Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Am Thankful For…

What are you grateful for? So many people think of only their blessings when giving thanks, but what about the bad things in life and the hard times you have gone through, let’s spin our thought process and see if any of these things are anything to be thankful for.

I am thankful for my health is a common phrase, but what if I said something like “I am thankful for the time I hit the floor, because of a minor stroke” you may look at me and think that I am making a crude joke but I am here to tell you that I am actually glad I was in that exact situation, I spoke of this in The Night Nobody Heard Me and The Day I Spoke Another Language, some of you have read these stories before and if you missed them and want to look back click the links, and if not then just trust me this type of situation makes you look at life a bit differently.

Being thankful for your health is a given, but being scared out of your wits and thinking you are going to lose it all makes you look around and realize what is actually important. Rushing through life in an attempt to make it the best, sometimes rushes you through life before you have a chance to live it, and having a serious situation put the brakes on everything around you all at once gives you the opportunity to reflect and see what you are giving up while rushing through life.

While in the big rush some of us spend more time away from home than we like, but know that the job is an important factor to achieve the lifestyle we are reaching for, and a lot of couples are both forced to work leaving the children in someone else’s capable hands, this results in missing a lot of quality time so to say with them, I know that most of us can’t just up and quit work to spend more time with our family, but what does it take to make us see that cutting back on the lifestyle we are reaching for a little bit just may be worth it, some of us have to hit the floor.

I am thankful that I hit the floor because now my life is much simpler, I am thankful my memory is short because now I don’t have so much to worry about, I am thankful my career came to an end because now I have quality time with my wife, I am thankful for hard times in my life because without them I would not be who I am today, and who I am today is someone I am thankful for.
Giving Thanks
 This Spin on giving thanks is my contribution for Jen over at Sprites Keepers Spin Cycle this week, pop over there and see what some of the great bloggers there have to say about giving thanks.


  1. From the ashes, rises not the Phoenix, but a happy and more relaxed human! It's great to see that you are happy Jimmy!

    I got in a bad car wreck 7 years ago. It herniated two of my disks. They've given me a lot of pain through the years. if you remember (and I'm sure you do) about 18 months ago my ortho doc sent me for an MRI to see if my disks had deteriorated any further. When he looked at the the MRI he saw some tumors on my thyroid. Long story short, they were malignant. I had them taken out, did some things with chemicals and radiation and now i'm good. Except that I now need spinal surgery because one of the crushed disks is pinching a major nerve that runs through my shoulder down through my elbow and wrist and ends in my pinkie and ring finger. When the nerve gets pinched which is pretty much all the time. My shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand feel like they are going to explode and my arm gets really strong pins and needles that also hurt. Every time my I feel that pain, I'm reminded of how thankful I am that I was in that car wreck and screwed up my spine. Becaue if I hadn't, those tumors would have not been noticed! Instead of finding them early, they may not have been found until it was too late. So I am VERY grateful for my pain...(but I still cant' wait for the surgery).

  2. Hey Pat, Yes Sir I remember what you went through and am thankful that you were put through this so the other could be detected, the pinched nerve you describe I am familiar with, the pain is almost unbearable and a disc replacement in my neck was the perfect fix for that, I know that you will be much happier after the surgery because with mine I felt relief even before I was fully awake in recovery.

    Not too long my friend so not a problem.

  3. I could do a spin about how I am grateful I got diabetes because then it led me to Diabetes Daily where I met you and we became friends. Further my diabetes led me down the blogging path where I have also made many other new friends. Now I am not being completely honest if I say I am grateful I have become diabetic. I really wish I didn't. But when life deals us lemons it is our responsibility to make lemonade. That said, diabetes has changed who I am and how I feel about most everything in my life. And this new perspective is something I am grateful for. And of course...your friendship too!

  4. It's funny how when you stop and think of it - it IS those difficult valleys and climbs that bring you to the top.
    I was thinking this the other day about a relationship.....if it hadn't ended I sure wouldn't be the person I am today. I wanted to grow and set my roots deeper than what that relationship was allowing me to. And now....I'm nearing a top and to look back- I AM grateful.
    It isn't fun to go through anything negative while in it- but after all is said (and done)....Yep. Something definitely to be grateful for.

    Thanks for your thoughts and wonderful take on gratefulness!

