Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Benjamin’s First

It seems like about this time last year Benjamin was just born, so once the word got out that there was going to be a party Granny and Papa loaded up in the car for a road trip, we can always use a good excuse for a road trip and what better excuse than our Grandbaby is turning one.

Granny and Papa got there just in time to take charge so to say; well we at least took charge of spoiling Baby Benjamin.

Benjamin is walking really well so we were on our toes more than we figured and he is calling me Papa already, as for Granny he has not used that name as of yet, instead he came up with a name all his own “Mimi” pronounced “Me Me” is what he is calling Cindy so it appears for now the Grandparents formerly known as Granny and Papa are now Papa and Mimi.

Benjamin’s party went really well and he was a lot of help getting things ready for the crowd that would fill Tim and Elisa’s home for the big Birthday Bash.

There were balloons to be filled, yes we told the kids of the balloon dangers with little ones but I thought this was a cool picture, Benjamin did laugh a lot while Mimi gathered the balloons for Papa and I had to properly and safely dispose of them.

There was a lot of paper to be crumpled

Presents to be opened

Cake to share with Dad

 And even cake for Momma

 New toys for outside, (I think Tim has a future lawn mowing chore in store for someone)

 And others for inside

But at the end of the day while Momma and Mimi cleaned up the mess that is always left after a Birthday blowout, Papa’s lap is where Baby Benjamin fell sound asleep.

Mimi and Papa were not too far behind him either.


  1. OMG I miss him so much Benjamin Mimi loves you so much had a Bkast with him and Tim Elisa and Randy wish I was there hold him now

  2. Hey Mimi, It was a blast there, just think one day they will be sending him to stay with us for a bit, that is just part of being Grandparents you miss them while they are away and love them even more while they are near.

    Love Ya Babe

  3. Don't you wish you had just a little of their energy? I know I could use some. Not sure how you manage living so far away from that little angel. You must really miss him!

  4. Aren't they just wonderful!! You will get him soon I;m sure...the great joy is that all you have to do is love them, play with them, spoil them...then they go home!!

    He sure is a cutie!

  5. Congratulations papa and mimi...we don't have official names yet either but for now we go by grandma and grandpa although I hoping for mimi and papa. well see in a few months. Looks like a great time was had by all...wow, one, amazing.

  6. Beautiful pictures. Benjamin is adorable.

  7. He is sooo cute and happy! I love all the party pics and can't believe he is a year already. :-) Happiest of Birthdays to you Benjamin!

  8. What a cutie and what a happy time too!

  9. "...instead he came up with a name all his own “Mimi” pronounced “Me Me” is what he is calling Cindy..."

    Oh, that is just too funny because when I lived in Florida, my landlady's grandson use to call her that too!

    What WONDERFUL photographs, Jimmy! I can't believe how fast and big Benjamin has grown in just a year! He's like a little man!

    I love the shots of him sharing his cake with Dad and Momma - how cute!

    And I'm smiling at the photo of him with his toy lawn mower because I had one of those when I was a kid too!

    What a precious shot of you and Benjamin together!

    Glad you had great time, bud! Thanks for sharing!

    Say Hi to Cindy for me!

  10. Well, those photos are just precious, Jimmy! I have a photo just like the last one of my husband with our middle child. Although they were both sound asleep! LOL...a good Lazy Boy will do that to you!

  11. Just precious Jimmy! Especially napping on your lap. Is that lawnmower the one with bubbles or just the noise? I can see my son with his and now he's going on 30. It does fly doesn't it?

  12. Hey Ms. A, Cindy and I joke if we had that much energy we would most likely be in jail Ha Ha, it’s not easy being this far away, I did offer to bring him home with us but the kids declined our offer :^(

    Amen Flora, that is one benefit of being a Grandparent “all you have to do is love them, play with them, spoil them...then they go home”

    Jojo, the funny thing about it is that no matter what names we pick they will always come up with one that fits better, Mimi and Papa works for us too :^)

    Thank You Valerie, He is a good-looking kid, a carbon copy of his Dad in my opinion.

    Hey Angelia, this past year did fly, the party was crowded and fun there were so many people who dropped in to enjoy Benjamin’s first.

  13. Yes Betty, It is a happy time to celebrate times like this, even more fun when all goes well and the Baby has fun.

    Ron, I thought it was so cool when he started calling her Mimi, we all had been referring to her as Granny and even when we did he still called her Mimi, gotta love that :^)

    He is still such a little guy but walks so good and almost speaking sentences, repeats your words really well, had to warn Tim to be careful of what he says now Ha Ha

    We had a ball, Thanks Buddy!!

    Hey Bijoux, That Lazy Boy worked for me so many times, there were several nights when Benjamin and I were both asleep right there.

    Lordy Barb, Time does fly, yes this one blows bubbles but Benjamin is more interested in pushing it and making the noise of the wheels clicking, the bubbles didn’t impress him much Ha Ha

  14. Awwww--Too cute for WORDS!!!!

    Blessings my friend!


  15. What precious pictures and memories.

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