Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ninety For Thirty

Made it home a few days ago but finding time to write is almost as hard as it was to type while we were away, by the time evening came around we were so tired that getting on the computer was out of the question, and while I had a bit of quiet time on the road typing and driving was something I did not dare attempt.

The trip in our new car went really well, the gas mileage was impressive, we actually went over five hundred miles on a tank and averaged about thirty two and an half MPG, got nearly thirty five once so I am happy with that, the gas prices on the way home I had to laugh at, we stopped in Arizona and filled up for 3.39 a gallon then drove nine miles into California to see the price jump up to 4.39 when we got into Needles, another forty something miles into Amboy and we saw 4.89, I’m sure proud our car will go five hundred on a tank because we are now home with still a half a tank of the 3.39 stuff and our price here looks pretty good at 3.79.

On our way out to see the kids, well to tell you the truth we were going to see the Grandbaby, the kids are just part of the deal being as he lives with them and we had to have a place to stay, so we will go with, we were going to see the kids so they wont get their feelings hurt, and make us stay somewhere else next time.

Like I was saying on our way to see the kids we filled up in Flagstaff, AZ and drove all the way to Moriarty, NM where we stopped for the night, the Best Western there was awesome so if you are ever in Moriarty I would suggest them as the place to stay, next morning I complimented the man at the desk and told him that we would see him again when he asked how our stay was.

We hit I-40 and saw that Santa Rosa, NM would be our next stop, about eighty miles away we would fill up, since the car said we had about one hundred forty four miles before we hit empty this should be a piece of cake..Right? Well thirty miles down the road Cindy asks me “Jimmy did you get my cell phone charger off the table?” to which she already knew the answer.

After a call back to the motel and making a turn around for thirty miles to pick up said cell phone charger, I told Cindy to tell the desk clerk that I knew we had promised we would see him again but, I really didn’t think it would be this soon, she just kind of rolled her eyes and said I could stay in the car, I don’t think she passed my message along either. We then drove thirty miles back to where we already were and saw the sign which read fifty miles to Santa Rosa and the car said fifty-four miles to empty, piece of cake..Right?

At fifty miles to empty the car starts doing a count down, fifty miles to empty, forty nine miles to empty, forty eight miles to empty, this is where we saw the sign which read forty four miles to Santa Rosa, pulling into the Loves Truck Stop the car was screaming curse words and telling me things like, you only have four miles to go, you should have stopped and bought the expensive gas you passed up, you should have never pushed me this far, we will never make it. When I placed the nozzle into the tank with five hundred two and a half miles on the last tank of gas and four miles until empty per the computer that figures this stuff out,  I swear I heard that car say, “Hey Jimmy this was a piece of cake..Right?”

Our trip was really great and I will fill you in on more of it in the next few days, in the meantime just remember that when you drive thirty miles and forget something, going back to get it gives you ninety miles for thirty traveled and with averages like this you can actually drive five hundred two miles in a four hundred forty mile stretch, I wouldn’t suggest that you try this at home but with a car that gets good mileage, it is always a piece of cake..Right?


  1. Remind me what kind of car this is? That's impressive mileage!

  2. Great mileage. Glad you guys had a good stay at a hotel. I always leave comments on their websites if I've had a good stay. Then when I am looking for one, I read the comments by others. Have found some great bargains doing it this way. Always good to hear from you!!

  3. Great Mileage...and with the grandkids... I with you on that :)

  4. Hey Ms. A, This was our first road trip in the Ford Fusion we bought, plenty of leg room and good mileage I am happy :^)

    Good Morning Muhammad, This is sure a lot better than the mileage we got in our van.

    Yes Barb, I am going to have to do that, we stayed in the same chain in Kingman on our way home and was very happy with the stay there also.

  5. Good Morning Flora, Getting that kind of mileage cuts down on our stops and gets us to the grand kids quicker, gotta love that :^)

  6. Great to see ya back, Jimmy!

    You've been very missed, buddy!

    So glad to hear you and Cindy enjoyed your trip. And I look forward to reading all about it this week!

    Welcome back! And please tell Cindy I said Hi!

    Have a super day!

  7. Great to hear that you had a good time!
    The prices of gas just confuse me.....humm, I guess it's a "woman thing", LOL!!

    Hugs to you both!

  8. Hey Ron, Thank you Buddy we really had a good time, will get some of our adventures written up soon :)

    Cindy sends a Hello and a hug right back to you.

    Thanks Emily, It was a blast, and the bad thing about gas prices is that they confuse me too Ha Ha

  9. Sounds like a good trip to me - I love those drives through that part of the country.

    The gas price thing is maddening to me. Around here,you can fill up in the a.m. and find the price to be 10 cents less by 5 p.m. at the same station.

  10. Good Morning Bijoux, A lot of country to see in that area, and same thing here on the gas prices, we have actually passed a station on the way to the store and the price will be different when we pass back by..go figure huh.

  11. Sounds like a good trip and I'm looking forward to hearing more about it. Congrats on the new car, that is some impressive gas mileage!

  12. Thank You Pat, we had a ball

  13. Thank you for sharing this information to us... Keep coming


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