Sunday, January 30, 2011

What If I Usta Could

What if? We have discussed this one before; you know like “What if I had done it this way instead where would I be today” this is one that really can’t be answered because if you had done it differently then, the whole path of your life would have changed, taking you to any place but where you are right now, my best answer to a What if is Why ask Why, because you are right where you are supposed to be.

And why do we ask why when in most cases you already know the answer, I have no problem with someone asking a question to something they don’t know, but when you ask something like “Why did this happen to me” you really may not have the complete answer but in my opinion this happened to you because you can handle it, a little self pity comes along for all of us, but never let it overtake your life.

Play with the hand the Good Lord deals you, because if you couldn’t handle it he wouldn’t have given it to you, we all have hardships and troubles, a lot of us are at our wits end so to say and wonder just how much lower it is to “Rock Bottom”, some of us have hit rock bottom and are on the way back up, but no matter how hard life is treating you, isn’t it true that you are getting closer to your loved ones, hardships cause you to bond with your loved ones, in one way or another.

I remember times when we were out of money and groceries were scarce, Cindy would take whatever we had left in the cupboards and refrigerator and combine the ingredients into a goulash or stew, this was always the best tasting meal and it was always filling and just enough to get us by for a few days, knowing we had nothing and pulling together what we had made us a lot closer, we would sit around the table with the kids, listening to them complain on how we didn’t have any meat in the meatless spaghetti, or how the goulash would be better with this or that, but the funny thing is they never went hungry and they always asked for seconds.

Remember when you used to do things like this? Heck some of us still are and that is OK, think back on the things you used to do and pick them back up, I used to read a lot but have not in quite a few years, after being blessed with a Kindle for Christmas I am now reading (in addition to your blogs), at least an hour per day, and I am enjoying this as much as I did when I was younger.

I used to do a bit of artwork, watercolors, pencil drawings and such, I made the comment to Cindy that I should get myself a drawing pad and see if I could still draw, heck it’s been nearly twenty five years since I have done any artwork, and I remember a time when I usta could draw, she passed this comment to Tim and Elisa who surprised me with a drawing pad and charcoal pencils, they even threw in some willow sticks and a couple erasers because they just knew I would need them, and they were so right.
My first attempt at a charcoal drawing resulted in a picture titled Papa’s Hat, what do you think, do you recognize the person?

In the times we are all going through now, we have to appreciate what we have and make do because better times are coming if we have faith, don’t ask Why am I going through this and What if things were different, if things were different then I would be doing things I usta could. Seriously do the best with what you have, enjoy your friends and family, pull together and pool your resources if that is what it takes to get by, there is no shame in that, read a book and relax and if the notion strikes do something you enjoy like picking up a pencil and sketching a memory that will last a lifetime.


  1. YES! That's a drawing of Benjamin, right?

    How cool, Jimmy! I had no idea you dabbled in art, but I'm not at all surprised because of the creative way you've designed your blog!

    You've spoken VOLUMES of truth in this post. VOLUMES! And I so agree, we wouldn't be given the hands we are given if we couldn't handle them. I've learned more from the times I've hit rock bottom, than from all the smooth and easy times in my life. I'm actually grateful for the challenging times I've been through.

    "we have to appreciate what we have and make do because better times are coming if we have faith..."

    You said it! Thanks for sharing this post, Jimmy! Much enjoyed!

  2. Hey Ron, Yes sir you are right, but yet I knew you would be :)

    Thank You my Friend I so appreciate your input and views, I am so proud you enjoyed this one.

  3. of many talents.:)

    Thanks for the reminder(s) here...although I am currently wallowing in self-pity,(and will be the 1st to admit it).... and wondering why it is I'm here at this place I'm in.
    Tomorrow is a new day, and I am truly grateful to be learning through it all...even though it stinks at most times!

    Another encouraging post! I feel I should pay you a counselling fee;)

  4. what a wonderful post and it's true things from our past can once again be enjoyable. also great drawing you are a very talented gentleman glad to see you enjoying these things again.

  5. You always have such a positive outlook on life, Jimmy. God bless you! I will take your advice to heart.

  6. I'm trying Jimmy. I'm trying. That's a good sketch for someone who hasn't done it in 25 years.

  7. I wrote a post about this very topic the other day (If I Wrote Myself A Letter) Bottom line, if I could warn myself from going through this or that...I wouldn't do it because there were great things that happened in my life as an indirect result of the bad thing.

    I encouraged my readers to make a list like I did in hopes it would make the "bad things" seem like stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks.

  8. What a great drawing Jimmy! I'm glad you're getting to rediscover some things you used to enjoy. And as always, I love your outlook on life.


  9. you've got some talent there my friend! I've got NONE in that area at all. drawing a circle is a challenge for me.
    Meatless spaghetti! Oh yeah, had that on more than one occasion. I also remember having nothing but ketchp to put on it...NASTY! But hey, it was food!

  10. Hey Dawn, Sometimes we get there and it’s not easy to come back quickly, try finding a positive in each negative, no matter how small a positive is it is still a positive and these things help us along.

    Tomorrow is a new day and even though things may stink a bit, the positive is you are learning from the experiences.

    Thank you Dawn and there is no charge for my opinions :^)

    Thank You Becca, Sometimes we let things that we used to enjoy remain dormant, funny how easy it is to pick them back up.

    Bijoux, It pays to try and look at the positives no matter how hard it is, if we can do this life may not flow any easier but we sure don’t take it as hard.

    Hey Barb, Keep trying my Friend, things will turn around for you I have faith, and Thank You for your nice comment on the drawing.

  11. Yes Sam, Making your stumbling blocks into stepping-stones is the way to go, there are life lessons in our hard times but the bad thing is we sometimes never see them, like you if I had the choice to go back and do things over, most likely I would do them all the same, otherwise just where would I be.

    Thank You Spot, I appreciate you my Friend, doing these things again just goes to show that all is not lost, if you can exercise your mind with these activities you enjoyed in the past just makes the future look better.

    Hey Pat, Thank You Sir, I remember the meatless spaghetti on more than one occasion, I also remember being down to oatmeal and eating it for nearly a week, was even making it for the dog, funny thing is I still like oatmeal, spaghetti not so much.

    Chief Dad, there is the problem man, you have to throw the ruler away and get yourself a good stick :^)

  12. This is just about one of the best posts I have ever read. I seem to keep saying that about you!!! You are in Full stride Jimmy and Cindy--You bless us all beyond compare.

    Awesome my friend....and by the way--- could have done your Blog differently--HA HA!!!

    Love ya Bro,

    God Bless,


  13. Oh--Jimmy: My worst in College was Mustard "Sammiches". We ran out of Bologna before Mustard and Bread!!! Those times mean more to me know than the Bountiful ones!!

  14. Thank You John, Man I am so blessed and honored by your kind words and friendship, I do appreciate you Bro, you are a good man.

  15. John, I have been there too my Friend, you have to appreciate what you have even if it is just a mustard sammich, they sure got us to where we are now :)


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