Saturday, November 27, 2010

Two Hundred Dollar TV And Two Hundred Posts

This will be post number 200 for me and rather than go on about it as you all know I can, I will tell you a little story about our day yesterday and how a $200 dollar TV almost wasn’t ours on Black Friday.

How many of you actually took on Black Friday by getting out into the crowds and making the attempt to buy something you really wanted or needed? We are in the process of remolding our bedroom, we have changed the wall color and hung a new ceiling fan, the only thing that is out of place now is the heavy 24” TV sitting on top of a table underneath a large window opposite the foot of our bed, on top of this table our TV also sits on top of a set of shelves that balances it up high enough for Miss Cindy to watch at night, I am surprised that in the two years we have lived here that it hasn’t taken a tumble onto the floor, with this being a sore thumb in a sense and the Black Friday special of a 32” Flat Screen TV advertised for $198 got us to looking at making a change, we have never owned a wide screen TV and for that price we make it happen, Cindy said to me.

I am not one to get out amongst the crowds and fight for merchandise, and I don’t see myself camping out in front of a store waiting for the sale to begin, I myself will pay regular price just to avoid the crowds, this particular TV went on sale for the two hundred dollar price beginning at 5am, it was also supposed to be available online at the same price at this same time, this would be more or less my type of a family shopping experience. Cindy mentioned that at 5am we could look online and try to order it there and if that didn’t work then we could head out for the store, so at 5am when I looked at the clock and saw how well Cindy was sleeping I did what anyone who loves Black Friday as much as I would do, I rolled over and went back to sleep, heck I figured it would be worth it to pay a little more and miss the crowds.

At about 6am Cindy sprang from bed and made a dash to the computer to purchase the $198 TV, after a while she slowly came back into the house with the news that it was sold out online, now I was doomed, forced, excited to go shopping with Cindy for the TV, at about 7am we arrived at the dreaded store I so hate, and made our way inside to find that this item was completely sold out, yes I got the look about then from Cindy, the associate mentioned that they still had a few in the back that people didn’t pick up, that people didn’t pick up? I’m still not sure how this worked but anyway Cindy began to grin, he went on to say that they would be bringing them out from the back and would display them in the grocery department, I always look for TV’s in the grocery department myself don’t you? So we made our way to the grocery department to find that the pallet of TV’s had already been brought out and were yanked from the pallet by customers before they ever made it to the floor, I saw the sad look of defeat on Cindy’s face because had we been a bit quicker she would have pounced on that pallet like a hen on a June bug and come away with a TV, now she was empty handed.

While Cindy was visiting with a couple we met, talking about how they were not willing to give up the TV they had in their basket for us, nor were they going to turn their head to look away while in front of Cindy, I made my way around looking at other items, I saw a few customers with the TV we were after in their baskets and out of the blue I see one in a basket being pushed by an associate of the store, I asked her if it was for sale and she replied yes it is, do you want it? I told her I did and was immediately covered by hands reaching over my shoulder towards this box as she placed it in my basket, she said it was the last one and someone had gotten to the register and couldn’t pay for it, a sea of “Oh Man”, sighs, and curse words echoed behind me as I hurriedly made my way back towards Cindy, the smile on Cindy’s face when she saw what I had in our basket followed by a High Five from her made Black Friday worth it for me right then.

Next year when Black Friday rolls around I look forward to waking up a 5am just to make sure Cindy is still sleeping, and to roll over and sleep until 11am when the sales are over for the day, although this new TV does look pretty good hanging on the wall in our room.


  1. Jimmy, you are a much braver man than I.
    I never even got out of my pj's yesterday. I refuse to go out on that cursed day!
    congrats on the TV score!


  2. Hey Pat, That will be my plan next year, I usually don't go on Black Friday and now I remember why.

    Not Target, much worse "Wally World"

  3. Jimmy, have you lost your mind? The day after thanksgiving you need to sleep late, drink coffee in your pj's till at least noon before you contemplate anything! I'm glad you got the tv you wanted though. And I'm glad you made your Cindy happy!

  4. I think I just may have lost it there for a bit Linda Ha Ha the sit in your pj's and drink coffee plan sounds much better to me, especially now that we have a good TV :)

  5. Yay for you and Cindy! I'm glad you had a successful Black Friday shopping will NOT catch me anywhere near a store on Black Friday. However, I did online shop today (Sat) and was led to a bike shop by the hubby where he purchased me a new early Christmas gift...we're going biking tomorrow (and I'm not about to ride the old one when I have a new one waiting to be taken out)!

