Monday, June 14, 2010

Birthday, Eggs, and Baby Chicks

Got up early this morning realizing now I am half a century old, it was very hard to get out of bed Cindy actually had to come in and drag me into an upright position and feed me some food to get me to come around, helping me to my feet and making sure I was alright before turning me loose to walk by myself, OK this had nothing to do with my age but a low blood sugar morning which turned into a good one after the glucose level was back up.

Right after breakfast we went out to feed the still nameless chicken Cindy adopted and in the small little house I built for her she had dug out a little nest and inside there it was the very first egg since she has been here, Cindy is now in the egg business and she was so excited that we had to make a run to the feed store and Cindy is now the proud owner of six baby chicks, so as many of you predicted the baby chicks that were indeed in our future are now here and the Chicken Business is coming to light for Cindy and I.

When Cindy’s Dad saw the egg he stated that she must be a Happy Chicken since she is now laying eggs, I now predict the nameless chicken will be called Happy.

After going to lunch with Cindy’s Mom and Dad for my Birthday we headed out to Norco, Ca and I actually got myself a new straw hat and a couple pairs of wranglers so now I am set up for a while, I suppose I should stop giving Cindy a hard time about needing a new hat, these were some of my birthday items and along with all the birthday wishes from Family and Friends my day was Great, Thank You all.


  1. Ha, knew you guys were headed that way! Happy is here to stay...once you name them they're yours!

  2. You are so right Suzicate she even produced egg number two this morning, guess she is earning her keep now :^)

  3. That is SOME present for YOUR birthday!! Happy belated, sounds like a nice one except for the morning part.

    Maybe that chicken should be named Jimmy love since she gave you some eggy love on your birthday. :-)

  4. Jimmy,

    PLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEE let us name the chicken!!! Make it a contest here on your blog!

    Your answer: "Great idea, Betty!"

  5. Eggscept for the "morning" part, it all sounds perfect! (Half a century does kinda have a scary sound to it, doesn't it? I did for me, too!)

  6. Hey Jimmy HAPPY BIRTHDAY old man lol.
    I hope your having a fabulous day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hey Angelia,

    Thank You so much, yea the morning was a little fuzzy but the rest of the day was great.

    Pretty cool even got a gift from the chicken Ha Ha I didn't think about that :^)

  8. Great idea, Betty!!

    Cindy is calling it Happy but we do have six others now, hmmmmmmm gonna have to think about this one as it just may be fun :)

  9. Hey Ms A, I guess we can be proud we made it this far huh :)

  10. Thank You Cindy,

    Old Man is starting to fit I am afraid Ha Ha

  11. Okay...I knew this chicken thing was going to grow. I am telling you soon you will be having an egg stand on the side of the road trying to get rid of all the extras that Happy and her fellow egg-laying cohorts lay. I am sure very soon you will be so sick of scrambled, sunny side up, over easy eggs not to mention omlettes...maybe we wil call your house Eggland soon. at least eggs don't raise blood sugar!! I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday!!

  12. "maybe we will call your house Eggland soon"

    That just may be coming Susie Ha Ha, if she continues laying at the rate she is going now I will have to invest in some pallets to store the crates. This is going to be fun.

  13. Happy birthday hope it's your best yet! And by the way, name the chicken "Bob."

  14. Wow! Are yall going to let the eggs hatch or just have eggs for breckfast every morning?
    I think it is neat, hope she is having fun!

  15. Welcome to the egg business!
    Your 50 is a lot better than mine was!

  16. Desertson, Thank You Sir we are off to a good start, we just may have to get a list of names going here.

    Hey Heather, Just looking at eggs right now enough chicks until Cindy decides to expand Ha Ha

    Good Morning Joe, I guess fifty aint too bad I know it will be better than my forties.

  17. Dangit I missed it! I was going to say Happy Birthday before your actual birthday and now I'm saying it late...

    Well I hope you had a great day, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    And hopefully the cake got your blood sugar where it was supposed to be. ;p

  18. Thank You Kristy,

    It was a great day and the blood sugars got taken care of really quick Ha Ha, Birthday goodies have a way of doing that :^)


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