Friday, January 28, 2011

Keeping It To Myself

Cindy and I drove to town today and made a stop by the post office, we got a notice in the mail yesterday that we had something to pick up, now why the mail lady didn’t just hand Cindy the box instead of stopping and writing up a notice to hand to her is beyond my train of thought, just glad our regular mailman will be back soon.

Waiting until the next day to pick up something that you have no idea what it could be can be nerve rattling, neither of us had ordered anything so it couldn’t be that, nor had we ticked anyone off so there shouldn’t be any papers requesting that we give up our first born, so I figured the kids were safe, you know I actually lost sleep last night worrying about what could be at the post office, well maybe not but I was excited to find out.

To our surprise there was no envelope from Nigeria with the big check from Mrs. Nigerian Widowed Queen, you know the one who was supposed to deposit money in our account out of the goodness of her heart, there was however a box filled with friendship, kindness and the best tasting White Trash to come out of Georgia, I was so surprised to get this package from a dear friend and Blogging buddy, yes you know who you are, and I actually prefer the White Trash and friendship over a check.
I think I will sit out front and eat some of it tomorrow while the mail is being delivered, if it is our regular mail man I just may share, but if it’s the other I will just have to keep it to myself.


  1. Okay, I know what "white trash" is. I'm white trash! but what is white trash that you eat?

  2. Same question as Pat. Looks interesting

  3. White trash is delicous! Glad your package was a good one! Have a good weekend, Jimmy1

  4. How WONDERFUL, Jimmy!

    I got some White Trash from that 'blogging buddy' too - isn't it the BEST stuff you ever tasted? I had to put myself on rations so that I wouldn't eat the whole bag the first day!

    Hope you and Cindy are having an awesome weekend!

  5. Peg surprised me with some too! Now I'm a total addict! I love that stuff! She rocks!

  6. Hey Pat, I resemble that remark, as I was proudly raised white trash too.

    Hello Mynx, For both you and Pat it looks like Chex mix in a way but much better, it has peanuts, cheerios, chex, pretzel sticks, mini m&m’s and such all mixed up in white chocolate, and it is so good.

    Bijoux, You are so right in that it is delicious, this package was excellent, A good weekend to you also my Friend.

  7. Thank You Barb, Yes this was a nice surprise :^)

    Hey Ron, It is so hard to ration it too, heck I was sampling it before we got out of the post office parking lot Ha Ha Gotta Love White Trash and good blogging buddies too.

    Linda, I had a feeling someone would know who I was talking about, she does Rock that is for sure.

  8. I thought that it was some kind of "Trail Mix"!
    Well, that has settled that matter!
    Yes, I agree with you that there is nothing worse than getting a note from the mail-man telling you that a parcel was unabled to be delivered, please call at the Post Office in six hours time! That is the kind of message that we receive. Why six hours, is beyond me! There isn't that many people live around here for it to possibly take six hours. So, what does he do in the meanwhile?
    Hummm, probably sits and writes out these notes that half of the time I know that no parcel was delivered at 8:15 a.m. and why they are always so precise with the time. If only they were so reliable at other times.

  9. OK my questioned about what White Trash is was answered. Very nice surprise. I love getting ANY mail that isn't asking for money.

  10. Hey Alice, What I thought was strange is that Cindy was standing next to the Mailtruck, the maillady handed her the letters and then wrote out the notice to pick up the package "after 9AM--next day", go figure :^)

    I agree Tress, Any package not asking for money is a good one.

  11. Very weird that they would write out the notice and hand it to Cindy instead of bringing it with them! I'm glad you liked it. If I didn't share it I would have eaten it myself!!! Thanks for the compliments. You guys are awesome and I appreciate your friendship!

  12. I am so proud you shared Peg, Thank You so much my dear Friend, You Rock!!


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