Monday, November 1, 2010

Life Is Repetitive

Looking back on my past opinions, rants, and stories about my family it appears that I sometimes get a bit repetitive,  but isn’t that the case with life? Life is a repetitive thing, we tend to do the same things over and over, and say the same things again and again, but in my opinion that’s not such a bad thing, I do remember my Granddad repeating stories that he had told me time and time again, but I again sat there and listened as if it were a new tale, my only hope is that my Grandkids will bear with me when I repeat the stories I tell to them more than once.

Sometimes we have to hear things more than once for them to sink in, I know this is especially true for me, some things sink in right away and others I have to hear again to remember all the details, tales of days gone by are clear as a bell but that cup of coffee I had a while ago is not sitting here and for the life of me I don’t know where it went, how is it something that happened less than a minute ago is lost somewhere deep inside my mind, but a story told to me and experiences I had over thirty years ago are clear and on the tip of my tongue.

It’s all about repetition, that cup of coffee was sat down only once today and those stories and experiences have been thought about a vast number of times in the last thirty years, every time you remember a situation of days gone by they become a bit clearer, and if I had sat that coffee cup down in the same place everyday then I would be drinking it right now.

Repeating a story to a kid becomes a good memory for them, how many times have you heard a child say something like “Tell me the story about…” and you know they have heard it so many times you don’t even need to pick up the book, how many times have you asked one of the kids what they would like to do and the answer goes something like “Let’s go back to that place to see the things we saw last time we went to that place”, repetition is comforting and we learn it as a child, so that’s not a bad thing.

If I tend to repeat some of my opinions here, it is only because the subject is comfortable or familiar to me, or for some they are so uncomfortable that I am trying my best to make sense of them and hope that none of you ever have to feel that uncomfortable feeling of rejection due to something you cannot change.

Life is grand and we all are in the exact place we are supposed to be right now, you have heard me say this more than once, reaching for a goal or looking for a place to relocate is something a lot of folks do on a daily basis, there is nothing wrong with dreaming and planning for your future because this keeps the repetition of our daily lives from becoming boring, family and friends will come and go in your life so enjoy them while they are with you, and tell stories to your kids and Grandkids about them when they are gone, keeping a memory alive by repeating stories over and over will make you happier than reaching back for something that is long gone and out of your reach.


  1. I was just thinking something very similar to this this morning!!!! I feel like I'm on a Merry-Go-Round in life.....and it's all the same yet everything surrounding is different....but not really...;)
    I think things do seem clearer the older we get.....but I still can't figure out where my coffee went this morning. The entire pot is empty and I was supposedly the only one drinking it!
    Have a great new week!

  2. I'm right there with you! To me, the best part about family life is the creation of memories. Things have happened in our lives together that come up each and every Christmas, or at other times we all gather. I'm sure the same is true for many other families. Jimmy, I remember some of your stories, and I'm betting they are brought up from time to time, and everybody laughs and enjoys them.

    Added to that, somebody once said that "you're not really dead, until nobody remembers you..."
    I'm gonna keep telling my stories!
    great post!

  3. My grandfather used to repeat stories over and over. I would sit quietly and listen to him repeat them. I'm glad I did since I have the tales still with me.

  4. Hello Dawn, I so can relate to wondering how that coffee pot became empty Ha Ha, I agree that life does get clearer as we get older, it’s just that the younger ones don’t see it until they are older too.

    A Great Week to you also my Friend.

  5. Hey Pat, You are so right my Friend “To me, the best part about family life is the creation of memories.” I so hope that people can laugh when they remember my stories because that would be a memory I would definitely be honored by.

    Thank You Sir.

  6. Good to see you TS, And with his tales still being with you so is he in a sense, that's what is so cool about memories.

  7. It's ok to repeat yourself as you get older because our memory goes as well and we don't remember hearing things the first time!!!!!

  8. Yes Mam Suzi, this is so true sometimes hearing it a second time does the trick---or a third :^)

  9. Jimmy,
    i catch myself repeating stories from my past to my kids, etc and I go, "Oh no, I'm old"..LOl
    In reality it is what makes us who we are and if we did not share it, who would remember but us..
    I am on that merry-go-round too, but am taking a wee vacaction in a few weeks and plan on just plain ole relaxing..

    I love your blogs.. They are real.. I like real..
    Have a beautiful Tuesday!!!

  10. "How is it something that happened less than a minute ago is lost somewhere deep inside my mind, but a story told to me and experiences I had over thirty years ago are clear and on the tip of my tongue."

    OMG...I feel the exact same way, Jimmy!

    I have what's called short term memory. Yet, I can remember every single detail of something that happened a TRILLION years ago!? However, ask me to remember someone's name? Forget it - HA!

    I thoroughly enjoy ALL your posts. So keep telling your stories, my friend! We love them!

    Hope you had a super day!

  11. Hey Lynne, “In reality it is what makes us who we are and if we did not share it, who would remember but us..” so true that we are proud of these things and people so we are sharing to keep the memories alive, with that said—“We ain’t old yet!!” :^)

    Thank You Lynne I am proud to have you along for the ride my Friend.

  12. Ron, That must be why we relate so well with each other—we remember the same time frame Ha Ha

    Do they have one called Short Term/Old Time Term memory? If so that must be us, I am proud to have you reading along here Buddy and if I repeat any more than once either bear with me or point it out for me :^)

  13. You are right, and that's how family traditions come to be. My kids always want to eat the same foods and do the same exact things at the holidays as we've done in years past. It must give them a sense of safety, even as teens.

  14. My children accuse me of being repetitive, but I just tell them I am being steady, predictable and dependable and they should thank me for that stability in their lives.

  15. I love your opinions and you can repeat them to me any time you like! what you say is so true. and I think it is a good thing. Ny repeating a story to your children many times, they will be able to carry it down to the next generation. That my friend, is what we call "history." I think all of us bloggers sharing stories from our lives are creating a piece of history for our friends and family to enjoy long after we are gone. Who knows, one hundred years from now you may be known as one of the greatest storytellers of all time!! And on a more funny note, as middle aged people, we sometimes forget what we have just said!!!!

  16. I think you are sooo right! Except I think we don't tell stories like we used to now that we have all this technology *stuff*. Reminds me to be sure and TELL stories as well as share our day.

    I don't mind hearing your opinions again at all Mister Jimmy! You always have the nicest things to say and opinions I can relate to.

    I'm off to find my coffee cup. I know it's here somehere??? :-)

  17. Welcome Cocotte, Yes this is how our family traditions begin and repeating them gives us enough comfort to continue them, you just have to love that :^)

  18. Yes Betty, “steady, predictable and dependable” is not a bad thing; I’ll have to remember that next time I am accused of being repetitive.

  19. Hey Susie, In a hundred years I am thinking they may be wondering who this crackpot is Ha Ha, I love the idea of helping keep our history alive by passing these stories along to our children, I am hoping they will remember the ones I was told when I was young and pass them along.

  20. Thank You Angelia, I am honored by your kind words my Friend, and you are so right on how our stories are told now as opposed to when we were young, I guess this is why I love blogging because I can get some of the stories told and know they will be there for the kids to read later on, I am actually saving each post and think I will print them out and keep them in book form for later on.

    Now that you mentioned it, I need to go look for that coffee cup I mentioned before :^)


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