Saturday, July 3, 2010

Really Mom It Wasn’t Me

Don’t you just love kids and the way they look at things, the way they express themselves or the things they think they can do either to make you laugh or save the world, I going to list a few things our kids have said that I get a laugh at every time I think of them:

Randy: “Stand back everybody, its just a little old gardener snake”
Making his way through a crowd of kids at the lake looking at a small snake slithering through the sand, next thing we saw was the snake attached to his finger, the crowd vanishing and him yelling “MOM!!”

Melissa: “Really Mom it wasn’t me it was the Dog”
When we walked in to find Melissa sitting in the middle of her Christmas gifts opened on the floor after we had given her permission to go home early from a Christmas party at a friends house as long as she didn’t peek at the gifts, teeth marks later proved the dog really did it.

 Tim: “Hey Look at me rubbing my wiener”
What we heard rather than Hey Look I am giving Dixie a massage.

Scott: “Look Cotton has a Heart On”
Pointing at the new rabies tag shaped like a heart on his uncles dogs collar, during a family gathering where everyone heard him but few saw what he was doing.

Steve: “I have a dog named Lacey”
Responding to the cute little girl who made her way across the street and introduced herself to him as Lacey.


  1. That's great, Jimmy.
    I have logged some things The Daughter has said as well, I will have to dig them up.

  2. Tim and Scott made me laugh out loud. "Tink" just turned around and looked at me like I had lost mind mind. These are awesome!

    And I just read them aloud to hubs and he laughed, too!

  3. Too funny Jimmy! Have a Happy Fourth of July!!!

  4. Oh, Jimmy...this post made me HOWL!!!

    ALL of these were brillant.

    Especially enjoyed.....

    "Tim: “Hey Look at me rubbing my wiener”
    What we heard rather than Hey Look I am giving Dixie a massage."

    Bwhahahahahahahahahahahaha! Tooo funny, man!!!

    And I agree with you, I love the way kids look at things and express themselves. With total uncensored abandonment.

    Happy 4th, my friend!

  5. Hey Joe, Thank You Sir, yes they tend to give us tid bits over the years, it will be cool to see your list.

    Ms A, these two have made us Laugh out loud more than once, glad you got to share in the laughs.

    Neil and Susan, Thank you so much, I am proud you stopped by and hope to see you again soon.

    Hey Ron, Glad you enjoyed it my Friend, you are so right about kids if you want the truth most times they will freely give it to you straight without taking time to cover how they really feel, you really have to appreciate that.

  6. Very funny post!
    Kids can be hilarious!

  7. Sometimes kids drive you absolutely crazy -- but sometimes just sitting and observing and listening can make it all worth while. Really enjoyable post.

  8. Hey Heather, You are so right if you are not laughing with the kids then you are not listening to them :)

    Good Morning Jerry, Kids can drive you crazy but I suppose that is payback from driving our parents crazy, sitting back and watching them just shows how much fun life actually is and that my friend is as you said what makes it all worth while.


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