Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Angels Working Overtime

Accidents happen when you least expect them, I suppose that’s why they call them accidents, I told you before that Bob, Cindy’s cousin with whom we spend nearly every Saturday evening with, is a photographer for the local newspaper, this past Saturday just as we got to their home he got a call for an accident and asked if we wanted to tag along, the answer of course was yes.

We rolled up on the scene following close behind one of the Sheriff Department cars to find a car way down at the bottom of the wash, the horn on the car was blaring and all four doors were open, the back glass was gone and both the front and back end was crunched in but the top was un damaged from where I was standing, the air bags were deployed and at the side of the road was a family of four being attended to by police and fire department personnel, it appears that all the passengers were asleep in the car on their return trip home from the mountain I am assuming, when they came to the short curve in the road above the wash the driver was asleep also as there were no skid marks other than a scrape from where the frame dragged over the curb above the brush and trees below, it appears they went end over end but the interior of the car did it’s job as it appeared the injuries were minor.

Just as Bob concluded his picture taking, a couple of the law enforcement vehicles and a fire truck sped off up the mountain with lights going and sirens blaring, we were on our way to another accident, this one involved six kids in a small S-10 Chevy, when we rolled up the truck was on the side of the road with the whole passenger side scraped up and mirror missing indicating it had been sliding on it’s side, this was un nerving to me when we rolled up and I will get to why in just a minute.

These kids were all underage minus two of them and coming down the mountain the rear tire blew out sending them off the road, over correcting and rolling onto the side sliding down the road, the truck slid up to an embankment hitting a barbed wire fence and up righted itself on the side of the road, all six kids looked like they had just gotten off a roller coaster ride and were sharing a police officers cell phone making calls to their parents for a ride home as they were not allowed to leave without a parent.

A few years back when Tim was still in Jr. High he played for the school Basketball team which qualified him for the Baseball team also, the practices were after school and being that their school was about thirty miles from our home another kid on the team who was actually driving offered to drive Tim home rather than us having to drive out and get him, we get a call one evening just about the time we were deciding to go and look for him stating there had been an accident, they were about ten miles out of town and we were in the van and on our way to the scene immediately.

We rolled up on the scene to find the S-10 truck they were riding in on the side of the road with the whole passenger side scraped up and mirror missing indicating it had been sliding on its side; it was sitting at the bottom of a small embankment with the barbed wire fence above it torn down. The young driver had fallen asleep and went into the ditch ending up on its side sliding down the side of the road, hitting a culvert, the embankment and fence which up righting it, Tim was still sitting inside the truck and the driver and other passenger were walking around like nothing had happened, no emergency personnel were at the scene as of yet as being right at the edge of the city limits there was an argument over whose jurisdiction it was so needless to say about an hour passed before a state trooper took it upon himself to check it out since no one was taking the call, Thank God for people like this man, who are willing to go the extra mile to make sure folks are ok rather than argue over whose job it actually is.

Everybody was OK and it was a very scary time rolling up to see that truck torn up like it was and finding your son sitting inside with an injured leg and possible concussion, what was really scary was the next day when we went to the wrecking yard to examine the truck, Tim’s face print was on the passenger window, he told us he remembered watching the gravel slide by his face as they were skidding down the road.

Rolling up on the accident I described earlier was too close to the one Tim was in, the truck was the same and almost the same color, the accident was very similar and the damage was identical all the way down to the fact that the only broken glass was the passenger side mirror which was gone, I bet there is a face print that will scare someone’s parents to death on this truck too, Thank The Good Lord that all of these kids were un harmed and for keeping the interiors of all these vehicles strong enough to save everyone involved.

Accidents happen and Angels work overtime when it comes to protecting our kids.


  1. Oh, I had CHILLS when I got to that last paragraph, Jimmy!

    HOLY COW, in BOTH instances I can't believe no one was seriously hurt. AMAZING!

    And you're sooooooooooooooo right, my friend. I truly believe in the intervention of angels.


    Fab post! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Ron, You should have seen our faces when we got to that one, I said to Cindy this looks too familiar and when we saw it was a truck full of teens the hair stood on the back of my neck, I was so proud to see they were all OK.

    Thank You my Friend.

  3. Bad things are bad things but when they involve or remind you of your kids, it is worse. My daughter works in the ER and she's seen all kinds of things. But the one that tore her apart was when they brought in a young pre-teen boy, paramedic astride doing CPR. My daughter has 2 teens and it just hit her so hard. But you are right. The Lord is awesome. And we do all have angels watching over us. Peace.

  4. Wow, what an adventure...thank the Lord it turned out ok

  5. Oh, my heart was pounding with this one. I can't imagine! Thank goodness things came out OK.

  6. Oh I am afirm believer in miracles and angels..
    this is another great example of why I do believe..
    well written Jimmy!!!

  7. WOW, this is just amazing!
    It certainly makes you stop and think.
    Yes, I believe that something watches over you, and when your time runs out.
    This certainly gave me things to think about.
    Great post, as always, Jimmy.

    Big hugs to you both!

  8. Wow, that really is Angels watching out for them. I hope and pray and angel is always with my children, because as much as I'd like to believe I can be there every second of their life to protect them, I know I can't.

  9. Amen Jimmy. Angels work overtime. This hit close to home for me too.

  10. Hey MC, Yes it hits close to home a lot of times when we see someone else going through it also, and especially when they remind you of your kids, working in emergency medicine I know your Daughter has seen her share.

    Yes Sir Joe, An adventure it is and I'm with you Thank God everyone is well.

    Good Morning Betty, It is a feeling I can't really describe when you roll up seeing one of your own in a situation like this and it does all come back when you see another this close.

  11. Thank You Lynne, You have to believe because there are too many signs that He is there for us :)

    Yes Alice, We do have help along the way during our lifetime and when our time comes they will guide us home, God is good to us this way.

    Thank You my Friend and Hugs back to you too.

    True Melissa, We have to trust that our children are smart enough to make the proper decisions due to the fact that we can't always be there with them, Angels do watch over them I know in my heart.

    Hey Peg, I feel sure this hits home for a whole bunch of us--hence Angels Working Overtime :)

  12. Makes me wonder if yall will be going with Bob again any time soon? I'm not so sure I would.

    The worst part is that the parents of these kids had to recieve that same kind of phone call. Just horrible! Thank goodness Chevy puts out a great truck with safety in mind.

  13. I'm so relieved to know all these had happy endings. I'm not sure I will ever get over the fear of having a child hurt in a car wreck. Just the other day my daughter told me she and her boyfriend were returning from a party when a car came at them, going 100 mph at least, the wrong way down the highway, shortly followed by police. It's a jungle out there!!

  14. Good story Jimmy!
    It's always a hard thing to watch your kids start to drive. Very scary! I very happy that this story had a happy ending!

  15. Hey Heather, More than likely if he asks we will probably load up :^) Yes Mam I don’t wish that call for any parent as it does take a couple years off of you, I am thankful for the integrity of the vehicles too.

    Dreamfarm Girl, That would be so scary, I am glad that they got by without getting hit, things happen too quickly sometimes.

    Thank You Pat, Happy endings I like too


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