Sunday, August 29, 2010

Killer Whale

We went down to the cemetery on Saturday to visit Raymond’s grave and leave both he and his little girlfriend flowers, for you who have been with us a while know the story but for a refresher read A Few Extra Flowers, Saturday was his birthday so this road trip was a necessity for us. The flowers Cindy picked out were awesome and the Happy Birthday Balloon added a bit more color to decorate our little Happy Birthday wish for the memory of our child to live on.

Leaving the cemetery at lunchtime threw us into a search for a place to eat, we found a burger joint we had never been to and was pleasantly surprised with the food although a bit shocked at the prices but I think this is the trend no matter where you go now days, Islands was the name of the place and the menu rang out Hawaiian named foods which I could not pronounce, I had the Kilauea that sounded like “Killer Whale” when the waitress pronounced it back to me, it was a burger crusted with Jalapeno, black pepper and all kinds of other stuff I cant remember, I can just tell you that it was good and I would eat there again with no problem.

Speaking of no problems, I have compassion for people who need help in a situation or who have a problem and address it in a proper manner, with this said a young woman and a child of about ten years old came in right after we did and sat in the booth behind us, she placed their order and all was well until our food came out ahead of hers, the waitress turned after placing our food on the table and walked to the back, this young woman sprang to her feet and really made a spectacle of herself, she yelled that she was leaving and pointed to the young boy with her to follow, poor kid was so embarrassed I felt so bad for him, she stomped and kicked all the way out the door and just as the door closed, out came the waitress carrying their food with a blank look on her face at the empty table, we told her that they had walked out and pointed to them walking across the street to another restaurant. The cashier said the lady was upset because her food had taken too long, well had she waited about thirty seconds before blowing up she would have had half of her meal eaten in the amount of time it took her to walk across the street, had she simply asked the waitress how much longer before her food was coming out then she would have had no reason to act like the fool she made herself out to be.

Jumping the gun and overreacting can backfire on you pretty quickly, causing a problem where there is not one only makes you out to be the fool, responding loudly and over shouting someone who is in the wrong takes you to a lower place than the one who is actually in the wrong, with all of this said let’s all take Jerry’s advice from the last post. The Secret for all of us to live a happy life and leave a positive influence behind is simply to: Just Be Kind.


  1. Words of wisdom, those last three. I don't understand people that react like that, and hopefully she was just having a bad day. All the more pointed, though, when you consider what day you were commemorating, and what could possibly be worse in this world than losing a child? You have my sympathies, and also my admiration for thoughtfulness.

  2. Thank You Mam, Yes I agree those three words do say a lot and speak volumes if we can only listen and follow the advise :)

    I appreciate you my friend.

  3. My husband still gets impatient and I would think that after a couple years of living, you get used to the fact that life involves waiting. "Just Be Kind." Perfect.

  4. I personally have the patience of Job.. it has paid off for me in so many instances. Kindness is one of the best traits to possess, in my opinion. Thanks for the gentle reminder Jimmy!!!!

  5. I hate it when someone gets rude and impatient like that. It makes me feel so embarrassed for them. I have even seen restaurant workers being rude to each other, that does nobody any good.

  6. The Killer Whale sounds right up my alley. Yum! It is almost humorous how her attitude caused her MORE problems then just being a little more patient.

    Such a sweet thing you did for your child. I can just see the bright colors of the balloon brightening up the place and paying tribute.

  7. Yes, acting in haste is almost never a good thing. I love hearing about your and Cindy's trips.

  8. I wonder what the problem really was? It's usually something else entirely and something like that just tips them over the edge. Or... maybe she was just a miserable person.

    So, did you guys forget about Marie Callanders again? LOL Or was it not near where you were? Sorry I was just wondering.

    I love reading your adventures!

  9. These people annoy the hell out of me! Why can't they just hang on a few minutes, waitresses have enough to put up with without the likes of these people.
    That is where the word TIPS originated from. (TO Insure Prompt Service) and in England, it was used at the beginning of a meal.
    Impatient people just get on my well as stopping other people from enjoying their meal.
    Loved that story of the cemetery, it was so sweet! Far too many graves are left unattended, especially the children's graves. Very moving.
    Big hugs to you both!

