Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Just what is on your mind when are thinking about nothing? Someone asks, What are you thinking about? And you answer, Nothing, now come on how many times is it that there is absolutely nothing on your mind?

In the back of your mind aren’t you always thinking about something? No matter how small or insignificant it may be you are still thinking about something, it may be something you don’t really want to talk about at the time, but in reality something is actually always on your mind.

A penny for your thoughts, how many times have you been asked this? And the scenario of giving someone your two cents worth in reply to this only leaves a penny lost in the transaction of revealing your thoughts.

And to make matters worse, just think if someone offers a penny for your thoughts and you have nothing on your mind, wouldn’t there be a penny lost in the transaction just the same as if you had given your two cents worth.

Words of wisdom come and go, pennies from heaven fall and money is sometimes offered for your thoughts, whether sincere or not, much appreciation is given for these offers, so with this said how about a virtual penny for your two cents worth today.
This entire thought process coming to you from a man who has nothing on his mind right now.


  1. HAHA...Are you SURE there's nothing on your mind?!?
    Too funny...I ask my kids all the time what they're thinking- and 99% of the time there IS nothing. Grrr...how can that be? Seriously?
    Then again...this is all coming from a girl who never shuts her brain off. I would be rich if someone offered me a penny for every thought. Very, very rich;)

    So.....still have nothing on your mind? Penny for YOUR thoughts.....

  2. My mind is extreemly full but goes at a rate I cannot keep up with. So like,...does that make me a millionaire?

  3. OMG! I read Dawn's comment after I wrote mine! Great minds think alike. Or is it that only women have great minds? Aww Jimmy, you're gonna delete this comment aren't you?

  4. Hahaha...Those nothing thoughts can get you into trouble!!

  5. I'd be rich if someone paid me for all those 2 a.m. thoughts I can't turn off!

    But right now I'm thinking about breakfast and then I have to get to the store and buy some food and other necessities.

  6. I am always thinking something. Even if its nothing of importance, there is always something on my mind.

  7. my mind is a dark scary place and should be enter with caution

  8. No one asks me any more because they know I will tell them!!!

  9. OMG, I wish I could flick a switch and turn my mind off sometimes because I'm always thinking about something.

    I should probably start a piggy bank by placing a penny inside it everytime I have a thought...

    ....I'd be RICH in a month!

    Have a great Wednesday, buddy!

  10. When does a thought actually become yours?

    Answer: and this is deep and concerns thoughts vs. sin:

    Only when you keep it!!! Then Dwell on it--then Fantasize about it--then ACT on it!

    How teoll--thooolog--thel: DEEP is that!

    But that just MY 2 CENTS!!


  11. When I was at school I was quite good at blanking off usually when I was pondering a problem, I'd just stare at something until it went blurry I wasn't really thinking about anything in particular not even the problem I was just switching my mind to idle to rest a bit . I had a a concerned teacher ask me once if I was OK, I think he was worried that I was having a Petit mal seizure. Usually after a bit of idle time I could turn my attention back to the task at had as if it was never a problem.

  12. Problem is, I am usually in some weird place in the the thought process when someone asks me that. It's like the what did you dream about question. My thoughts are all over the place, morphing like crazy and it's impossible to pin them down to just one thought. is it just me??? (maybe i'm a little more ADD than I would like to think.)

  13. Hey Dawn, I’m afraid that there just may be something on my mind..it’s just moving so fast I am not sure what it is :^)

    “Nothing” I think this is a standard answer from the kids, same with ours in the past.

    MC, It would be so cool if we actually got money for our thoughts, I may not come out with as much money as you and Dawn but I think a few bills would get paid Ha Ha

    With this said I would never delete you for having a great mind :^)

    Yes Barb, Those nothing thoughts can make you think about things you shouldn’t be thinking about.

    Bijoux, Many thoughts do come around about 2 a.m. so many that a penny each would be worth it.

    Hey Tress, No matter how big or small there is always some type of thought there for everyone.

  14. Becca, Dark and scary thoughts sometimes dwell within all of us.

    Yes Betty, I have come to notice this with my kids, they seem to not ask anymore because they already know what I am thinking :^)

    Hey Ron, I have had that thought before about flipping my mind off, but just about then a good thought comes along Ha Ha I bet the pennies would add up quickly for all of us :^)

    John, Interesting thought on “When does a thought actually become yours?” pretty deep for sure but very wise indeed, here’s your penny in change for the two cents :^)

    Chibi Janine, Petit mal seizure or daydreaming happens with many of us, I still tend to wander off into my thoughts leaving everyone around thinking I am ignoring them.

    Hey Dreamfarm Girl, Very interesting outlook and so true, sometimes when asked there are so many going through your mind that one can’t be pinned down, you just may have answered the Nothing question, Good to see you my Friend.

  15. When my grand daughter was about 4, we were having a party and my husband found her sitting alone on the staircase. He asked her "What are you doing, Arianna?" She looked at him and answered "I'm breathing, Alex."

  16. Here's my two cents worth ( ). Oh, guess I didn't have anything on my mind either!

  17. No charge my friend!! :-) Keep the change!


  18. I can honestly say that when I have nothing on my mind, it is a blank... Well, maybe full of "white noise" is more like it...

    This makes me very happy! There was a time when I couldn't go to sleep because there was so much stuff going on in my head. I'm not saying, it still isn't going on, but now it's happening way in the background...

  19. Hey Linda, The simple knowledge that the youngsters’ share with us is amazing isn’t it :^)

    SuziCate, I am sure there is more there than you are letting on.

    John, Thank You Sir :^)

    Pat, I can relate, as I get older it seems those things I used to worry about is further in the background.


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