Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cooking With Bob And Martha

It’s been a while since we talked about Bob and Martha hasn’t it, so without further ado, here is what happened Saturday evening.

Cooking at Bob and Martha’s is serious business, Martha should actually be on TV competing with RR because she makes it look so easy, and yes the meals are always good, I have to shoot high on my insulin dose just so I can enjoy the meal, or sneak a bit of dessert.

Welcome to Cooking with Bob and Martha, sponsored by “The Ninja Food Processor” brought to you by Ninja Kitchen, it’s the handiest and the dandiest kitchen tool you've ever seen, its not a slicer, not a dicer, not a chopper in a hopper! What in the h…, sorry that’s another product but Bob does like the Ninja, and he truly impressed us with his salsa making skills, by combining a counter full of fresh ingredients into a small container of the best tasting stuff that’ll surely make your eyes blink on the first taste.

Their Guest cook this day was Cindy who brought along the ingredients for her famous Hamburger Queso, a dish that went well with the salsa Bob made, after combining the grilled hamburger patties (that I actually cooked) into a casserole dish, and adding all of her secret ingredients the dish was ready to place into the oven, what ingredients went into the dish you ask, heck I don’t know but they sure taste good when Cindy throws them all together.

Now since this is not really TV the baking process will take more than five minutes, so we have a “Sitting at the table” guest to sit down with us and discuss everything but genealogy, mainly because this is only an hour episode and genealogy takes more than an hour. Bob’s Sister Kathy sat down and told us things we all need to know, and corrected a few misunderstandings we had about life in general.

She told us all about a cool restaurant she and Martha had visited, it was so good and they baked tortillas right in front of you, I thought this was pretty impressive and asked the name of the place, Kathy couldn’t remember, I asked if there was like a plate glass window so you could see the cooks, she told me No but she did see two of the cooks while she was standing in line, she said they were behind a wall “Doing It”, Doing it? I asked, now you are telling me you saw a couple of the cooks “Doing It”, she went on to tell me how they began to sing once they finished doing it also. Now for all of you who are wondering like I was, she informed me that cooking tortillas is what they were doing and ended the interview by taking a call from the church, man I hope I’m not in trouble for that little misunderstanding.

Now that the main dish is cooking Martha prepared to prepare the rice, she yelled for Kathy to retrieve the rice from the pantry, Kathy ended her call and went into the pantry, after what seemed like forty five minutes of rattling boxes and dropping cans on the floor, she came out with the news that there was no rice. Martha turned and looked at Bob, evidently he was supposed to pick up rice on the way home from work:

Martha: Bob where is the rice?

Bob: What rice?

Martha: The white rice, you were supposed to pick up.

Bob: I was supposed to pick up rice?

Martha: Yes you said you would get the rice.

Bob: No I said I would fix the rice, Kathy get me the rice out of the pantry.

Kathy: What rice?

Martha grabbed some beans and not only did she fry them once, she liked it so well she decided to fry them again, along with some secret ingredients I believe she made some of the best refried beans ever, they actually went with the Hamburger Queso and salsa better than the invisible rice.

Martha also threw together a fabulous salad that had all kinds of fancy green things in it, she had gadgets on the counter for chopping, gadgets for peeling, gadgets for extracting the juices out of a lime, gadgets that I am not sure belonged in the kitchen, and Bob had his arm around the Ninja yelling “Mine”, Cindy and she discussed adding fruit, this broke into a yelling match on the differences in a fruit salad and a green salad so to keep this show environmentally friendly we stayed green, and Martha sneered at Cindy while she put the fruit away.

Now close your eyes and imagine the look of this fine meal, OK now open your eyes until you finish reading, then you can imagine the fine layout on the table, five place settings immaculately displayed on the table with a meal thrown together with the help of everyone, don’t you just love teamwork.

Now without further ado, I bid you adieu for this episode of Cooking With Bob And Martha.


  1. Ok. Let me see if I've got this right. We've been singing WHILE we do it. Are you saying we should be singing AFTER? ~ gosh i sure do love learning new things.

  2. Since my Mom moved to Florida last year, me and my kids would met at her house once a month for a "Cooking with the Kids" meal.. Such, zaniness, good food and conversation took place during those meals. I love this segment here of Cooking with B&M.. More?

  3. yum sounds amazing totally need to post recipes

  4. Oh, this post made me very, very hungry. I want to know the secret ingredient!!!

  5. I so want the Queso and salsa recipes, but geez you made me hungry! Sounds like a good time.

  6. OMG, Bob and Martha truly DO need to have their own cable T.V. cooking show. Not only does this food sound incredibly delicious, but the two of them together are a HOOT!

    "she said they were behind a wall “Doing It”, Doing it? I asked, now you are telling me you saw a couple of the cooks “Doing It”."

    Bwhahahahahahaha! Hilarious, Jimmy!

    Thanks for the laughs and the yummy food descriptions - now I'm HUNGRY!

    Have a super Wednesday, bud!

  7. This sounds like a very fun event! And a very funny post too!

  8. Hey MC, I guess it’s worth it as long as doing it makes you sing, making tortillas must be really fun, I’m going to have to give it a try.

    Lynne, The Cooking With The Kids routine sounds like so much fun, isn’t it crazy how much you can enjoy these times with family and friends, as far as Cooking with Bob and Martha goes you know there will be more :^)

    Hey Becca, The recipes will have to be a post from Cindy, I know I’d mess it up and will have to refer this one to the expert :^)

    Yes Barb, We always end up with a plate full of fun when we get together with them.

    Hey Betty and Krissy, it is looking like Cindy is going to have to do a recipe post doesn’t it. :^)

    Ron, I had such a hard time keeping a straight face while she was telling this story, it got worse when I questioned her because she was so serious, until it dawned on her what was said, then she straightened me right out Ha Ha

    Thank You Linda, It was a blast indeed :^)


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