Friday, June 11, 2010

The Snoopy Incident

Cindy and I took a little day trip down to Buena Park, Ca Thursday and went to Knott’s Berry Farm, we were ready to get out of town for the day and started by going to breakfast in Calimesa at the Royale Restaurant, it has been a long while since we sat down to breakfast by ourselves and had actual bacon along with sausage gravy to go with all the other so called normal breakfast items, it was actually nice to just sit there and enjoy a cup of coffee talking with her about nothing in particular with no limit on how long we could sit there, she is a very scheduled person but yesterday all schedules went out the window and sitting in a restaurant only about seven miles from home was pretty nice just as relaxing as if we were worlds away.

Knott’s Berry Farm for you not familiar with it started back in 1920 when Walter Knott moved his Family to Buena Park, Ca and began farming about eighteen acres of land, to make a long story short his wife started serving food and selling jams and jellies to supplement their income during the depression and he added a few themed areas around the restaurant to give waiting customers something to do, Today Knott’s Berry Farm is one of the largest theme parks and Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Restaurant serves some of the best food that can be found, the boysenberry is a cross of three berries which was named after a friend of the Knott’s and it is said all boysenberries today can be traced back to Knott’s Berry Farm where it first came into existence, so that is my rundown on what I learned and my suggestion is if you are in Southern California pay a visit to Knott’s Berry Farm, and next time you are at a restaurant and pick up that little package of jelly with Knott’s on the label this is where it came from.

The traffic was not a problem going down there and we actually got to the park gates right as they opened, going on a Thursday we figured the crowds would be smaller than any other day but so did several eight grade graduating classes from almost all over the place, so needless to say there were a lot of groups in matching tee shirts running all over the park, it was kind of cool seeing the few chaperones attempt to corral all the kids with the mischievous smiles shouting instructions that none of them seemed to hear but eventually obeyed as they were supposed to, a bunch of typical kids out for a good time was not a bad addition to our day.
Cindy on Merry Go Round Knotts Berry Farm
We started off by riding some of the really fast and scary slower rides like the Merry Go Round, Timber Mountain Log Ride and the Bigfoot Rapids, we went to a few shows like the Wild West Stunt Show and a Saloon show musical which I can’t remember the name of but we had a few laughs as they sang and included the families in the audience into their show, Cindy and I actually got made fun of for being a happily married couple in contrast to the character on the bar who was trying to not marry the lady playing his girlfriend, we have been married as long as they have supposedly been engaged which played right into the show. We had lunch at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Restaurant and did some shopping at several shops including Snoopy Headquarters where you can find all kinds of Snoopy stuff hence the name I suppose, we next went over to Camp Snoopy which is the little kids part of the park, we rode the Snoopy Camp Bus with a bunch of little kids who had their parents standing on the ground watching as the bus spun slowly round and round in an up and down circular motion filled with kids including Cindy and I, those parents don’t know what they were missing, our next stop was a miniature roller coaster and these same parents were on the ground watching again as we rode with the kids, my only problem was getting in and out of the rather small car, I like to have never gotten into it as my legs don’t always cooperate and after getting into a small space the crutches are worthless especially when they are now in the attendants hands who was just kind of smiling at the struggles of us larger kids trying to fit in (the car that is), I finally got out of the car and with my crutches returned I began walking away when I noticed a young girl sitting laughing loudly from one of the cars, I walked directly up to her and leaned down to ask “Are You Laughing At Me?” she kind of looked shocked and sheepishly said “No”, I told her “Well all I was just going to tell you that if you weren’t then maybe you should be”, I had a friend after that because every time we saw her the rest of the day she came by to say Hi.
Cindy on Camp Snoopy Bus
On our way out of Camp Snoopy all of a sudden there he was off to the side and kind of behind this roller coaster stood Snoopy, I began walking his direction and Cindy saw what I was doing she said “For Gods Sake Jimmy Don’t Yell Snoopy, I will just ask if he will take a picture with you”, I said OK and yelled “SNOOPY!!” (For you who have read me before remember how well this didn’t work for me last time I was here and if you want a refresher read Do You Want To Race) Snoopy looked my way and stared blankly then began to wave, I walked up and asked him if he was going to run he shook his head No, Cindy caught up about that time and was talking with the lady who was with Snoopy, I said last time I was here I yelled Snoopy and you ran, all I wanted was a picture and you ran from me, now it took me five years to get back and I would like a picture, Snoopy pretended he was going to run but turned back for several pictures and laughs which resulted in a moment I don’t know if I should mention because it is kind of embarrassing and just may change the way you look at me from now on, you know how it is when something just all of a sudden happens and by the time you realize it is happening it is too late and you can’t do anything about it, we were standing there talking and Cindy was snapping pictures when Snoopy leaned in close to pose for a picture he looked at me with those big black beagle eyes and: OK I’ll admit it this once---I Kissed Snoopy, there I said it.
Snoopy and JimmyThe Kiss
After the Snoopy incident we left Camp Snoopy to continue our day in the park more rides including The Mine Train and the Calico Railroad, now the railroad train was just a slow ride around the park where they explained what everything was and gave you a chance to sit down for a little while, all of a sudden two masked gunmen came through the rear door shaking everyone down for money, they got to Cindy and I and one of them asked:

