindy is so pleased because the horse is beautiful. It's so nice to see someone who has a heart for animals and the treatment of them and it's even more comforting to know it's family.
    Love You Both
    Your Cuz

  5. OMG, Jimmy...this story was so touching. It actually brought tears to my eyes.

    Bravo to you and Cindy for adopting from an animal shelter. What a BEAUTY she is! And I LOVE the name Mustang Sally! Now I'll have that song running through my head all day - HA! You can tell just from the photo that Sally is so happy to be with you!

    BTW, mentioning potbelly pigs reminded me of a friend I once knew in Florida who had one as a pet. And what's funny, is that she and her husband kept it in their second story apartment and treated it like one of their children. It was the most adorable and affectionate little creature!

  6. Hey Suzicate,

    I never really thought of looking for horses at animal control either, it is amazing how many are actually out there needing homes, the smile on Cindy's face and the knowledge that this horse didn't die afraid and alone is a blessing for me.

  7. Hey Annette,

    I am so proud you stopped by, I hope to see more of you here, yes she is a beautiful animal and knowing my wife she will be spoiled and happy for the rest of her life.

    Love Ya Cuz

  8. Ron my Friend,

    I have also had that song running through my head for several days, I wanted to share more on the horse sooner but wanted her here first, we are going to work with her a little bit each day until everyone is comfortable with each other, heck the comfort part is here just have to learn what she actually knows already.

    I have had friends in the past who owned pot bellie pigs and you are right they do make good pets, just cant put a saddle on them Ha Ha

  9. Oh Jimmy and Cindy! That couldn't be any more heart-warming. I would have cried right there when she put her head on my shoulder. One of my neighbors (and I only have 4 on the 2/10s long driveway) volunteers at a horse rescue facility in Meiner's Oaks here and we were just talking about it yesterday. Both of my beagles are rescues ~ Cindy has just found her new best friend. Congratulations to all of you. And yes, you made me smile!

  10. Thank You Karal,

    It was something when she came up to Cindy and did that, it was like she picked us and not the other way around, Cindy has a new best friend and I am proud to be along for the ride so to say, I am also proud to see you smile.

  11. Jimmy, great blog you wrote! You are fine story teller!

    Horse is very cute!

    Luv ya guys!

  12. Thank You Martha,

    We Love you guys too


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