Sunday, January 23, 2011

Accosted By A Goat

During a trip to Oak Glen, Ca with the kids we happened upon the Zoo, now you just can’t go wrong with the zoo…Right? Benjamin was truly enjoying the zoo, being his first time amongst animals other than the family dogs, and right in the middle we found the petting zoo, live animals up close and personal, what could be better.

There were Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh, my! Well maybe not, but there were Sheep, and piggies, and goats! Oh, my! And the little black piggy that continued running around from person to person, really made a pig out of himself stealing all the food from all the other animals, I could actually see why he was bigger than all the rest, Benjamin really had a ball here, laughing and touching all the animals.

Now as with any petting zoo you have signs stating things like, “These animals are on a special diet, feed only food bought from here”, “Do not harm animals, they are living creatures too”, “Do not approach a wild bear if you happen upon one, lay down and cover your head while playing dead”, maybe this sign was somewhere else but you get the idea, I have no problem with these rules but where are the signs for the animals to read? I mean there should be limits on what they can do to the visitors too.

While leaning down attempting to feed the piggy who was stealing all the food from Cindy, his accomplice approached from behind, a small goat actually crept up behind Cindy and began rifling through her pocketbook, I snapped a picture but didn’t actually catch him red handed…or hoofed, I just know at the end of the day Cindy was missing just enough money to buy one more cup of food, I bet he and Mr. Piggy shared the extra cup.

While getting up close to another, Cindy almost lost her shirt as this goat accosted her, not really sure that he would have looked good with Cindy’s shirt, he could have at least offered her a petting zoo tee in trade rather than just yanking on her shirt, I wonder if maybe he was in cahoots with the other two and was pulling her shirt up to look into her pocket?
Then there was the goat with the itchy head, just walked right up behind me and began scratching his head on my crutches, this was funny until he almost pushed it away from me, I politely asked him to stop and he gruffed then walked away, no more than he had left that another started scratching his head.

A bit further up the trail we got heckled by a bigger goat who was not so nice, he rammed the cage door with his horns and made some sounds that I shouldn’t repeat here, Elisa had to step in and explain to him that he shouldn’t be saying Baaddd words in front of the baby, I got a laugh when she told him to straighten up because if the chickens started using fowl language then it would be his fault, glad I didn’t get the blame for this one.
At the end of the day Benjamin was pooped, he used Granny’s shoulder to recharge his batteries so to say as we walked back to the van, we had fun taking Benjamin to his first ever zoo visit, animals up close and personal and he enjoyed every one, well almost every one anyway, the Baaddd one did startle him a bit, we never saw any wild bears and we all kept our shirts.
Benjamin and I had a little talk while everyone else was getting into the van, he should be able to come visit Granny and Papa more often he was telling me and he also said that he thought he would look good in a hat just like Papa’s.


  1. got to watch out for them goats they eat anything

  2. So cute. Kids make it all worthwhile. I love goats. They are so soft but can be little shits! Fun story.

  3. I can't believe how big he is getting. It seems like he was just born!

    And I've always heard those billy goats are gruff and now I'm finding out they are theives to boot! You just don't know who to trust any more!

    Thoroughly enjoyed this post Jimmy!

  4. Yep Becca, They do seem to do that :^)

    Barb, I agree it is a whole lot more fun with the kids, children and goats too :) both can be a bit ornery at times.

  5. Hey Peg, It does seem like yesterday that we went out there for his birth, he has such a happy attitude about him.

    Those goats were so funny we all had a blast.

  6. What a fun day! I still love taking my kids to the zoo. The animals never fail to do something amusing while we are there.

  7. OMG I love that last photo. Priceless.

  8. Good Morning Cocotte, Like you I always love taking the kids out like this, I can hardly wait for their next trip here.

    Hey Tress, That picture came out so good I think I will blow it up and hang it on my wall.

  9. Thanks for this outing! I had fun too. The goats are always my favorite.

    Ohhhhhh, that last picture of Benjamin is just too wonderful!

  10. OMG, you're not going to believe this Jimmy, but this is the second post I've read today where someone had gone to the zoo - no kidding!

    And I LOVE going to the zoo! Especially a petting zoo.

    Oh, how fun! I would have particularly enjoyed the pigs because I adore them. A good friend of mine in Florida actually had a pot-belly pig as a pet. It was VERY aggressive when it was hungry - HA!

    Love the shot of the goat eating Cindy's shirt - how funny! And that last photo of Benjamin is ADORABLE!

    Thanks so much for sharing, buddy! Enjoyed it!

    Happy Monday to you and Cindy!

  11. What an adorable boy! And what a fun day. I took my daughter to a petting zoo when she was about 3. A goat ate half of her dress off. She hates goats to this day!

  12. Hey Betty, So glad you came along for our little outing, the goats always make you laugh and that picture of Benjamin is my new favorite :^)

    Ron, The one Pig we ran into was everywhere, he wasn’t missing a thing or anyone Ha Ha, Pigs actually are very smart animals from what I have seen.

    The goat almost got away with it because Cindy didn’t notice what he was doing at first; we had such a good time.

    Thank You Buddy glad you enjoyed it.

    Hey Linda, I can see why she would hate them after going through that, I’m just proud Cindy got away before she was minus a shirt.

  13. Oh my! I HATE goats with a passion! But reading this reminded me of a time when my Grandmother had a goat. He ate all the washing from her washing line, and began choking, so, of course the vet was called. A bit of elastic from her underwear had become caught around one of his back teeth!
    Then, my Father, trying to be clever, tied him with a rope to the grass outside of her house to graze, but the beast ate through the rope! Finally, he was chained up, but that did no good as it ate the gravel on the drive, so again the vet had to be called.
    I'm not sure what happened next, but I remember coming home one day and being told that "he had run away to be a sailor"!

  14. Hey Emily, And a fine sailor I am sure he turned out to be Ha Ha, I don't think I would want one around the house as my neighbor had a few for a while and they seemed to be more trouble than they were worth, in a petting zoo they are fun though :)


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