Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Night Nobody Heard Me

Woke up sometime in the middle of the night needing to get up and make a trip to the bathroom, things feel kind of fuzzy but I think I am just not quite awake, I make it to the doorway and reach for the light switch not sure if I hit it or nor but I do remember a flash of light and now everything is out of focus.

How the hell did I get on the floor, I am actually between the wall and the toilet, I can hear the echo of Cindy’s voice asking if I am alright, I say yea I think I am OK, Cindy asks me again “Jimmy are you all right?” I again tell her "Yes I am OK", it sure sounds like my head is in a barrel because her voice is coming in echoes, she is now in my face asking “Jimmy can you hear me? I’m going to check your sugar” I tell her "Yes I can hear you!!", She checks my blood glucose and it is normal and again she says you need to talk to me, stay with me Jimmy stay with me....

I had about the same luck getting the paramedics to respond to me because I know I am talking loud enough for them to understand me, but they are acting like they don’t hear me, must be some kind of sick joke I am thinking as they are now loading me onto the gurney.

To cut to the chase this was how I saw my first Stroke, I evidently was not responsive and was out on the floor, Cindy called 911 and got me to the hospital, I remember everything going on around me or at least I think I do, and I actually thought I was talking to everyone but evidently not. My right side was gone including the function of my face on that same side, I had a busted head and a broken rib but was in pretty good shape don’t you think, seriously it scared the hell out of me and it lasted a couple weeks I am thinking before the right side came back, everything came back except the strength in my legs and my job status, that was about seven years ago and to look on the bright side this just may be the best thing that ever happened to me.

You can get so caught up in life that you start to miss the important things, I guarantee you that something earth shattering like this will change your outlook on things and I pray that all of you don’t wait for something like this to come about for you to appreciate the little things that make you happy.


  1. How scary! Did the diabetes cause the stroke, or was it something else? I want to know more. If you aren't planning to continue this in another post, you had better email me more details.

  2. Jimmy you know I relate to everything you have said. Though I have not had the fright of a stroke as you have (something that seems absolutely terrifying) I know about life's unexpected unpleasantries. But as you have said they can be viewed differently. We can take the pain and learn to find joy in things we never noticed before. I have always respected this about you and it comes through in all the stories and your viewpoint. You are an inspiration.

  3. First, thank goodness you are fine and able to share this important message with us all. I to have crashed and burned (not a stroke) and when I woke up, I said, "Yes, this and that are what is most important". No more ignoring the little things.

    What a great post with a powerful message!!!

  4. Wow dude! Glad you were okay and I love your perspective. I'm going to do my best to make something great happen today. Thanks for starting my day with this!

  5. Wow, Jimmy, I did not know about this.
    I bet it was scarier for Cindy then it was for you.

  6. Boy was that scary! For you and Cindy both. Glad you survived.

  7. That is pretty much where I am in life... I don't have any major issues to deal with, but I know that life is short, and there's no reason to put things off... My priorities were kind of screwed up and I'm working on straigtening that out.

    I'm glad you were able to recover to the extent that you have. Must have been terrifying for you and Cindy when it happened though!

  8. Wow,Jimmy! You are right how this could change a person's life forever! I am so impressed that you took the positive view on this. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. Hey Ms A, I actually had a few TIA’s that I am not clear on and another that I actually remember, I’ll do another post about this one and try to clear up some of the questions, I would be glad to email you also my dear Friend.

    Thank You Susie, Yes I know that you can see exactly what I am saying on most points, we have a lot in common with the Type 1 Diabetes and it will throw you a curve ball or two, my best way of looking at it is to find a positive because there always is one and a good positive I can see here is it brought us together.

    Lynne, Yes finding yourself face down on the floor crash and burned sure makes you look at yourself and for a way to keep that from happening again, it is scary and makes you see the important things you have.

    Hey Leanne, Thank you so much and in my opinion you already have done something great here by gracing us with your presence, it’s sure good to see you :^)

    Morning Joe, She has a good poker face and takes care of business when needed but I know in my heart she had to be way more scared than I was.

    Good Morning SuziCate, The Good Lord wasn’t ready for me, I think he was just making me look around and getting me in line so to say.

    Hey Kristy, Getting your priorities into perspective is a great way to start, enjoying what you have and even as simple as wearing those new shoes or shirt without saving it for a rainy day, like you said “life is short, and there's no reason to put things off”

    Betty, Good to see you my Friend and thank you for your positive words they mean a lot to me :)

  10. HOLY COW, frightening. For both you AND Cindy!

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us, my friend.

    And thank you for the powerful reminder to appreciate and be happy for the little things in our lives, because it's so true.

    I was first reminded of this during a time when I thought I had nothing, but eventually saw I had EVERYthing.

    You're an inspiration, Jimmy!

  11. Thank You Sir,

    It's funny how much we see things differently at the time we think we just may lose it all.

    I appreciate you Buddy!!

  12. Wow! That must have been a frightening evening for you and your wife. I'm sorry that it happened, but very happy that you are still here with us and enjoying life!

  13. Hey Pat, Thank You Sir, I guess the Good Lord puts through things at times to keep us around in the end.

  14. I know that must have been a surreal moment for you, but I am imaging Cindy and how frightened she must have been. I have goosebumps!

    I worry about this kind of thing happening with my hubby all the time. When he has those coughing fits that lead to blackout sezuires, I am so scared.

    It makes me appreciate the sound of his snoring and the laughter he gives me.

  15. Amen Heather,

    From what I remember it's like you have an idea that something is wrong but can't react to do anything about it, kind of like one of those bad dreams when you are between asleep and waking up you can see everything around you but can't move. I don't want to see that look on her face again.

    Yep hearing the snore is actually a blessing my dear Friend.

  16. I come late to this Opinion but like others before me I'm impressed and inspired it.
    You sure have a great way with words. Please keep writing.

  17. Thank You so much, I do appreciate your kind words and hope to hear more from you.


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