Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yes We Have A Turkey

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving from our Family to yours, hoping your day is filled with love, laughter and the blessings of a wonderful day.

Today we took an unexpected sprint to the store in search for the perfect turkey, yes we should have already had one ready for the oven and we did, only problem is my Dad thawed it out just a bit too soon and I took one look at it saying, I don’t think so.

Jimmy was adamant that we not leave the giblet bag inside so he hurriedly removed it before disposing of the whole mess as I had instructed him to do beforehand, the trip to the store left us trying our best to outmaneuver the man with the buggy blocking the fresh turkeys in the case, while he turned to ask the store clerk if this was the biggest turkey they had, Jimmy snagged the 22 1/2 pounder just as the clerk informed the man with the buggy that yes that one was, so with a hard glare he settled for the one a couple pounds smaller, knowing that when in doubt place it in your basket while asking questions.

The Turkey is baked and looking excellent, the pies are waiting, and the time is set for our Daughter to arrive along with her husband and a couple of my brothers and sister in law, our day will be great and from Jimmy and I..
Happy Thanksgiving and if you need a turkey it’s just about too late.


  1. Thanks so much Cindy!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family...

  2. Enjoy that Big Bird and I wish you all a most wonderful day!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  3. Happy Turkey day!! 22 1/2 lbs of turkey munching bliss! Heaven!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving Jimmy!

  4. Awwwwww...thank you, Cindy!

    And I'm so happy to hear you got a turkey - yaaaay!

    I just wanted to stop by before I leave for the day, and wish you, Jimmy, and your family a Happy Thanksgiving Day!


  5. It pays to be quick on the draw. Here's to you and your family having a wonderful day, and be sure to eat up.

  6. Hope y'all are having a wonderful day together!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to all your family and friends!

  8. Thank You all, Cindy worked her rear off and made this day great, the food was good the family time was fun and our bellies are still full.

    You did good Cindy :^)

  9. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  10. HI Cindy **waving hand furiously!**

    I hope you guys had a great day. We actually did our dinner with our daughter on Wednesday night since they all had plans on Thursday but it was great. Hope yours was too.

  11. Man What a BIG BIRD!!! Was it Yellow and Sang Songs?

    Happy Thanksgiving Bro!


  12. Good job on snagging that turkey! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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