Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dissing Jimmy And Cindy

I got myself sort of challenged to a post so be careful what you ask for I say, because I am usually up for a challenge especially if it is an easy one, and also one that pokes fun at a couple we love dearly.

Bob and Martha, you all remember Bob and Martha the “Family” we spend each and every Saturday night with either solving the worlds problems, discussing genealogy and the wonders of how our families actually made it to America, the proper way to remove pesky varmints from under the house, or eating supper with, Martha makes a fabulous Chicken meal that I can never remember the name of but always love the idea of sitting down and having a heaping helping of the dish that everyone remembers the name of except for yours truly, now I am wondering about those pesky varmints but not really.

I did mention that we spend each and every Saturday night with them didn’t I, well I’ll have to clarify that statement with the fact that sometimes things come up like we had to go to New Mexico for the birth of our Grandson and missed out on a couple Saturday nights, but as soon as we got back we did go over and spend Saturday night with Bob and Martha, I think this would be a legitimate reason for not going over, and not one that just came up as we were getting ready to leave for the evening, but I suppose I could have hitched a ride on a puddle jumper plane to get me to the airport and then flew into California if Martha could have picked us up at the airport and made the Chicken dinner with a name I can’t recall, but no that option was never brought up, we were excused and held up our end of the deal by bringing baby pictures to share as soon as we got home.

Now it has been several weeks since we have seen Bob and Martha, Martha always has plans on Saturday night now and I am feeling a bit left out. Family Birthdays, Out of town Family visitors, Washing the dog, or going up the hill because you heard they had apples are not necessarily excuses I buy for not having us over to your house on Saturday night.

Cindy and Martha were talking on the phone last night and when Cindy mentioned us coming over, the excuse was another Family gathering that we just didn’t seem to fit into so guess what? We were not invited, heck I even took the test and got a higher score to prove that I fit into the family but my test scores were just not good enough, come on Martha if you do some studying then maybe you can score as well as I did even though you are already “Family” and are not actually required to test so you can be accepted, you act like that official test was no more than a joke.

When I questioned why it had been so long since we had got together Martha threw out that I should spend my time Saturday writing a blog about how Bob and Martha had Dissed us, so there it was the actual admission that we are being dissed and the challenge so to say to see if I would write about it. Maybe next Saturday everything will fall into line and we will get a chance to see Bob and Martha because I know how hard it is to keep family obligations and evidently how easy it is to diss Jimmy and Cindy, and until then--Poof ...


  1. I can't imagine anyone would dis you or Cindy!!! This is just plain wrong. At least it gives you a god topic to write about!!! The nerve of them!!!!

  2. I couldn't believe it either Susie, but we love them anyways and there is always next Saturday :^)

    Good to see you, have been wondering about you my Friend

  3. Obviously, the only reason you haven't been invited over is so you would finally break down and wrote an essay about them. Sounds like they got you figured out.

  4. You just may be right Jerry, Martha does think she has me figured out and Bob well he probably does.

    At least they got an essay out of me so now I expect an invite Ha Ha

  5. I MUST chime in with Susie and say that I can't imagine anyone dissing you and Cindy!!

    The. NERVE. of. them!!!!!

    I think they just wanted to see there names on a famous blog, is all.

    Poof on them!


    That's okay, you and Cindy are welcomed to my house any Saturday night!

  6. Hey Ron,

    "I think they just wanted to see there names on a famous blog, is all" At least they have good taste and know a few famous bloggers Ha Ha

    Thats why we love them Right.

    Are you busy next Saturday night Ron :)

  7. Hi Jimmy,

    I have to agree with the general consensus here: you and Cindy seem like a lovely couple.

    I don't feel you've done anything that could be deemed as "upsetting" to anyone; it's easy to see that you are missing your regular Saturday nights and you are lamenting the passing of those times.

    If I were Bob and Martha, I'd be quite moved by how open you are in showing that you are feeling that loss, and I'd want to put it right immediately.

    Stay sunny Jimmy, and remember:

    True friends are like stars: they don't always come out, but you know they are there.

    Dorothy x

  8. Good Morning Dorothy, "True friends are like stars: they don't always come out, but you know they are there" so true my friend and as I have mentioned in previous posts it is a blessing when friends are actually family too, like Bob and Martha who can take a good ribbing :^)

    Good to see you this morning Dorothy.

  9. well as jimmy knows i cry my self to sleep every night just because i miss Robby and Martha soooooooooo much. LOL

  10. Oh come one you two!! Just send the lynch mob over here! Boo Hoo! lol And when you requested Chicken Piccata I made it EVEN THOUGH it was loaded with calories and I had to do extra workouts on the Wii so I wouldn't gain by my next weigh in! hahaha

    So how about next weekend we go on a date night together to celebrate mine and Bob's 13th anniversary!

    Love you guys!! POOF! :)

  11. Hey Martha, Be careful what you ask for because I just may send little Dixie over to give you a nip on the leg, and if you fight it she will take a bite out of your Chicken Pick-ata (is that how you say it?) OK next time you make it we will go directly to the Wii, I wont promise you that I will exercise but I just may bowl you a game because I am better at it than you :^)

    Next weekend sounds Great Lady but since it's your anniversary I have only one stipulation--I get to sit by Bob :)

    Love You Both and Poof back at ya!!

  12. I just don't know what to say after reading Martha's response, I'm laughing too hard!

    All's well that ends well.
    Glad yall made up!

  13. Hey Heather, Ya just gotta love Bob and Martha :)

  14. Oh Jimmy you wish you were better than me at bowling...I am the best! Maybe we can mini golf (no gang members here!) lol But beware, there is a winner dance that goes with it, ask Cindy.

    P.S. My Jasper will protect me from your Dixie! Poof back at ya!

  15. Hey Martha, Mini Golf could work although it's been a few years, will "The Bob" work as a winner dance? I'll check with Cindy on that.

    Love Ya Girl :^)

  16. I think Bob and Martha owe you some pie now. Make 'em pay.....

  17. I'm with you Betty, I say "It's Pie" on Saturday Ha Ha


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