Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Perspective Of A Lemon

When life gives you lemons just exactly what is it that you have, you know the old saying about making lemonade, but that is just a saying…, whether you have lemonade or a bunch of lemons is entirely up to you.

The first thing you need to make those lemons into lemonade is someone who will squeeze the lemons, and if your life is like mine it just goes to say that if you want something done right you have to do it yourself, so guess who will be squeezing the lemons.

And of course you need something to squeeze the juice into, having gathered a gallon jar, pitcher, container or whatever you have that will hold lemonade, you can squeeze the heck out of those lemons, roll them, pound them, slice them, dice them or whatever it takes to make you feel better and produce lemon juice, just do it and add the juice to your container, is this all it takes to make lemonade you ask, well if you think so then just take a sip and you will see life is still not that easy when you get in a hurry, and lemonade at this point in the game is not tasty, yes everything is sour when you overreact and get the cart ahead of the horse.

A little juice goes a long way so we have to add a bit of volume, thin it out so it wont taste so bad, kind of like you do with your problems, they don’t sound as bad when you have someone to help you with them, if only just to listen and share the load, OK back to the lemonade, lets add a gallon of ice cold water, this should thin the taste down to where it’s tolerable..Right?

Looking good and the amount is about right now, but we are still missing something, because the taste is still not there, you actually need to throw in something Hot and Sweet to make it all come together, hot to balance out the cold and sweet to balance the sour you ask, well this sounds good but that’s not exactly the reason, lets say you used about two cups of lemon juice, then this would be the amount of sugar to sweeten the recipe, now for the hot you need something to melt the sugar, so let’s add enough hot water to melt it all down before you pour it into your mixture, and after adding the hot don’t you think adding some ice would help us out, so throw in a hand full of ice.

Sounds pretty good don’t it? So stir it all up and pour yourself a glass, will it be OK to do it in this order, I’m not sure, but like everything else in life there is a proper order to do things, so we don’t overflow our pitcher lets get everything into perspective, don’t get everything backwards and add things before you have all your information together, jumping the gun in life is like doing this lemonade recipe backwards, your pitcher will definitely overflow and you will have a sticky mess with ice floating in it on the counter.

Melt the sugar in hot water first and pour it in your container, next add your freshly squeezed lemon juice and even throw in those lemon slices or lemon halves just to make it look pretty, add some ice if you want and after you do all of these things, you can now add that cold water to top off the pitcher, now you have taken those lemons life gave you and made lemonade, it may not have solved any problems but now that you have beaten the pulp out of those lemons and stirred everything until it is mixed well you should feel better, and look at the recipe you have for a sweet beverage that will come in handy when and if it ever gets hot outside.

Making lemonade is not that hard and neither is life, they are both only as difficult as you allow them to be, now if I can only find where I left those lemons…


  1. Good Perspective Jimmy!!!!
    And...I think I may add a splash of ...ummm..something to spice it up;)))

  2. I'm not a fan of lemons or lemonade, but if I use margaritas for my analogy... I DO love them, until they knock me on my butt. Then, the best thing I can do is shut up and sleep!

  3. Brava, Jimmy!

    This is one of those posts that I need to print out and hang next to my bathroom mirror, so I can read it every morning while I shave.

    What an AWESOME perspective!

    "Making lemonade is not that hard and neither is life, they are both only as difficult as you allow them to be..."

    Thank you for sharing this, buddy!

    Faaaaaaaabulous post!

    Hope you had a great weekend. Say Hi to Cindy for me!

  4. Yep it's all about our attitude and perspective. How we approach something in life and handle the things that come our way depends on our attitude. It can be the difference between sweet tasting lemonade, and bitter pulp.

  5. A cracking post, Jimmy. Loved it. You’re a very wise man.
    The recipe of life can be as sweet or as sour as you make it. It’s up to the individual to choose the one he wants. Me, I’ll opt for sweet lemonade any time. Have a great week.

  6. I must me making a keg a day of that lemonade then!!! Great post Jimmy!

  7. Now that's how you--GET 'R Done!

    Perfect instructions! And a perfect analogy of life. LK 8:38 A good measure, pressed (SQUEEZED (mine), down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into ... Give, and it shall be given unto you;

    Sweet 0r Sour???

    Love ya Bro--good to have ya back!


  8. Ummm that was Luke 6:38---I always want to Put Romans 8:38 into everything!~ LOL

  9. May you always have lots of lemons and lots of sugar in your life! It makes like interesting and sweet. Great post, Jimmy!

  10. I'm thinking it's all about reducing stress by the beating the "pulp" out of something! I used to go the batting cage to do that...
    Great post Jimmy! Life is indeed what we make of it!

  11. Or, you can be like me and take the easy way out and just buy Country Time!

  12. Oh goodness. I think I'll just be tossing my lemons in the trash.

  13. Wonderful attitude to have towards life.... and making lemonade!

  14. Life is what you make it right? Wonderful analogy Jimmy. I love the fact that you practice what you preach, you and Cindy are inspirations to the rest of us.


  15. Great post Jimmy. I love lemonade! And to "make it purty" I freeze lemon slices in ice cubes to serve it up.

  16. Life has been throwing a lot of lemons lately and I can't even drink lemonade! Soo needless to say, I've been eating a lot of fish!

    Love the post!

    (sorry I have been gone so long)


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