Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Don’t Do Windows

I have mentioned my Sister to you before, once in my last post and quite a while back in Looking Back, Friday is her Birthday so with this in mind let me go a bit further and tell you a little more about her, her name is Melissa and when she was born my Brother and I had a hard time pronouncing her name, so we just called her Sissy, pushing fifty, Ok I’ll say forty something years later she is still Sissy, heck all the nieces and nephews even call her Aunt Sissy, I don’t think her grandbabies call her Granny Sissy, but I could most likely convince them to do so.

Sissy has always been an animal lover, she would save any animal out there who was lost, and some that didn’t even know they needed saving, for example I remember a time when a whole litter of kittens followed her home from school, box and all with the Mama cat and a few toys to boot, I really don't think these were too lost and now that she is grown, I really think that opening an animal rescue facility would be something she could master, her kids have told me of times when Sissy would stop the car and go after a stray dog, she would be crossing a parking lot trying to coax this dog into her car, and when asked why she was doing this her answer would always be “Because he is hungry”, if I ever win the lottery this will be one of the things on my list, “Buy Sissy and animal rescue facility”

When we were teens, we went up on the mountain to go swimming, there was a place with a vine that hung out over the river, we would take turns swinging out and dropping into the river, Sissy was not a swimmer so I never expected for her to take a swing on the vine, but yet she did and rather than hold on and swing back in, she dropped down into the deep water, she was not coming to the top and a young man dove in and floated with her in tow back to the top, with her arms around his neck and his around her waist, everyone was clapping at the lifesaving routine we had just witnessed, then all of a sudden everyone noticed that her tube top was around her waist, yep she was now totally topless and exposing everything she had right into this young mans face, yep they were both red-faced and we still laugh about this from time to time.

After I moved to New Mexico and was working at the service station my Dad owned Sissy came for a visit, my Dad gave her a job helping wash the cars, now just to fill you in I want you to know how serious my Dad was about cleaning these cars, when he was finished you couldn’t even see the windows because they were so clean, and the cars smelled like a brand new one that had just rolled off the showroom floor.

Sissy was on her knees in the backseat of a customers car wiping the back glass, and as you have already figured this glass was just not coming clean enough to suit my Dad, Sissy cleaned it over and over a number of times, to have our Dad only come out and point to the streaks telling her to clean it again, he got a bit angry and started yelling so she suggested that he should do it himself.

By God I’ll show you how easy it is to clean these windows, you just have to pay attention and do it right, he is yelling at her as he is spraying the glass cleaner, all of a sudden you hear the fizz, splat, and sputter of the glass cleaner running out, he turns and throws the empty can across the bay and yells at Sissy to get him another can, she jerks around and reaches for the can sitting on the tire changer, right next to the new can of Sprayway Glass cleaner is a tall can of WD-40, the can is about the same height and the color is close, and yes she did.

Dad is on his knees spraying the back glass when I walked up, Sissy was going out the door rather fast, he is shaking the can and cussing because the cleaner is not foaming up, about that time he noticed the smell and looked at the label, also about that same time I suddenly found myself driving away from the station with Sissy laughing in the front seat, it was time to take her to lunch, and she never had to wash another window at the station.
Happy Birthday Sissy.


  1. Awwww...Sissy sounds like an awesome lady!

    Anyone who is an animal lover is TOP KNOTCH in my book!

    "her tube top was around her waist, yep she was now totally topless and exposing everything she had right into this young mans face.."


    You GO, girl!

    Wishing you a faaaaaaaabulous birthday! And remember, you're not older...your getting better, like fine wine!

    Happy Birthday!

  2. you have the best stories and aunt sissy sounds like a wonderful woman

  3. What a great story. Thank you for letting us in on it. Hugs.

  4. Sissy sounds like my kind of friend! She is going to love this expose' on her!

  5. What great memories you have growing up. Thanks for sharing your sissy with us!

  6. Love these stories of Sissy! Sounds like my kind of gal! Early Happy Birthday to her!

  7. What an excellent story! Love it!

  8. I adore your sister Sissy! Anybody who is an animal nut is my type of person. I think she's lucky to have you too, Jimmy!

  9. Thank you everyone, I appreciate your kind words about my Sissy :^) She has a good heart and I do love her, I think she knows this.

  10. LOVE IT!!! My Sister is a Sissy too!

    Happy Birthday Sissy! Ummm.. Your Sissy--not mine.

    Loved the Tube top story. So Innocent and I couldn't imagine the embarrassment!! She sounds like a real Swinger--ar ar!


  11. Thank You Chief, I appreciate you Sir

    John, We just have to love those Sissy's don't we :) I think that was her last attempt at swinging too Ha Ha

  12. That was a great story! Very funny! As if I was there watching it all unfold and trying not to laugh out loud!


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