  10. Hi Jimmy--Thanks for directing me to your past post. I had not read it. My heart goes out to Cindy on the loss of Raymond.

    Yep. We all need to be more patent and kind. It IS pretty simple when it comes down to it.

  11. "it was a burger crusted with Jalapeno, black pepper and all kinds of other stuff."

    That sounded amazing! I am soooo in the mood for a GREAT burger!

    Being in retail and working so closely with the public, I see this kind of behavior all the time. And believe it or not, A LOT during the Christmas holidays when tension is high. I have such respect for waiters and waitresses because when it comes to people's food, they can get very nasty.

    Great post, my friend!

  12. Hey MC, I suppose we all get ourselves worked up at times and you are so right that life does involve waiting no matter where you are, Thank You My Friend.

    You are very welcome Lynne, I too have a good deal of patience and can sit back without getting myself worked up that easy, Kindness is a biggie and I just hope I can share a bit as I go along.

    Good Morning Joe, Yes sir that type of behavior gets folks absolutely no where but yet some go day to day acting that way regardless of who they hurt, I would think they would be embarrassed themselves, if only they could see themselves from our view.

    Angelia, I will vouch for that sandwich it was so good, and had she waited about thirty seconds she would have been eating also, all those actions got her was hungry for a bit longer. We pay him a visit as much as we can, especially on the holidays.

    Hey SuziCate, Acting in haste usually blows up in your face making you look foolish; this was a good example of that. I am proud to have you along for the ride :^)

  13. Yes Peg, It could have easily been something that just came to a head right then and there, but her actions made it appear that she could have just been a troublemaker, I actually watched the other restaurant to see how long before she stomped out of there.

    Looks like we will have to go to Marie Callanders next trip :^)

    Alice, I am like you and had she just asked before making her display she would have known, or if she was going to leave at least she could have told the waitress, manners I suppose—some just don’t have them.

    Unattended graves are everywhere, we have gotten ourselves into cleaning up and placing flowers on some more than once, this one we will keep watch over from now on.

    Hugs back to you my Friend.

    Hey Betty, Glad you got to go back and read it and Thank You for your kind words my Dear Friend. Being patient is really a simple thing a lot of people just can’t figure out.

    Ron, It was a really good burger and yes I will be going back one day :^)

    Being in retail I bet you have seen your fair share of these actions, it’s too bad folks let stress get to them this way, Waiters and Waitresses do have a job I couldn’t handle and the stuff they have to put up with is a shame, they really don’t get paid enough

  14. "Just be Kind" I do agree. I wish we could all just treat others like we wish to be treated. I send love to you guys for the memory of your precious loss. My brother lost his 17 tear old daughter in 2005. It know.

    Stay well.
    Stay happy.
    Thank you for all of your great posts.

  15. I find it ridiculous how people act. I'm also one for patience and being kind. I go by the old saying "you catch more flies with honey than vinegar". To me that means people respond more readily to kindness than anger. And what a horrible example she was setting for her child.

    Hope you both did well as you remembered your child. I can't even imagine the pain of losing a child. Having a seriously ill one is tough enough.


  16. Hey Luisa, "I wish we could all just treat others like we wish to be treated" it would be so easy if folks thought this before they acted out. It's hard losing a child no matter what age they are, I know that you are well aware of this with losing your Niece.

    Thank You my Friend :)

    Hey Spot, "you catch more flies with honey than vinegar" the old joke is but who wants flies :) I agree with you 100% you have to be nice in order to get by in this old world, stress is not a good thing and being hateful only makes it worse.

    Our prayers are still there for you and Lu.

  17. I still love the idea that yall have taken in Raymond's girlfriend. Just so sweet.

    Yeah, I don't get folks like that either. It's almost like they like the attention it gives them to throw a tantrum in public. Unfortuately I know someone like that, my mom. That poor kid!


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