Monday, January 10, 2011

In The Wrong Line

Don’t you just love shopping at Wally World, yep me too that is the main reason I stay right here when Cindy goes, but yesterday she informed me that it was not going to be that easy for me this time around.

Going into the front door you always have the door greeter who is either overly friendly, “HELLO Welcome to Wally World, I sure hope your day is going so well that you can’t stand it, here let me stick a smiley face sticker on you” or the one who is there but would rather be anywhere else, “Welcome to Wally World, here’s your *$#% Basket” yesterday we got neither, just a glare and a mumble, I think he said “Welcome to Wally World” it was either that or a vulgar term that I don’t want to repeat.

You know how it is once you grab a basket, it will cost a minimum of one hundred bucks to get out the door, Cindy’s Dad asked if we would pick him up a roll of snuff while we were there, no problem adding one item to the basket..Right? There is only one register where you can pick up tobacco, this is a twenty items or less line, so with a hundred dollars or more in the basket we can’t check out here, and they wont allow you to carry the tobacco away to another register because you have to pay for it right there, so this leaves us going through the line twice at two different registers.

Rather than stand in line with a hundred dollars worth of goodies that they wont check out because there are more than twenty items, I chose to stand back and wait for Cindy, while waiting I am leaning on the basket next to a few TV’s that were for sale in the middle of the aisle, a woman comes up behind me and is looking over my shoulder, she just stands there for a while talking to her kids so I figured she was waiting for someone in line too, next thing I know she throws her hands into the air and starts yelling, “Come on kids, I’m not standing here no longer, we will find another line because this man hasn’t moved in fifteen minutes”, she storms off and gets in line at the register.

When it came time to check out I pushed our loaded down cart up to the registers, I picked one that would allow more than twenty items, one where no one was just lingering, and also one that actually had a person ringing up the items, the self checkout lanes I avoid due to thinking that if I am going to be checking items out at Wally World then I should be on the payroll, we went over the hundred dollar limit so it was legal for us to leave the store.

On our way out I kept looking for the lady who stood behind me while I was waiting for Cindy, I really expected to see her sitting behind a parked car waiting for it to move, If it took her that long to realize she was standing in the wrong line, or actually not in one at all, I can just imagine the trouble she had getting out of the parking lot.

Don't you just hate getting into the wrong line?


  1. I am the determining factor relating to how slow a line goes. If you ever see me get into a line, even if it's short, go elsewhere! The people in front of me ALWAYS slip into slow motion at the mere sight of me!

    Hey, I was in your neck of the woods (I think) on Saturday. We met some friends at an RV campgroud by Beaumont. Cherry Lakes, I think was the name...

  2. Oh Jimmy...we have to go to Walmart this week and I dread just thinking about it. Cringe. Stress. White Knuckles. I really hate shopping there but when you are about to be homeless you stretchhhhh that buck.

  3. haha we both were inspired by trips to wal-mart how cute though your post is way better

  4. OMG, I have NEVER been to a Wally World, but after reading this post I don't think I want to go into one - HA!

    The only thing I can compare this to are the experiences I ALWAYS have at K-Mart. Everytime I go into one I always say that I will never go into one again.

    I have a habit of changing checkout lines in a store because I'm so impatient. I'll stand in one line and get impatient because it's not moving fast enough, so then I jump over to another line, and then THAT line starts to move slow, so I jump back to another line, and then THAT line starts to move slow.


    Hope you're having a great time with your family, buddy!

    Tell Cindy I said Hi, okay?

  5. Hey Pat, I think that we have the same luck when it comes to choosing a line to stand it, Yes Sir it appears you were most likely within a mile or two of our house if I am thinking of the right RV park, the Wal-Mart in Beaumont is the one I was talking about.

  6. I can relate Barb, I do all I can to avoid it myself, but there are some things that you almost think are worth going there for..Did I say that out loud?

  7. Hey Becca, That is so cool and we both even referred it as Wally World, I however failed to take pictures :^)

  8. Ron, I have about the same luck in K-mart too, although I can say I have never had anyone fall in behind me there thinking I was in line Ha Ha, I am too patient for my own good at times, I will just stay right where I am unless Cindy drags me to another line because she will move if the line isn’t :^)

    Cindy’s Sister made it in today. And the preparations for the party are still going strong; I am almost finished with the tasks assigned to me.

    Cindy says Hi Buddy!!!

  9. LOL - always an experience when shopping at Wally's! Last time I was there, the woman in front of me had her credit/debit card refused. Her total was only around $20 and you should have seen her with her huge purse, unzipping hundreds of pockets, pulling out spare change and singles. It took her 10 mins, but she finally came up with the cash to pay.

  10. Hahhahahhhahhhh (gasp) (gasp)...Oh boy!
    I can so completely relate to this post. I could have written it....(although you have more of a flare and humor to your writing. Mine may have been a tad more cynical;))

  11. That is hilarious!!! People can be so dumb.

  12. My theory is to never move. Never. Cashiers call me to come to another line and I stay in the one I am in. There have been some hairy experiences in the past that have caused me to stick to this present policy. Don't ask about it or I may have to come to your house and have a therapy session about it.

  13. Cocotte, I have watched folks do this so many times, it is amazing how much change is in the bottom of some of those bags.

    Hey Dawn, I bet we all could do a Wal-mart post or two Ha Ha, it would be fun to compare all of our experiences.

    Tress, A lot of people sure make you wonder, then there are the others that just scare the heck out of you :^)

    Hey Betty, It makes sense to me if I stay in one line also, simply due to the fact that everyone runs to the newly opened one, and I just don’t like being trampled.

  14. Oh I love and hate Wal-Mart ( here in Florida their prices are skyrocketing in the food dept)..
    and our greeter wears her yellow sticker in the middle of her forhead.. good grief!!

    I always end up with the cashier who has no probleming saying how bad her day, job, husband, life are. Such a picker-upeer to go to Wally-World!!!!

  15. I have never been to a Walmart in my life. I think I'm missing one of life's great experiences. I don't even think we have them. We have K-Mart, but Walmart sounds like it's much more interesting.

  16. Hey Lynne, I can just see the greeter with a smiley sticker on her forehead, we sure could use one like that here :)

    Linda, I think Wally World is kind of like K-Mart on steroids Ha Ha

  17. Jimmy you KNOW how many times I've written about Wally world... nuf said!

  18. Hey Peg, I think we all have done so at least once :)


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