Gunman: Are Y’all Happy Or Married?

Me: Both. Gunman: Really? How Long?

Me: Thirteen Years.

Gunman: How Long?

Me: Thirteen Years.

Gunman: I didn’t want you to repeat it I just couldn’t believe you are still happy.

He then handed me the gun and suggested I put myself out of my misery, everyone got a good laugh and made me wonder if this was pick on married couples day.
Masked Gunman robbing train
It got to be suppertime pretty quick and we decided to hit the road before it got too late, rather than have supper there we discussed driving up the road a bit and stopping for supper in Corona which is only about thirty miles away and we would be there pretty quick, now for those of you who are from or have lived in California I can hear your laughter now so go easy on us, yes I know we will be there pretty quick turned into a typical California freeway drive of twenty seven miles in just about an hour and forty five minutes with several motorcycles riding the white lines and a lot of folks texting and reading books, we even had a couple try to take the front end of our van off, Cindy told them they were number one while they politely waved back, the first exit we came to had an IHOP and we pulled in there, I had my second breakfast of the day and Cindy had a sensible meal which included sirloin tips, we were so tired by then and knew we had to get back on the road to drive about another forty five miles, this was getting depressing until “thank the lord the traffic was moving” we hit the freeway and made it home in just over half an hour. I think we were asleep before our heads hit the pillows.

Theme Park Tickets: Online Special $31.99 ea

Parking: $12.00

Snoopy Backpack (for Cindy I promise) $12.73

Bottled Water: $4.00 ea

Having a great day and falling asleep totally worn out next to the one you love: you know the answer---Completely Priceless.


  1. Knott's is a really fun place. I have not been there for years. Even though it is so close to Disneyland, it really has its own feel. When the kids were little I always said to Tim I could never understand why adults would go to theme parks without kids. But now that my kids are all grown up I totally see why. In fact, Tim and I plan to do a Disneyland weekend very soon! I am so glad you and Cindy had such a great inspires me. And by the way...I love the pic with you and Snoopy. When I was young my dad bought me a life size pink Snoopy stuffed animal and I loved it more than life itself. I kissed my Snoopy all the time. There is no shame in kissing Snoopy!!!

  2. I've gone to Knotts more than any other theme park. When I was young we used to go there on weekend nights because it was free. A good place to try and meet girls. As a young adult we used to go to the chicken restaurant to eat pretty regularly. Great food! As a working adult, we had company picnics there. As a parant, my kids had annual passes. I haven't been there for a few years now. I think it's time to go back!
    great photos and great story Jimmy!

