Saturday, October 1, 2011

You May Be A Racist

Are you a racist? Some people are and proud of this fact, but for the rest of us racism is not on our agenda.

We have discussed in the past the way people look at those who celebrate their heritage, if you are Black you have a history month and this is good, if you are Hispanic you also have a day to celebrate and we all join in to help you celebrate your heritage, history allows everyone to celebrate the independence of America with fireworks, hotdogs, and all that goes along.

We celebrate all of these occasions without the fear of the R word, but once you begin to talk about your Confederate ancestors the rebellion begins once again, those who do not know the truth immediately look at you as if you have lost your mind or either turn away, the race card is thrown out and your Rebel heritage is deemed racist.

If you are from the South you are sometimes deemed to be a racist who is still fighting the Civil War, and sometimes we are our own worst enemy when discussing these facts, I wont claim that I know all, but I do know when discussing facts in today’s time frame we should dress in today’s clothing, unless we are actually at a re-enactment or a program that calls for dressing in costume, for Gods sake don’t give them ammunition that says you are living in the past, we make ourselves look bad when we shoot ourselves in the foot like this.

In my opinion our government, the one who shouts for us to be fair to all, is the same one that will turn it’s back on those less fortunate just because of their status, color, and/or bank account value, this government is the same one that teaches our children to be just like them, this government is one we need to take control of and not allow their racist values to fall into our laps.

Taking control of the government is easier said than done, and with that said I am not trying to overthrow the government, I am suggesting that we overthrow ourselves, by taking a look in the mirror and asking that person what needs to be done to take charge of what is important.

Racism is not a hard one to figure out, most of us are prejudiced in our thinking but most of us do not actually hate anyone, there are a lot who hate anything to do with our Confederate heritage or anything else for that matter, and most of this mindset comes from lack of education on the subject of the Civil War, teach the truth but don’t waste your time and energy arguing with someone who is not listening anyway.

Pay attention to what you say and think before you speak, talk in a normal voice as more people listen to civil talk more so than shouting, teach your children all sides of every story so they can easily learn the truth by knowing each side, even if you have to home school it will be worth it to make sure your child is being taught the truth.

You don’t have to be a racist to teach Confederate Heritage, but if you choose to look down on someone due to their skin color or where they are from…You May Be A Racist.


  1. When people talk about racism they always think it's only white people who are that way, don't you think its the same for everyone, and not just for whites from the south?

  2. Hi Sissy, Very true it seems that racism is seen this way at times, but in all actuality racism is color blind so to say as it doesn't matter what color you are you can still be a racist.

    People from the South get a bad rap at times, a lot of people tie the Confederate flag to racism when in fact the flag they see was no more than a battle flag used during the Civil War, some hate groups adopted this flag and their agenda gives us the tie in with racism.

    In a nut shell we are all in this life together and too much time has passed for us to be looking down on one another due to race.

  3. yes i'm racist i love my indian southern culture . i'm not
    comfortable , in a three houdultersr service . but anyone that likes
    it fine thats up to you . i don't want my dead held out a week.
    the day i die i want burial . but i'll go along with next day burial . i don't want to go to a snake handleing church . i don't
    believe in that but the Almighty has not made me a judge yet .
    you love your people and customs , i'll love mine . don't
    insult me or mine . for i remember the adulters and drunks ,on
    civil rights marches .

  4. Hi Farrell, Good to see you, you have a lot of good points my friend and you are so right in that none of us was put on this earth to judge, that is in fact up to the Good Lord Almighty.

    We all have to love ourselves to be happy, we have to love our ancestors and know where they came from to understand where we are going, learn from past mistakes and look forward to a future with fewer and fewer mistakes made, hating someone because of who they are or what they look like is a mistake I would like to see never made again, but this is a mistake if I think everyone else thinks the same way.

    God Bless you my friend.

  5. i ain't never gonna leave Dixie . but i wonder , do people
    eat fried green tomatoes . i order some at a resterant . i got
    5 slices. it was 5.99 . i can't find any place to get them .

  6. It is amazing the differences in food across the country, I grew up in the South as you know, and do love my Southern cooking, the best place I have found for Fried Green Tomatoes is growing them myself and enjoying them after my wife fries them, the cost this way may be more but it sure is good.

  7. Hey There - I just happened along your blog. I just had a discussion about the topic of our family's long southern lineage with my son. I am the 5th great-granddaughter of General Thomas Jonathon Stonewall Jackson. We have many other other ancestors that served the confederacy. We are putting together our family tree, and we are seeing just how deep our southern roots are. My son expressed shame because he had been taught in school that the Civil War was fought because the people in the south did not want to give up their slaves.
    As a history buff I tried to explain the reality to him, however I am not sure how successful I was. We live in Michigan at the moment, so his perspective of the south has become skewed.

    However, my daughter did a unit on the Civil War and part of the exercise was to have a General for each side and to divide each side of the class into either the confederate or union side. My daughter immediately volunteered to be Confederate General and she led her side to victory at the end of the war. Her teacher told me that it was the first time in her 14 years of teaching that unit that the south had won. I told her that they just needed a true southern general to lead them. ;-)


  8. Hey Barbara, It is a shame when people in our public schools make our children ashamed of their heritage due to the victors version of history, being a descendant of Jackson you and your son have a lot to be proud of as you already know, and I am proud you are showing him there is a whole other side to the War Between The States that is not being taught in school.

    I had to smile with a sense of pride on your daughters experience with her Civil War unit at school, it is amazing how far we can go when we have the truth on our side, and with the bloodline of a true Southern General you just had to know she was going lead her side to victory.

  9. My 2d Great Grandfather, a Corporal with Orr's Rifles (First Regiment SC Rifles), served under General TJ "Stonewall" Jackson beginning at Gaines Mill! Re the South not wanting to give up slaves, I think it is important to understand the demagogic nature of that accusation, for the record will show that Southerners were not asked to give up their slaves. There were no legal or legislative mandates pending requiring the emancipation of slaves when secession occurred, nor had there been any - ever.

  10. Catching up with some of your old posts, going to take some time, but this is a good one.

    I wonder if we never fought that war how much different things would be today. Would we still have slaves? DOn't think so, I think everyone would have been better off in the long run if the south was allowed to secede; We would have joined back again without the bitterness and hate.

    1. I agree with you Joe, the South if allowed to secede would have been more productive and as you said most likely would have rejoined by now anyway, Slavery was on it's way out the door and in my opinion was only an accepted practice of the time, it's hard to look back and see it as accepted and it's easy to judge our ancestors on today's values.

      It would have been nice to have settled this in a peaceful manner, look how long it's been and how bitter some are and always will be.

  11. Thought you might like my take on this issue


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