Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Note the look on Dixies face in between us


  1. LOL that should be a Caption This!

  2. LOL Good Idea: Just may have to change the title

  3. Dixie is so adorable!

    GREAT photo, Jimmy!

  4. AHHH..I'm going on a ride. I'm one bad doggy...

    ...Bad to the Bone....

  5. So cute!! I love wiener dogs. They were my Grandma's favorite.


  6. It is funny how our doggies always try to come between us...and usually they succeed!!! However, Dixie could not interrupt the quiet and loving gaze between you and Cindy!!!

  7. Hey Ron, Thank you sir she is just like having another kid, you gotta love that :^)

    Yes Trisha, she does love road trips as much as we do, "Bad To The Bone" fits when you least expect it LOL

    Hey Spot, she has been one of the best dogs we have ever owned definatly part of the family, Grandma has good taste.

    Susie, it's funny how much they work themselves into our lives, I laughed when I downloaded this picture looks like we are both looking away from the road and she sees something we should be looking at LOL

  8. Jimmy: If it weren't for the dog, we would be alone right now...
    Dixie: Are you going to finish that burger?

  9. Ms A, The dogs do add a good bit of pleasure to our lives and you do miss them when they are gone.

    Joe, It looks like you may have been listening in on the conversation, heck if you dont pay attention she can slip the meat right off a burger and leave the bun still in your hand unharmed.


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