  5. I admit I do complain about things from time to time...but I have to be thankful that, at my age, my health is pretty good still. (Not that I am old...54...but I see lots of younger folk who have some pretty serious health issues).
    I am also very thankful that I have a fairly stable job...not easy to do in today's world.

  6. I'm grateful that I have a child with a disability. She has taught us (and many others) so much!

  7. I was raised by parents who taught me that everything happens for a reason, and just because it seems negative at first doesn't necessarily mean that that is the case. It's up to us to find the opportunity.

    Glad I've crossed your path, as you seem to live this lesson in everything you do.

  8. Absolutely a brilliant post, Jimmy!

    You are so insightful in sharing...

    "but what about the bad things in life and the hard times you have gone through?"

    Because for me, these things and hard times in my life having been some of the greatest gifts that I have been give. They taught me how to SEE the things in my life that I had overlooked. The things I SHOULD be grateful for.

    Thank you for sharing this post, my friend. It's such great a reminder for us ALL!

    And thank you for your friendship!

    Wishing you and Cindy a great weekend!

  9. It's funny. I have had bad things happen to me too. I guess we all have. But the bad things always lead to better things I find. I've been divorced (more than once) and that's bad. I've been happily married now for 21 years (and that's good). I've lost jobs (that's bad) and found a better job, and that's good. If we didn't have clouds and rain, how would we appreciate the sun and blue skies! Lovely post!

  10. Hey Susie, Like you I would be lying if I said I was actually glad to have been given these problems, the diabetes, strokes and such, but I am thankful for the lessons and experiences that I received because of them, and look at the good people like you I would have never met, that in itself is a major blessing I will always be thankful for.

  11. Thank You Dawn, You are so right when looking back at the negative times in our lives how blessed we are now that we have gotten past them, there is always a positive attached to every negative in my opinion and that my friend is definitely something to be thankful for.

  12. Amen Joe, With me at fifty you and I are pretty close in age and I do look and see a whole lot of younger folks in a whole lot worse shape, I am thankful for the shape I am in and for good friends like you, Yes Sir a stable job in today’s economy is a blessing most people do not have.

  13. Hey Cocotte, Isn’t it amazing what a child with a disability can teach you, I am so impressed with the determination and independence that most show, they make you wish that more people had the attitude they are blessed with, and in my opinion it takes a special parent to be blessed with a special needs child.

  14. Thank You Carmi, Your parents sound like very smart people, I so agree with they way they raised you and am honored to have you join us.

  15. Ron my Friend, Your friendship has been a special blessing for Cindy and I.

    Isn’t it funny how the rough spots in our lives make us look back and see the things we have been missing, sometimes we are lucky enough to slow down enough to get them back, and for others we see how to not make that mistake again.

    A Great Weekend for you my Friend

  16. Hello Linda, Like you my divorce although painful brought me to find a marriage that I am still enjoying today and without that pain I would have never found this joy, “If we didn't have clouds and rain, how would we appreciate the sun and blue skies!” well said my friend, Thank You

  17. I am thankful for the positive kind people in this world like you Jimmy, that always looks up and help us see the sun. So glad you are here!

    Great spin. :-)

  18. Thank You Angelia, Good friends like you make this all worth it and I am Thankful for each of you.

  19. I love your attitude! I bet you're wife is glad that you hit the floor - and bounced back - so you could have more quality time with her. So glad you are doing well! :)

    SC: Giving Thanks

  20. Hey Stacy, I just got back from your place and sure enjoyed my visit, I am proud to have you follow along here as I know you will enjoy our little family.

  21. yes Jimmy, it's looked like you make a joke and seemed differently by say like that ... but I think to thank to something bad which have ever happened to us.. truly wise!
    I'm sure behind the bad things that happen there must be wisdom and valuable lessons we can get.

    I'm always thankful and enjoying whatever God give to me something we think good or bad...

    Love your post, Jimmy!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  22. Jimmy, your attitude is so inspiring! That we could all be so positive!

  23. Hello Nensa, Yes we have to be Thankful for what God has given us and to learn from the lessons of life also.

    Thank You Nensa I am happy you enjoyed this.

    A Wonderful weekend for you also my Friend.

  24. Hey Peg, I am honored by your kind words my Friend, Thank You :)


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