Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time Marches On

There was a song by Tracy Lawrence a while back by this title that I always liked, it tells the story of growing up and how things change over the singers lifetime, beginning with “Sister cries out from her baby bed" all the way up to "Sister calls herself a sexy Grandma" and throughout the song the verses end with Time Marches On, this song always impressed me with one line that speaks a solid truth none of us can change, “The only thing that remains the same is everything changes, everything changes”

I remember when my Baby Sister was in diapers and yes she is a Grandma now, her children I remember being babies and playing with them all and now each of them have babies of their own, I made a joke not long ago about finding a bunch of friends I went to school with and a couple I was really close with at the time, I said that it was funny how much they had all aged when there was no way that I could be as old as they are, well my friends I have been forced to realize that it’s been over thirty years since I have seen the majority of them and even though in my mind I still look the same as I did back then the man looking back at me from the mirror shows an older version of that young man I remember myself as.

Time marches on and we are growing older each and every day, nothing remains the same because without changes our lives would be really boring don’t you think, we have routines that we repeat each day but nothing is ever identical each and every time, so with that said the only thing that remains the same is everything changes.

Here’s to embracing change, here’s to accepting and being proud that we are just as old as the group of friends we graduated with and here’s to Baby Sisters who are Grandmas now, take a look at your life and enjoy where you are headed, jump into something new you have a chance to try because as I said before without change life would be rather boring, don’t sit back and wait for changes to happen reach out and grab them because as I have said many times in the past if you sit back and worry about things like change, life will pass you by before you get a chance to live it, with or without you Time Marches On.


  1. I hope you are watching this season of Survivor where the young ones are pitted against the old ones. Just because time marches on does not mean it is over. We have new adventures to explore and new wonders to behold. We also have a greater appreciation for this body that got us to where we are today. It may creak a bit more and look a little more wrinkled and gray, but in our mind's eye and more importantly in our hearts we are forever young.

  2. Jimmy, I just celebrated the Big "50".. while I was moving last week I caugt a glimpse of myself in a big mirror I was toting..and I flashed back to wen I was in my early 20's, moving into my 1st apt.. I thought, "Wow, Lynne how much you have lived in those years"..I embrace the changes because that means I still LIVE..

    love this post it's message:-)

  3. Hey Susie, "Just because time marches on does not mean it is over." this is so true we actually have it pretty good because of the appreciation we have gained of our body and the amount we can push it, this helps us overcome what would have stopped a lot of folks in years past.

  4. Lynne, this was my year for the Big Five O also and I still can't believe that I am there but as you said we are here because we have lived those years and we are still living.

    Thank You my Friend

  5. Amen Jimmy! Can't turn back time, might as well embrace it. I fully intend to make the next 40 years just as mememorable as the first!


  6. There you go Spot, that's the attitude that will make you enjoy life :)

  7. Everything changes, nothing stays the same. Life would be pretty boring if it did.
    I'm in my early 30s and have seen and done enough to last me a lifetime....but have they?
    After the death of my husband, I came back home for a while, but that was 5 years ago now. Staying here was never in the equation, but I'm now wondering which direction to take.
    So, now I question things and wonder just what I can do next.
    Love your posts, Jimmy. They always leave me with something to think about.
    Big hugs to you both!

  8. "so with that said the only thing that remains the same is everything changes."

    You couldn't have said it any better, my friend!

    I think our human nature is to try and hold on to "sameness" because it's comfortable and feels secure. But I learned (through experiences) that my security lies in my ability to keep moving forward and changing. Change sometimes frightens me, but it also excites me too.

    Faaaaaaabulous post, Jimmy!

    And hey...I LOVE your new blog template! VERY nice!

  9. Hey Alice, Yes you have been through more than most people your age and moving back home although not in the equation was part of your life plan so to say, I made the mistake of stating that I would never live in California but it appears this just may be where I live from now on, The Good Lord only gives you what you can handle and the changes he offers us we just have to be smart enough to know which ones to follow---I'm still learning :)

  10. Thank You Ron, I agree that attempting to stay the same is a comfort thing because it is something we are used to, changing anything is scary but most times ends up more comfortable than where we started.

    I was writing about change and decided to make one on my blog, Thanks for the positive comment Buddy I am proud you like it.

  11. Great post! I know soo many that sit and agonize over the loss of youth and fight hard to keep it. I, on the other hand love my greys and embrace all wrinkles. Change is good if you let it be.

    The day I became a Nana was the biggest change and it has been a whirlwind of changes ever since! Love it!

  12. Thanks, Jimmy for this post. Time really does march on, doesn't it. It's amazing to me how fast it goes! I am almost ready to embrace change, but it's oh, so hard to let go of the kid years. You'll have to go through about a year of therapy-through-blogging with me and then I'll be ready to move on.

  13. The new look is great! Great job on your "change". I am 39 and everyone tells me how much I'll hate before 40. HA. I can't wait. Another year of experiences and blessings, another year of growth, change, and wonder. Embraced life is the best life. Time marches on and I've put on my stepping shoes!

    Great post!

  14. Heather, I'm with you we have to embrace the greys and wrinkles because fretting about them only stops us from enjoying life, being a Grandparent is awesome.

    Hey Betty, It is strange how fast the years have gone, I'm ready for the year of therapy through blogging so you can embrace letting go of the kid years and enjoying the changes the Good Lord gives us.

    Thank You Angelia, You have so much going for you that I know you will be hating nothing about adding another year, as you said an Embraced life is the best life and I see good times for all.

  15. As much as I hate change, sometimes it's a good thing. Great post, Jimmy.

  16. Great post Jimmy and a great truth whether we want to embrace it or not.

  17. Hey Suzi, For the most part it's good whether we like it or not, Thank You my Friend.

    Thank You Peg, Time is going to change us whether we are ready or not and when we are ready to accept it then it's a good thing :)

  18. Hollyweird!
    I spent a lot of time down there as a young man. Lot's going on there... If you stand in one spot for 15 minutes, you'll see every aspect of humanity walk right by you. I used to love it there, great place to take candid photos...

    Oh yeah! good job on the new "pages" under your header...

  19. Thank You Pat, You are so right my friend "If you stand in one spot for 15 minutes, you'll see every aspect of humanity walk right by you." there are so many people walking down there and just watching them is pretty amazing.

    Candid shots you can get so many good ones here, I agree with you 100%

  20. I love that song. And for anyone around our age, we can relate to it's message. Earlier this year while visiting my son, right out of the blue he apologizes for anything he ever did as a kid. I didn't have to ask what he meant. At the time, he was chasing his 2 year old son, my grandson Blake who was up to no good at the moment. Ahhh......getting even never felt so good. LOL

  21. Hey Matty, Yes Sir I always loved that song too and like you pointed out the message is loud and clear.

    I have actually seen my wife apologize to her parents for her teen years, and we are now waiting for our Grandson to get a bit older so I can teach him things his Daddy used to pull on us..Yes Sir I am with you on getting even with them Ha Ha

    Glad to have you join us Matty


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