  6. Thank You Suzicate, This TV is our "Christmas Gift" but you know by then we will find something else for one another, Congrats on the bike I don't blame you for taking the new one out rather than the old one :^)

  7. BRAAAAAAAAVO Jimmy, for snaggin' that TV!!!

    You should have heard me hootin' and hollerin'


    And I can only imagine the smile on Cindy's face when she saw you wheeling that TV towards her.

    High Five!

    Oh, I just love a story with a happy ending!

    And a BIG congrats on your 200th blog post! Woot! Woot!

    I look forward to the next 200, my friend!

  8. Hey Ron, Thank You Buddy, I was beginning to wonder about getting it myself, actually I had planned on paying more elsewhere anyway but it worked out well.

    You should have seen the High Five routine in the middle of the store Ha Ha

    I look forward to you being right here for the next 200 too Buddy I appreciate you.

  9. and....
    congrats on the 200 posts! Keep up the good work!

  10. Thank You Pat, I am honored to have good Friends like you.

  11. Double high five to you Jimmy..
    200 posts-That is awesome!!!
    A new Flat-Screen TV-amazing..
    I never brave the crowds on black friday as I am ususally too broke($$$) to go, but I love hearing about all of these tales of bravery..
    Glad you made it out in one piece and with a happy wife..

  12. Congrats on #200 and congrats on the flat screen tv. We so need a new TV for our bedroom too. Ours went out a couple of months ago and hubby is making me wait, and wait, and wait. I wasn't brave enough to fight the crowds on Black Friday. I'm hoping our connection at Best buy will come through for us!

  13. The hunter went out and got the goods! I admire you AND I especially admire Cindy who got you up and out of bed.

  14. WOW!!! You slept in and still scored! Woot! That is a really good story, Jimmy! I stayed home, but my husband actually likes to shop, so he went out and bought a few things. I'm planning on doing most of my shopping tomorrow (cyber Monday) online, at home!

  15. Thank You Lynne, I can totally relate to the being broke statement but for $198 we figured this was a good deal :^) I don’t like the big crowds but Miss Cindy is smiling now.

  16. Good Morning Peg, Thank You my friend, maybe he is making you wait until Christmas to replace your TV, I have had good luck at Best Buy so maybe hubby has a surprise coming up for you soon :^)

  17. Hey Betty, We did make it work and yes she did get me moving in that direction otherwise I still wouldn’t be there Ha Ha

  18. Hello Cocotte, If you have to do Black Friday then it’s worth it to sleep late in my opinion, like you I am surprised that we came out with a TV and Cyber Monday shopping from my desk is a whole lot more relaxing for me, maybe next year we can get your Hubby and Cindy together for Black Friday Ha Ha

  19. WOW.
    Ok...I saw all the Black Friday shoppers on our news the other night. I have to say you all are very brave. Not sure I could be paid to attend such scary shopping events ...even if it meant getting a good deal on a tv and making my spouse happy. You are brave AND a good hubby:)
    Next year....can you check with me? I may need a new tv;)

  20. Hey Dawn, You bet your bottom dollar had I shown up and it was overly crowded I would have turned around and gone home, I see the nonsense on the news with people fighting to get inside and at the merchandise and can't believe it, but with that said I'll check with you before venturing out next year :)

  21. Happy 200!
    I have to admit that I went out very early on Friday to get a 200 dollar discount on a laptop. I figured it was worth it since I have never had a laptop, and now I have my OWN pc that nobody else but me can touch!

  22. Good Morning Joe, Thank You my Friend, I am proud you got yourself a laptop, it feels pretty good to have your own PC it looks like the Black Friday routine worked out well for you too, Congrats on your new PC

  23. Seriously Jimmy! You have shopping skillzzzz. That is AWESOME. I saw that ad on TV for the TV. What a great bargain. I am so glad you came through for her. Sometimes they keep the Black Friday deals around after and I was hoping they would do that with the TV. Sydney really needs one for her room.

    Any shopping tips you can offer?? LOL!

    Congrats on your 200th post!

  24. Hey Angelia, It will be good if they still have some of them around, it is a good price and I hope you can get your hands on one.


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