Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stepping On Toes

The blog you are reading is true,
No names have been changed, as I have written no names,
No animals were harmed, because no animals were used,
Toes most likely will be stepped on, and in that event remember,
Some things are your own fault, and I won’t be held responsible.

What is an opinion? In my mind an opinion is exactly that, it is what you think about something, not necessarily something you are trying to make others think, but a feeling that is yours, whether an opinion on politics or what is happening in the world, an observation on how well you remember something that happened in your very own past, or even what you thought should have happened when it all happened all at once, this thought is yours and yours alone..Right?

I myself have an opinion for a lot of things, as you already know, and I’ll be the first to point out that my mind is not always sharp as a tack but my memories are how I remember them and as we have talked in the past, you can have five different people experience a day together and at the end of the day there will be five different versions of what happened on that day.

I hate to be told that my memory of something that happened in the past is wrong simply because the accuser remembers it different, you don’t see me stepping into your head and mixing up your past memories, so please don’t stir up my thoughts any worse than they are already stirred.

Because I have a vent about something that hurt me way back when, doesn’t mean I am lashing out at you, if I pointed my finger into your direction and spouted my feelings then that finger pointing was meant for you, but if your name wasn’t mentioned then why in Gods name are you taking my opinions so personal and thinking that you have a right to get yourself all hurt over what I say.

And speaking of personal, this is a personal blog so I will talk about things that happen in my life, I will be making some minor changes that most will not notice in my writing, but if you got yourself all hurt over something that I may have said then you will be the one to notice the difference, so there you go..Nothing Personal OK.

Coming into the home I live is stepping on my turf so to say, so if something happens on my turf it is my Business whether you think it is or not, so just remember this when you step there because if I see something out of line I will be pointing it out, and if you get upset about this I am sorry but that is just how it is going to be.

My time is important to me, and my time with family and friends is a blessing, I love to read and to write my feelings, I am trying my best to get back into the swing of things, bear with me my friends who have stood by my side and for those few who feel like I just stepped on your toes, you are most likely right.


  1. I'm in the clear. You have never stepped on my toes. Personally, I've never seen one thing that could even be construed as toe stepping. Perhaps it kinda like a fart... "smeller's the feller" or the old... "if the shoe fits".

    I'm thrilled to see you and look forward to more of your opinions and memories!

    Welcome home, Jimmy!

  2. Thank You Ms. A, Usually the one who smelt it delt it so they say Ha Ha

    Glad to be back and see you all stayed :^)

  3. JIMMY!!! I am SO proud of you! You tell 'em! No one has the right to try to take your opinions away from you because they belong to no one but you and if people don't like them, they don't have to listen or hang around, right? You keep telling them. Welcome back!!! I am so happy that you decided to pick that pen back up.

  4. toes intact...well most of them but that has nothing to do with you..;j

  5. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! You're back!!!!

    Three cheers!!!!!

    OMG...you have NO idea how much you've been missed. I kept checking my reader everyday, just to see if you had posted!

    I don't know who or what this post is referring to, but I'm thinking it might have something to do with what happened a while back on your blog. But, anyway....I'm glad you got it out and vented it. And I agree...everyone has a right to their opinion. And in all the time I've been blogging with you, you've never expressed your opinions with anger or hurt.

    Glad to see ya back, buddy!

    Please give Cindy a hug for me, okay?

  6. one thing that separates us humans from all other living beings is that every human has opinion... and it does not matter if he/she is right or wrong... but every one does have one... :)

  7. I don't remember reading anything that could cause offence or even be taken exception to. Anyway, everyone is entitled to an opinion and if others don't like it that's their problem not yours. Keep on writing, I enjoy everything you post.

  8. Great to have you back...and I'm with you... This blog is your opinion....Nothing personal!!

  9. I have no clue what has been going on, but like Ms. A said, 'I'm in the clear!' Hahah!

    Memories are funny things - people swear they remember something one way and another person will swear it happened differently. Just recently, my spouse told our kids he skipped our college graduation ceremony. I had to remind him that no, he was there, because he drove me (I was without a car at the time)!

  10. JImmy! Welcome Back!!! Just write your truth, baby!

  11. I am honored at the blessing of good friends like all of you---Thank You so much :^)

  12. Hi stranger! My mother used to say "you can't please them all" to me. And she is right. You can try your best but somebody is going to take what you say the wrong way or something like that. It happens, it's going to continue to happen. It's your blog, you get to write what you want to write. Period. End of story. Glad to hear from you!!!

  13. Just because someone's opinion is different than your doesn't make them right or give them the authority to tell you what to write. I haven't the slightest idea what's going on but, I'm glad you're going to keep writing.

  14. Good to see you back!
    People often forget what a blog is....it is a personal journal of WHAT YOU THINK. Not what anyone else thinks, but a sounding place for YOUR thoughts and YOUR opinions.
    If people don't like it, then they know what they should do.
    I love reading about people, their lives and memories, but you really bring things to life on your posts.
    Hugs to you both!

  15. yay you're back and yep toes are still here and not a bruise on them. well there is a bruise but that's because i can't walk without the floor tripping me but that's his problem. anyways so happy you're back.

  16. Thank You Ladies, You are so right in that those who want to change and or express opinions should start a blog as this is an excellent source to do so.

    Glad to see no toes were stepped on here as I expected none to be :^)

  17. My toes are feeling just fine! I can't imagine anything you said here could cause any problems, but people can be odd and small things that don't even apply to them, can be taken out of context. Plus, some folks are just looking to be pissed off. It's your blog, it's your dime, you should feel free to say what you like! Anyway, I miss your posts and comments at my place. I hope you have some time soon to do both! Hang in there buddy!

  18. Hey Pat, Yes Sir folks can get upset over the smallest things and others like you said are only looking to be pissed but that's OK, I can't worry about things I have no control over, what I do have control over is what I say and I will be saying it.

    I look forward to getting back into the swing and will be by your place soon my Friend.


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