Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Driving and Drinking?

I read in the paper this morning about a situation where a police chief was stopped about three miles away from where a fire hydrant and a light pole was hit, his car had fender damage and two flat tires, now wonder how this happened? He is on leave from the city and the investigation has been turned over to the state police because it looks funny for police to be investigating their own chief, problem is records have turned up missing, the question of whether he was given a field sobriety test cannot be answered because there is no record of it and now the state police are having to gain witness statements from anyone who was there to make this determination. Guess who was there? If you said “The police officers that stopped their chief three miles from the crash scene” then you are right.

I don’t know if this man was drinking or using any drugs but in my opinion it sure looks funny, and if there is a cover up on initial records from the “arresting officers” I don’t have that answer either but it seems a lot is being left out. If he has a medical condition then the whole driving under the influence question goes out the window and if there is a medical condition then he doesn’t need to be behind the wheel anyway because if someone had been killed then end result would have been the same.

A lot of us have friends or family members who have been in this type of situation, they have a few drinks and get behind the wheel then it’s anyone’s fault but their own that they got stopped, they stomp and kick because the police officer wants to take them in rather than patting them on the head and giving them their keys back and allowing them to drive into a tree or a carload of kids, now those kids shouldn’t have been in that lane and who would have planted a tree next to a cemetery anyways? You have to take responsibility for your own actions and not ask anyone else to do it for you, a simple rule of mine is if you take a beer out of the refrigerator then you have given up your right to drive that night, if you take one drink then put your keys away, if you don’t have a designated driver then you don’t need to go anywhere.

Covering up for anyone who drives under the influence does not help any situation other than keeping the inebriated driver behind the wheel, if someone does not have enough common sense to know when not to drive due to drugs or alcohol then I am sorry in my opinion they shouldn’t have enough common sense to drive sober because this lack of common sense we don’t need on the road.


  1. I completely support your "opinion" on this topic. I am not a fan of alcohol in any way. I think it leads to silly behavior and a certain numbing to life. Sometimes it is nice to dull the edges, but not at the expense of other's lives by drinking and driving. There is just no excuse ever to justify getting behind a wheel without all your faculties operating at full capacity.

  2. "There is just no excuse ever to justify getting behind a wheel without all your faculties operating at full capacity"

    Amen Susie I couldn't agree more

  3. Darwin once did an experiment with monkey by getting them drunk and proving the behavior is the same as humans except one thing when offered alcohol again they monkeys turned it down. Darwin is quoted in saying, "This is smarter than man."

  4. And I would have to agree if the monkeys know when to say when then why can't man figure that out.


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