Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Crossing The Line

How do you feel about your Confederate Heritage, and exactly how do you feel about living in America, or “Occupied America” depending on which state you are in?

Studying Confederate and Southern History I find that my roots are deep within the South, I am proud of the sacrifices my forefathers made to protect our homeland during the War Between The States and I pray to never disgrace theirs or my Heritage.

But at this point in our existence how can I disgrace the actions of my ancestors who fought in all the other wars since the Civil War ended? Occupied or not these men and women also made sacrifices to protect our homeland.

The WBTS is argued from many different directions, the cause also has many views depending on what you were taught, but for the sake of this post we will not get into the cause nor who was right or wrong, we need to look at where we are right now and if we are proud of who our ancestors are.

We all had many who fought as Rebels or “Johnny Rebs” during the Civil War and others who were the so called “Billy Yanks”, but since that war ended these bloodlines have actually fought together on the same side, for the same cause, are we crossing the line if we are proud of those who fought since then, and are we crossing the line if we say we are not proud, and only teach the Civil War era, our history included this era but a lot has happened since.

I had a wise man once tell me that if you want to teach Confederate History, you have to dress in attire of today rather than Civil War era clothing or be labeled as “Living in the past”, with this said are we living in the past if we refuse to acknowledge the sacrifices of our family who are still to this day fighting to protect our freedom, or am I crossing the line because I am proud that I come from a long line of people who will make a stand to protect us from terrorism, domestic or other.


  1. I have a hard time supporting a government that wont recognize my people that fought in the war. just because we lost dont mean we were wrong

  2. Forrest, Right or wrong is not really the issue here, my question is why can't we be both proud of our Confederate and American ancestors without crossing the line so to say.


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