  3. Sounds wonderful you old mush. Love the pics!

  4. Oh man, Jimmy....I too would have kissed Snoopy! And probably scratched him behind his ears, too!


    WONDERFUL picture, my friend! Love the expression on Snoopy's face. It truly made me smile!

    What a great day you and Cindy had!

    Disneyworld (in Orlando, Florida) has a ride similar to the "Timber Mountain Log Ride" you spoke of, and it's one of my favorite rides in the park. I loved getting all wet on the final drop...SLASH!

    Thanks for sharing your day!

    Thoroughly enjoyed it!

  5. Hey Susie,

    We are talking about trying to go down to Disney next month for Cindys Birthday, this Knotts trip was kind of for mine, I have liked Knott's Berry Farm since the first time Cindy took me and Snoopy has been my hero since I was a little kid, Whew glad there is no shame in kissing him Ha Ha

  6. Thank You Pat,

    Yes Sir it looks like you know the park well, and you are so right on the Chicken Restaurant it is so good, I actually had the Pot Pie and it was out of this world, well worth a trip down there.

  7. Hey Ms A,

    Gotta Love us old mushes we have a good time too :^) Glad you liked the pics.

  8. I haven't been to Knotts since I was around 15, I am glad it is still holding up against the Disneyland competition.
    I remember those masked gunmen on the was so realistic it always scared me, even though I knew it was fake. I think even today it would be a little scary.

  9. Good Morning Ron,

    Took me long enough to actually catch him that I just had to give him a kiss Ha Ha

    We like those water rides a whole lot if nothing else we at least get on those when we go places like this, Family fun at it's best Ha Ha

  10. Morning Joe,

    Yes Sir they seem to be doing really good even though they are so close to Disney, I think I actually like it better.

    The gunmen took us by surprise and the look on a lot of peoples faces did show some legit fear but it was fun in the end.

  11. Hey Jimmy! Looks like you guys had a blast. Thanks for the amusing ride through your day. I got to have so much fun and didn't have to leave my house.

    I have an award for you on my blog (on tomorrow's post). Please stop by tomorrow and pick it up?

    Have a wonderful weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the pics too.

  12. Hey Peg,

    I was happy to have you along for the ride, thank you so much I will be there.

    A fun and wonderful weekend for you and your family too.

  13. I liked Knotts better than Disney although it's been years since I've been there. And yes, Knott's Berry Farms boysenberry jam is my all time favorite. Sounds like you guys had a good'ol time.

  14. Ahh Jimmy and Snoopy! How cute!! :)

  15. Jimmy--That person you fell asleep beside was Cindy not Snoopy--right? I just didn't know how intense your apology to Snoopy had been. Believe it or not I have never been to Knott's. Thanks for taking us along today! I enjoyed my trip. Now, where is MY backpack?

  16. Hey Desertson,

    I'm like you in that I like Knott's Berry Farm better than Disney, we had a blast my friend it was a lot of fun.

  17. Hey Martha,

    I suppose it was kind of cute huh, almost as cute as Bob kissing Mickey :^0

  18. Good Morning Betty,

    I guess I should have been a bit clearer on who I fell asleep with Ha Ha

    I would have been kicked out of the family if it was anyone other than Cindy but you already knew the answer :) I bet Cindy knows where we can get you a backpack too.

    Glad you had fun on our little trip Betty, will just have to take you along next time too, you really need to go there especially if you like theme parks or at least go th Mrs. Knott's Chicken Restaurant it is at the front gate but not inside the park.

  19. Awesome day, awesome post.Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad you got to take pictures with Snoopy, and the kiss was a real bonus!

  20. Morning Suzicate,

    Thank You for coming along, you just have to love Snoopy and getting a picture this time worked out well :^)

  21. My aunt was going to take me one summer when I was there, but something came up and it never happened. I would have kissed Snoopy too!!

    What a wonderful day together. Nothing but big kids, as it should be.

  22. If you ever get back out this way you should go, it was kind of fun just the two of us one of those go at your own pace days.


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