Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Martha Said--

I haven’t talked much lately about our Saturdays with Bob and Martha, every Saturday night we get together and either go out for dinner or Martha will cook a meal that is out of this world most times, the last couple of weeks have been no exception as we have had an excellent time.

Week before last Martha prepared a fabulous chicken dinner to which I can’t remember the name of but hope she will remember when I attempt to request it again. Bob takes pictures for the local newspaper in their town and he told me before dinner Martha had mentioned that every time they have company over that he gets a call to go out just as everyone sits down to eat, he was thinking to possibly turn his phone off because he was planning to eat with us, about this time Martha called us to the table and at the same time, yep you guessed it his phone rang with a call for a picture opportunity that Bob reluctantly turned down stating that they had company and were getting ready to eat, this made Martha smile but watching Bob squirm in his chair like the little kid in kindergarten who waited too long to come in from recess, sitting and watching him rock back and forth caused Martha to look at him and with a smile and Martha said “If you want to take this call then it’s OK with me” to which Bob shot out of the house with his camera bag on his shoulder almost before she got the words out of her mouth. She got a call shortly after which we thought could be Bob possibly apologizing for leaving so fast but we all knew better, instead it was her brother and a conversation about eating chicken ensued and by the tone in Martha’s voice you could detect a typical Brother/Sister argument coming on, all of a sudden Martha said---

For those of you who don’t know Bob and Martha let me back up and fill you in, Bob is Cindy’s cousin that she grew up with and their adventures include a little story I told you all back in Horsing Around where she trusted him to ride her horse first, Martha and Bob got married a few months after we did and we have become close over the years even have had a couple Date Nights some of you will remember, Martha started picking on me became close to us right when we first met, I remember one of the first times we went shopping together we stopped to pick up dog food and making a choice she just couldn’t seem to handle all by herself and asked for my advise, I suggested the Lamb and Rice to which I got immediate laughter, OK now I am thinking did I miss a news bulletin on Lamb and Rice dog food or something? Martha asks me to repeat and foolishly I fell for the trap all Southerners fall into “Say it again, it sounds so funny” and to this day we get a good laugh about Laaammm-n-Riaccccee dog food, it’s pretty funny for this Southern Boy to fake the accent and it’s even funnier when Martha said--

Martha and I have a good time poking fun at each other and the accent thing we throw back and forth pretty regular, Martha is Hispanic and knows a whole lot more about Mexican food and the language than I ever will but she jokes while patting her chest “I am white in here” a while back on Facebook she came across a quiz that will detect How Mexican you are, and she being of Hispanic heritage took the quiz knowing what the results would be but to her surprise she scored 24% Mexican, we were laughing and she challenged this non Hispanic Southern Boy to take the same quiz, I am game for a lot of things and jumped on the challenge, I answered all the questions honestly because I do love Mexican food but when it came to the questions in Spanish I winged it and answered the ones that just looked like they might match, my score was 100% Mexican, we still laugh about this and I had a lot of fun taking the quiz and giving her the results, I got a really good laugh when Martha said--

Oh this reminds me to get back to the story, we were eating dinner waiting for Bob to return and Martha was fussing with her Brother on the phone, yes I said fussing because in the South an argument is fussing and it ain’t fighting unless fists are thrown, so there is another Southernism for y’all to chaw on, oh yea Bob returned right in the middle of another conversation with Kathy his sister which involved Saudi Arabia, Parkas, Iraq, Birkenstock Shoes, and a whole slew of other things that we just kind of threw together to confuse the issue of what Martha was actually fussing with her brother about and how to bring up to Bob of what she had actually said to him, but all of you know how these Brother/Sister conversations go and things you say sometimes just slip out and speaking of slipping out Bob was now back and we really enjoyed the rest of our evening with the couple who we have really come to enjoy as Friends in spite of the fact that they are actually Family.


  1. It is awesome when family are our friends too. I like my whole family so I consider myself lucky. As you know Tim is half Mexican but being married to him so long I feel part Mexican too. I justify this by my love of the Jalapeno pepper. it is my favorite and I swear just being married to a Mexican all these years has actually changed my taste buds...I like everything spicy ho now. Tomorrow is D-day...so wish me luck!

  2. Hey Susie,

    You are so right about the blessing it is when Family can be friends too it just makes life so much more fun, I do love Mexican food and the jalapeno is part of my meals almost everyday.

    I was off a day and was thinking of you because I thought today was the day---well Good Luck Tomorrow I have faith everything is going to go just fine, let me know as soon as you get back to your computer :^)

  3. But we want to see the pictures he took!

  4. Hey Joe,

    Heck to think of it he didn't share that information with us Ha Ha, I'll have to check with him.

  5. Love your definition of the difference between fussing and fighting, in the South! Other than my generation, my family is from NC. I used to love hearing them talk and thought it sounded so strange. Imagine my shock and surprise, when they would beg me to talk, so they could hear how funny I sounded. The nerve! I talk very normal... around these parts.

  6. "yes I said fussing because in the South an argument is fussing and it ain’t fighting unless fists are thrown."

    OMG, Jimmy....that made me HOWL!

    How faaaaaaabulous!

    Coming from an Italian background, both fussing and fighting are pretty much an everyday occurance. We simply call it...PASSION.


    Great post, my friend!

    You have such a wonderful way of telling a story!


  7. Hey Ms A, That is so true about how people hear you, after I moved away from SC to New Mexico when I would come home for a visit they would comment on how I had lost my accent but at the same time in New Mexico folks were saying “Say that again it sounds so funny” Gotta love it no matter where you are I guess :^)

    Good Morning Ron, Yep there is a big difference between fussing and fighting Ha Ha, and to tell the truth there is a lot of PASSION in my family too.

    Glad you enjoyed my Friend.

  8. Love these good times and good conversations! I am going to forgive you for tormenting me with the whole "Martha said--" thing.

  9. I am sure proud that you are going to forgive me Betty, I'd hate to have you on the wrong side here :^)

    Yes you can't beat good times like this.

  10. Always wonderful to have good friends that are part of the family and even better when your family memebers are considered good friends!

  11. I agree that fighting ain't fighting unless fists are thrown!

    Great story.

  12. Another in a long string of great posts Jimmy!
    I think we call "fussing," "Pissing and moaning."

  13. Amen Susan, I agree with you 100% they say you can pick your friends but not your family, it's so good when family would be one you would have picked.

    Hey Peg, So many now days say they have been fighting when only words were thrown, not much of a fight in my opinion :)

    Thank You Pat, A lot of times the Pissing and Moaning starts the fussing and it goes on to the fight :^0

  14. How does the man ever get to eat if a photo op always happens at dinner time! LOL! I love the image of him sitting there like a little kid waiting for the word!

    It is really great that yall have that kind of friendship.

  15. Hey Heather, It appears when this happens he gets the pleasure of eating late :)

    You are right we do love this friendship we share with them.


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