Thursday, September 30, 2010

Heads Carolina, Tails California

I was born and raised in South Carolina, and Cindy was born and raised in California, now just how in the world did these two people from opposite ends of the States ever get together you ask, fate has to be the answer the answer is simply that it was just meant to be.

Both of us ended up living in New Mexico and became friends for nearly ten years before fate came about and sent us on our first date which ended up bringing our lives together in marriage, we had both told one another after we were divorced from our first spouses that we would never marry again, you know what they say about saying never, well the Good Lord killed two birds with one stone so to say by just having us marry each other since we had said the N word to one another.

While I was still working we planned a vacation trip with the kids each summer and where to go started out as a joke after listening to Jo Dee Messina sing Heads Carolina, Tails, California so with the flip of a coin we began going to Carolina one summer and California the next, it was like this year it’s heads so off to Carolina we went and it’s tails for this year, this worked well for a good while until I retired and we began making plans whether to move or stay in New Mexico.

Let’s flip a quarter, it’s heads so the plan was to move to South Carolina, as soon as all the kids were out of the house we had tentative plans to relocate to South Carolina and we were so happy with our plans because after our move, vacation would now always be tails California.

You know what they say, If you want to make God laugh, tell him what YOUR plans are, we got the call that Cindy’s parents needed our help and our plan to move to SC turned into exactly that, we moved to SC but now SC stood for Southern California rather than South Carolina and one day soon the flip of the coin will now be heads for vacation.

♪ Heads, Carolina Tails, California.
Somewhere greener, somewhere warmer.
Up in the mountains, down by the ocean.
Where? It don't matter, as long as we're goin'
Somewhere together. I've got a quarter.
Heads, Carolina Tails, California. ♫

Where you are really doesn’t matter as long as you are happy and you are the only one that can make yourself happy, with this said let me explain where I am coming from, some thirty something years ago I took a little road trip leaving my home state of South Carolina in my rear view mirror, I always had plans of moving back home but living life takes you directions you never planned on before, I told myself that I hated New Mexico and couldn’t wait to get out of there and back to SC, but while I was there Cindy and I found each other and have made a good life for ourselves with each other.

Cindy said that she would never move back to California and I agreed with her after a visit here and seeing how busy it was, I too said I would never live in California; living life moved us to California and the question if I am unhappy with where I am is answered simply by saying, Not at all, I am really happy here because she and I are still together and doing good, we are out in the country and God’s beauty is all around us in the view that surrounds our home, life is what you make it and if you are unhappy with your surroundings then it is up to you to find something positive about your area or make changes that will make you more comfortable.

Follow the Good Lords lead because sometimes if you follow then you will be exactly where you are supposed to be, it can be as hard as months and months or even years of discussion, prayer, and planning or as simple as a flip of a quarter:

♫ O---oh, California! Carolina! California! ♪


  1. I know what you mean about God. He's just watching us thinking,..."Awww, how cute. Look at those little creatures trying to plan their lives." He knows what we need and where we need to be. All we have to do is listen.

  2. First off, I love anything country, and that song I know well. It's funny that you moved from South Carolina, because that is one of the places we are considering for retirement. They have some nice lake communities there. Reasonably priced too.

  3. Oh man, I so enjoy hearing stories about you and Cindy, and how you met.

    You guys make the bestest couple!

    Isn't it funny how whenever we say the N word, it always comes back and proves us wrong? I can't tell you how many times I say, "Oh, I would NEVER do that", only to discover that I did in fact DO that - HA!

    "Follow the Good Lords lead because sometimes if you follow then you will be exactly where you are supposed to be..."

    You said it, my friend!

    FAB post, Jimmy!

  4. Hey MC, You are so right "He knows what we need and where we need to be. All we have to do is listen." Listening is the hard part for a lot of us, Good to see you my Friend.

  5. Matty, South Carolina is a beautiful state, the foothills coming down from Asheville,NC is the area I was raised in, you will love it there.

  6. Thank You Ron, Yes Sir whenever we use the N word it always comes back to bite us in the rear. Following Gods lead keeps us where we are supposed to be, we just have to be smart enough to follow--easier said than done sometimes.

    Glad you enjoyed the post Buddy.

  7. Hi Jimmy, I didn't know what California or South carolina looked like... but I'm just glad to see you and Cindy get along together happily...
    And You totally right, that life is what you make it... Happy or unhappy that's up to you...
    Thanks for sharing your precious thought and experience... I can learn much from them...

    have a fabulous day, my friend!

  8. Actually, California IS pretty cool, and I miss it a lot. But what you say about it being 'busy' is true too...problem is, it costs too much money to live in the parts that are NOT busy!

  9. Hi Nensa, California and South Carolina are both unique in their own way, California is on the west coast and the largest state I am thinking and South Carolina is on the east coast and one of the smaller states, there are beautiful areas in both.

    Happy or unhappy is up to you is a true statement my friend, a good day to you too it's good to see you.

  10. Good Morning Joe, Yes Sir I am learning a lot about California and there are more good things than bad, I love the rural areas and am blessed to be living in a quiet community.

  11. The only place in America that I have been to is Boston, Massachusetts, and we lived there for a year. I would still go back...the people were so nice.
    We had a stop-over in New York, but living there would drive me crazy, I guess I'm just a country girl!
    Love your stories about you and Cindy.
    Big hugs to you both.

  12. Love this ... such a beautiful story.. and Jimmy, I listen I really do.. but i don't hear he on vacation you think? :-)

  13. Hey Heather, Never been to Boston myself but maybe one day, I hear parts of New York are nice but can't say that for myself because like you the City part would drive me crazy, I know there are a lot of people who love City Life but I prefer the country myself.

    Glad you enjoyed it and Hugs right back to you.

  14. Lynne, Thank you my Dear Friend, just keep listening because He is never on vacation, when you least expect it you will hear loud and clear :^)

  15. Oh yes, it was about 27 years ago I told my mom just to keep our wedding gifts since we were only going to be a CA for a year or so and then we'd move back to Kansas. This summer I went to get those gifts. Never made it back....

  16. Good Morning Betty, You have to love life because it takes you exactly where you are supposed to be--too bad you don't know in advance :)

  17. you are so right Jimmy! Whatever path or paths we end up taking, it's always the right one. All we have to do is let it be right...
    Life is what we make it!
    Another thoughtful post...

  18. Thank You Pat, "All we have to do is let it be right..." You said it right there my friend, because as long as we are fighting it then life will never be right.


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