Saturday, February 5, 2011

Parental Orientation

Can a Gay or Lesbian couple raise children properly and does a person’s sexual orientation have any bearing on whether or not they can be a parent? According to the Bible Homosexual relationships are not allowed so we should deny these couples any sort of rights, And should a parent deny their childs gay lover from coming to their home? Some of these questions came up in a discussion earlier and to me the answers although difficult for some, are really worth thinking about.

Can a Gay or Lesbian couple raise children properly and does a person’s sexual orientation have any bearing on whether or not they can be a parent? With this said, I also ask Can a straight couple raise children properly? A persons sexual orientation has nothing to do with parenting in my opinion, raising a child properly comes with how you parent not how you got to be a parent, I have known both straight and gay parents, some of the straight ones I would never leave my children with, I remember a lesbian couple when my kids were small who had four children, these kids were polite and the home they lived in was filled with love for the children and each other, I know in my heart these women were excellent parents who I would trust with my own.

I wholeheartedly believe in the Bible and we all should live our lives with the teachings as a guide, does the Bible say that people who are not straight are lesser people? I can’t say that I have ever read this as such, even though some interpret the Bible as saying so, I will let you know how I interpret that passage if I ever read it differently, but even if I do, I will still say do you really think God looks at anyone differently according to who they choose as a life partner? We are all Gods children and we should not judge one another in this manner.

Times are hard enough without discriminating against each other for being ourselves, I do not live a gay lifestyle and I would never condemn anyone for doing so, anyone who takes it upon themselves to deny anyone anything because they are not straight should be ashamed of themselves, if a same sex couple wants to live together and raise a family, how is this disrupting my family, and do I have any right to look down my nose at them for wanting the same thing I do, for heavens sake we should all be smart enough to know that a family is a family no matter if it is headed by a Mom and Dad, a Mom, a Dad, a Mom and Mom, or a Dad and Dad, it’s time we put all the foolishness aside and help each other.

Should a parent deny their Childs gay lover from coming to their home? This one depends on many factors, are you denying this person from visiting just because they are gay? Or are there other reasons, refusing to allow someone on your property is your business, if this person is an abusive type and has caused your child problems, then gay or straight something has to be done, in my opinion we shouldn’t mistreat anyone just because we don’t agree with their choice in partners, a person is confused enough when they start dating and they always seem to hide who they are seeing from their parents somewhat, but when they get serious and want you to meet who they have chosen, as parents we should be adult enough to allow our children to make their own choice, and stand behind their decisions.

I know there are the bad guys and girls we attempt to keep the kids away from, but have you ever noticed that the more you try to keep them away, the closer you actually push them in that direction. And do you really think that refusing to allow a same sex partner to come over for a visit will make your child not gay?

Gay or straight you have to be part of your childs life because life is hard, and refusing to allow our children to be themselves is a disservice you will regret later on, parenting is a hard job that is an on the job training thing, it doesn’t come with a manual and children are difficult no matter if the parent is gay or not, the lessons children learn depends on our parenting style regardless of our sexual orientation.

Straight parents, gay parents, single parents, or a mixture of all, we are all in this together and getting this generation raised without teaching them to hate, discriminate and judge is entirely up to us.


  1. I know what the Bible says and I believe all that is shown me there. I also know that it is not for us to judge. But what does being gay have to do with raising children. NOTHING! All a child really needs is love from their parents, and sexual orientation has nothing to do with how a person parents.

  2. Hey MC, I am with you here, I have read the Bible and it is all in how someone puts a spin on the words rather than reading what is said.

    All a child needs is love from their parents, gay or not a parent is still a parent.

    Thank You my Friend.

  3. excellent post jimmy and very well stated. all children need is love.

  4. One thing to consider is that children really do need both a mother and a father. It saddens me that society no longer finds fathers to be important.

  5. Being gay myself, I don't think I could have said this any more eloquently than you have, Jimmy.

    You've summed it up exactly as I would have shared. It doesn't matter whether the parents are opposite or same sex, all that matters is the care, respect and love that these parents give their children.

    And as far as God judging homosexuals?

    "do you really think God looks at anyone differently according to who they choose as a life partner?"


    Thank you for sharing this post, buddy! It's such an honor to know you. You're a good man.

    Hope you and Cindy are having a faaaaaabulous weekend!

  6. P.S. I like your new blog design changes. The background is AWESOME!

  7. Thank You Becca, If a child has a loving parent they will be happy, that’s what it is all about.

  8. Yes Bijoux, The ideal situation is with both a Mother and Father, but with the loss of one parent or the other, or a separation due to a parent coming out of the closet so to say, I think no parent should be judged nor made to feel they can’t raise children due to their choice of partners.

    “It saddens me that society no longer finds fathers to be important” this is a good point I think I will turn into a post, Thank You my Dear Friend.

  9. Hey Ron, Like you I don’t think anyone is judged on life choices in a negative manner unless those choices cause harm to others, lifestyle choices are an individual freedom so to say and just because I don’t live like you do doesn’t mean you are wrong.

    Parenting is an important job and I don’t think sexual orientation is on the requirement list.

    I Love that background myself Ron, and believe it or not it’s a picture I took right out my backdoor.

  10. Love is what it is all about! Who cares if a parent is gay or straight? There are a lot of kids out there who need love and security and they'd be the first to tell you they just want a home, with people who love them.

  11. Amen Betty, This is exactly what I am saying, it doesn't matter who a parent is as long as they give a child love and understanding.

  12. Very nicely written. Being straight does not give anyone credentials for parenting...nor does it give them the right to be judgmental of others. It saddens me that so many take the bible so literally yet they forget that sections about judging one another, they only remember what pertains to them. We're all in this world together and need to learn to love and support one another.

  13. Hey SuziCate, "We're all in this world together and need to learn to love and support one another." This says it all right there.

    I have a hard time with folks twisting the Bible to fit their views, it's good to stand up for what you believe, but not to the point where you think you are right to put down others at the same time.

  14. Very well said. I agree whole heartedly.

  15. Thank you so much, I appreciate you :)

  16. I could never teach the STOCK SS Class lesson on Homosexuality--in 20 I started my own lessons and never used the book provided. Standing Ovation Bro!


  17. John, I am honored my friend, these topics can't be covered in a book, it all comes from common sense and the heart, you did the right thing by throwing the book out.

    Thank You Sir.


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